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Art and Science of Mudras (Healing at Your Finger Tips)

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Item Code: NAP145
Author: Prof. D. V. S. Iyer
Publisher: Vijay Foundation, Mysore
Language: English
Edition: 2020
Pages: 134 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 180 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
About The Author

Prof. DVS lyer, 92 years young, is an engineer, teacher, planner & designer, mudras-exponent and author. He has embellished each one of these areas with his distinctive style, panache and meticulousness.

Prof. Iyer has authored two books “The Ashtagramas: Physical planning and socilology” on village planning and “Appa, Amma and Me –a hind sight”, a biographical study on the influence of parents on their children in the development of a child’s growth and personality.

Over the last decade, after finding mudras extremely effective for some personal health disorders, he has delved deep into the subject and found it a panacea for health disorders as well as for maintaining normal health. He has become an ardent proponent of this ancient science given to us by the most enlightened yoga masters of this ancient land. He has also authored two handy books on mudras, one in Kannada and the other in English.


My acquaintance with Prof. D.V.S. Iyer is for several years now. But this association has an eye-opener. His energy and enthusiasm at the age of 92 years infections. An engineer by profession, Prof. Iyer has worked at senior positions in several organizations of the country, before settling down in Mysore since 1992.

About a decade back, Prof. Iyer had serious health problems including a perennial headache, stomach pain and skin disorders. He then accidentally stumbled into mudras. Initially starting out with some curiosity, he went deep into the art and science of mudras. He tried out a number of mudras as were applicable to his needs and situation, and found them extremely effective for not only curing his health disorders but also for maintaining normal health. Since then he has been an ardent promoter of this ancient science. Prof. Iyer himself is proof of the efficacy of this ancient art which keeps him energetic and healthy even at this age.

Whenever I was indisposed or had some pain or discomfort, and called up Prof. Iyer for a remedy, he always readily responded with a suitably relevant mudra, which I practiced and got relief.

Wellness and Wellbeing are at the core of all aspects of a human being. It has been my passion for a couple of decades now. Hence I have brought it upon my Vijay Foundation to publish books on related topics that are close to my heart and beliefs. When Prof. Iyer wanted to write a comprehensive, detailed and well-illustrated book on mudras, distilling his practical experience on the subject, I offered to publish the book, I am confident that this latest book, “Art and Science of Mudras… Healing at your Finger Tips “ by Prof. D.V.S.Iyer, will be one of our stand-out publications.


Dedication iii
Blessings v
Foreword to second edition vi
Foreword to the first edition vii
Best Wishes viii
From the Author (for the second edition) ix
From the Author (for the first edition) x
Acknowledgement xii
Contents xiii
List of Mudras xv
Chapter I: Art of Mudras I
1. The Creator's Plan and Dessign 1
2. Health in Your Hands 2
3. Mudras 4
4. What are Mudras? 6
5. Mudras - Definition 6
6. Classification of Mudras 6
Chapter II: Concepts Behind Mudras 8
1. Pancha Mahabhootas 8
2. Pancha Koshas 9
3. Pranamaya Kosha - the Subtle Energy System 10
Chapter III: Science of Mudras 14
1. Principles of Mudras 14
Fingers - the control panel 15
2. The Technique 16
When and Where to Practice 17
How Long 17
3. Special Features of Mudras 17
4. Mudras a part of neural Science too 19
Chapter IV: Hints and Precautions 23
Chapter V: Mudras for Daily Practice to Promote your wellness 26
Chapter VI: General and Therapeutic Mudras 29
1. Mudras and their Details 30
2. Mudras for Therapeutic Effects for Common Ailments 110
3. Mental Conditions and Physical Effects 114
Epillogue 115
Pancha Sutras 117
Appendix: 3Ms - Mudras, Music and Meditation 118
References 121
Index 122
From the Readers 127



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