Astrology for Overcoming Cancer

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Author: Mridula Trivedi, T. P. Trivedi
Publisher: Sukriti Nikunj
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788190675123
Pages: 407 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
From back of the Book

In the face of near incurability of cancer, medical science today underlines the importance of early diagnosis. By and large we are either ignorant or prone to ignore its early symptoms. But think of a person who has the benefit of an expert astrologer’s prophecy about the likelihood of his vulnerability towards this dreaded disease. He is more likely to be alert and cautions to take prompt and through care of the early symptoms as compared to a layman. With the help of astrological consultation in time, the otherwise avoidable sudden shock and damage can be reduced, it not completely eliminated. Apart from this, even when the disease has been contracted, astrology with its spiritual ramifications strengthens the patient to overcome the devastating misery by infusing a deep feeling of solace in him.

The book is brought out by the leading duo; Mrs. Mridula Trivedi and Mr. T.P. Trivedi, in the scholastic domain of astrology to spread the down to earth message that cancer can, for certain, be overcome. Although due to the absence of definite knowledge about the causes, its complete prevention may not be possible, yet with the support of astrological forewarning, the patient may get adequately forearmed. The book begins with an exploratory survey that acquaints the reader with the origin and development of cancer, bringing into sharp relief the difference between normal and cancerous cells. It dwells into the main causes of cancer of various types, its rapid spread and main symptoms.

The book lays emphasis on the correlation between the planets and the diseases known to our sages and cogently places this to the service of man. It concludes, on the basis of a host of actual case studies, that astrology is more useful then any other system of prophecy of diseases.

The book embodies a research work based on the study of hundreds of birth of cancer patients. This research work is weaved into a well designed pattern in the shape of 27 well researched articles by eminent astrologers that cover various aspects of medical astrology.

Amidst the wealth of astrological knowledge, the book present the time honoured wisdom that what cannot be cured, should be endured or overcome an it is this aspect which makes the human science of astrology more humane.


From the Jacket

Profusely awarded with Jyotisha Martanda, Bhagyavidyamani, Jyotirvidyavaridhi, Jyotisha Parashar, Jyotisha Varahmihir and Jyotisha Varahmihir and Jyotisha Brahmarshi, Mrs. Mridula Trivedi has been engaged in astrological studies for over three decades. She has published more than four hundred and fifty research based articles and nearly thirty five thought – provoking books on various aspects of astrology. She was honoured with ‘Doctor of Astrology’ by the World Development Council in 1987 and the title of Ved Vyas by Spiritual and Astrological Research Institute, Lucknow in 2001. She was recently awarded as the Best Astrologer of the Country by Planets and Forecast. She is associated with a number of journals and magazines as a consultant Editor.

Coming from a scientific background, Mr. T.P. Trivedi was infatuated with the magnetic arena of cosmos since his school days. After clearing B.Sc. from B.H.U., he did Engineering and that made him a keen scientific observer resulting into around 450 research oriented articles and as many as thirty five voluminous books on the subject as a Astrological Principles and Preventions etc. He is a silent lover of Astrology, who is fully devoted and dedicated in promotion and expansion of this sublime science for the last 30 years. He is a well known speaker in various Astrology conferences. He has been felicitated by a number of institutions with various titles like Jyotisha Martanda, Jyotisha Brahaspati, Jyotisha Maharshi, Jyotisha Ved Vyas, Jyotisha Parashar, Jyotisha Varahmihir and Jyotisha Bhanu etc. The Hindustan Times carried a weekly series of his incisive aspects of astrology for over two years. Kanti Banerjee Samman for the Best Astrologer and Author has been conferred and Author has been conferred on Mr. T.P. Trivedi by Planets and forecast and the Bhagyalipi, Orissa for the year 2007.



“Astrology for overcoming Cancer” is a research work carried out after an exhaustive study of hundreds of birth charts of Cancer patients. Many reputed scholars of astrology have done a lot of research exercise in observing the actual astrological reasons, which are responsible to give rise to a chronic disease like cancer. We have gone though as many as 25 research papers written by the most learned, experienced, reputed and famous scholars of astrology who wrote in ‘The Astrological magazine’ Bangalore particularly. The September 1982 issue of ‘The Astrological Magazine’ was dedicated to an astrological approach to Cancer disease. Dr. B.V. Raman, Dr. P.S. Sastri, Mr. H.R. Shankar, Dr. Jagannath Rao, Mr. P.S. Iyer, Mr. Surendra Pai, Mr. Cyrus D.F. Abayakoon, Ms. Ivaturi Aghorapati, Dr. Aman, Mr. Chandrakant S. Kothare, Mr. N. Sundra Rajan and Mr. Bepin Behari etc. have contributed their research papers to this Shri Surya Prakash Memorial number. It is astonishing that no two astrologers have given the same opinion about planetary configuration of the suffering by Cancer. There are remarkable differences in the observations among various astrologers and scholars of astrology. We humbly opine that the findings and observations of all such scholars of astrology are of immense value but research work should be continued for perfection and authenticity which may be applicable to all the cases of Cancer patients. Many astrologers have taken Moon chart instead of the birth chart of the Cancer patients for their study because the time of birth was not known. We opine that correct outcome is not possible by considering Moon chart only.

We collected as many as 250 birth charts of cancer patients from various places, cancer hospitals and friends. There are almost 250 horoscopes of cancer patients with us at the time of writing this book. We tried our level best examine all the charts in regard to cancer. We found that apart from the planetary position in the birth chart of the native, constellation position, navamsa signs etc. must be considered carefully before reaching any conclusion. In the year 2005, from March to June, one of our students visited Lucknow cancer Institute and Deptt. Of Radiotherapy, KGMC everyday and tried to collect the birth details of cancer patients. Thus, the horoscopes that are taken by us for our study belong to various patients in addition to our record. These horoscopes belong to the patients ranging from 7 years to 85 years of age who suffered from various types of Cancer. A few survived and others expired a little after the diagnosis. We have also tried to find out whether the native will survive under such circumstances. What planetary configuration will save the native and which will not? We have also dealt with survival of the patient, as the first question confronting us is the survival of the native. We have tried to bridge astrology and science in a most logical way. Every planet has its own structure, atmosphere and constitution in terms of science where as our ‘occult’ science explains its perplexities by it s nature such as benefic or malefic, signification, etc. Learned readers will also be benefited it they try an understand exact behaviour, nature, and field of action of the body. However, conjunction of two planets mostly influences another part that does not come under the ruler ship of the planet individually. In fact, this comes under the study of medical astrology, which has a large scope. Certain planets if occupy specific signs in particular constellation or navamsa, indicate the tendency towards suffering through cancer. When more than one planet tend one towards suffering one is likely to suffer from cancer.

However, Rahu is the most poisonous planet with regard to suffering through cancer provided it has a negative effect on Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. We have propounded our findings in respect of cancer in concerning ‘chapters and their findings have been applied to the natives who suffered from cancer. We are very much satisfied that our observations have been found astonishingly correct on almost all cases. We are sure that our readers who have interest in Medical Astrology will be immensely benefited by these observations.

A separate chapter is there on spiritual remedies for the prevention of cancer. Doctors opine that modern techniques or treatments can cure the patient provided the disease is diagnosed at the 1st or 2nd stage. However, the treatment can be undertaken after the diagnosis of cancer but the spiritual remedies are possible much earlier, if the combinations are present in the birth chart which may prevent cancer in future. It’s true that sincere exercise is to be made in finding out the probable duration of occurrence of cancer. We strongly believe that remedial measures can prevent all the possibilities of cancer if undertaken much earlier than the expected time. In case of suffering of cancer if remedial measures are followed properly under the expert guidance of experienced or learned Acharya, absolute cure is possible. In one of the chapter the outcome of our experience as far as cure of chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. are concerned. A number of cancer patients who followed these remedial measures have been cured fully. Doctors denied their survival beyond a month or two but they are leading a healthy life even after 20 years. This is due to miraculous power of mantras. In this chapter we have given the most powerful remedies only which are strong enough to cure even the roots of cancer.




1. Cancer and the sub - continent 1
2. Rendezvous with Medical Astrology 23
3. Kaalpususha and the Human Body 33
4. Diagnosing Cancer Astrologically 75
5. Cancer – An Astrological Approach by Dr. B.V. Raman 189
6. Cancer – An Astrological Approach by Mr. R. Santhanam 198
7. How to spot Cancer by Mr. V.A.K. Ayer 204
8. Combinations for Cancer Disease by Dr. Jagannath Rao 209
9. Astrology and Cancer Disease by Mr. H.R. Shankar 213
10. Analysis of Cancer Disease by Mr. P.S. Sastri 224
11. Astrological Indicators of Cancer –I by Mr. P.S. Sastri 233
12. Astrological Indicators of Cancer – II by Mr. P.S. Sastri 244
13. Astrological Indications of Cancer Disease – A Statistical study by Mr. K.M. Kheregat 253
14. Horoscopic Factors in Cancer by Mr. N. Sundra Rajan 260
15. Astrological Indications for Cancer by Mr. N. Sundra Rajan 265
16. Horoscopic Diagnosis of Cancer by Mr. P.S. Iyer 277
17. An Astrological Study of Cancer Disease by Mr. Surendra Pai 283
18. Cancer Aspect in Astrology by Mr. Surendra Pai 292
19. An Astrological Study of Cancer Disease by Mr. Surendra Pai 296
20. Astrological Exploration into Cancer Disease by Mr. Bepin Behari 301
21. Astrology and Cancer Disease by Mr. V.M. Natu 311
22. Astrology and Cancer by Mr. A.K.Sinha 353
23. Cancer Disease and Rahu – Ketu Axis by Mr. Chandrakant S. Kothare 356
24. Can Spiritual Hymns Cure Cancer? By Dr. Aman 363
25. Cancer – An astrological Approach by Ivaturi Aghorapati 367
26. Planetary Vibrations and Cancer by Mr. Cyrus D.F. Abayakoon 377
27. Curing Cancer 385

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