Astrology & Reincarnation
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Astrology & Reincarnation

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Author: Manly P Hall
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 9788177690286
Pages: 44
Other Details: 6.00 X 4.00 inch
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Manly P. Hall very succinctly picks up the connection between one's Karma and the astrological signs which rule our lives. He makes it very clear that our past actions do really have a direct impact on our future incarnations. He has shown the similarities between well known personalities of different ages and also shown the close relations between their lives and their astrological birth signs.

Manly P. Hall's comparison of the lives of Alexander the Great and Flavius Claudius Julian- who claimed to be the reincarnation of Alexander-calls for a great deal of attention.

He has shown us that the relation of astrology and reincarnation was not just discussed by the ancient orient. It was, as he has explained, a common belief in the Occident too. It is refreshing to find a writer who finds a similar growth in thought universal rather then limited to a particular cult or culture. In fact it makes us wonder how different we really are in our origins when we find the thinking of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Druids counted amongst the more popularly known teachings of the East.

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