Beauty and Wisdom of The Holy Qur'an

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Author: Abdul Karim Chippa
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8171510272
Pages: 143
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 230 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

The Holy Qur'an Contains treasures of wisdom, wealth, success and sovereignty for all the readers. Beauty and wisdom of the Holy Qur'an has been translated in English in order to promte the understanding of Islam by all, especially the non-Muslims in the West, becauses the God, Almighty, the Holy prophet and the Holy Qur'an are for all, from eternity on eternity.



The writer of this small book Mr. Abdul Karim Chippa, B.A., LL.B. (Alig). is a very recent acquaintance of mine. But the more I come to know him the more I am impressed by his learning, his obvious sincerity and simplicity and his deep faith. His failing eyesight has not proved to be an obstacle to his insight I matters of religion nor to his efforts to convey to his younger brothers in faith the beauty and wisdom of the Holy Quran.

In very simply language he has expressed his idea of the essentially dynamic teaching of Islam with special reference to modern conceptions of life inspired by the advances in science, technology, sociology and rational philosophy.

Islam is the most secular of all religions inasmuch as man’s life in this world is stated therein to be a prelude to the life hereafter. As you sow, so shall you reap, it says. It in essence teaches what is right and what is wrong in human in human affairs. It defines individual rights and strikes a happy balance between individual and collective rights and llabilities. Having done this it leaves to each age to choose its own form of government and state.

For the inner life of a man it preaches piety with the only sanction of Fear of God which one has to cultivate. And once this is done no more powerful sanction is needed in life.

Mr. Chippa who has also gone into the question of a modern tendency to be-little Hadith. The controversy requires deep thought and understanding. But one has to agree that Mr. Chippa has taken the right view of the matter.

He has given a good bibliography. As an individual effort the book deserves all praise and should be welcomed by all students of religion specially those who think that modern scientific and Philosophic advances have obviated the necessity of religion altogether.



This is an humble attempt on our part bring into prominence the central scriptural truth of the Holy Quran, the divine message, which establishes true relationship between man and man, and his universe, and between man and his Creator. We have no claim to any scholarship, nor to any authority on the subject of the knowledge of the Holy Quran. But this our first attempt due to inner promptings, this book, therefore, suffers from immaturities. We have done as far as possible for us to put forth in the simplest manner the Quranic Conception of God and its importance for the formation of a pure faith in this age of doubt and scepticism.

We learn that there are plans afoot to undervalue and to be-little the importance of the Science of Hadith, which is indispensable for the understanding of the Holy Book. We therefore, deprecate such attempts, if any, in any quarter; to attack and assail the knowledge of the traditions available to us, is to attack the very base of the Holy Quran, the divinity and miraculousness of which has been attested to by men of faith, piety, and by person possessing incorruptibility.

The Islamic World in general is face to face with cultural and ideological challenges from the West and specially from the Eastern Paganistic world, where marxims, a new religion, is having its way and occupying the vacuum created through the decay of true religion, morality, and spiritual values. The remedy lies in the acquiring of technological knowledge for the development of industry and for other purposes as well, and in the removal or ignorance and poverty; secondly, the remedy lies in the revival of true faith and its institutions of Salat and Zakat in letter and spirit. (It must be mentioned that the present revolutionary government of Pakistan is doing its utmost to secure these ends and is moving with the times.

It must be added that the Holy Quran calls the true believers as “The National of the Middle Path”, which implies that the Muslim are neither Communists, nor capitalists, nor paganists, but members of an International Society (Millat) treading the golden middle path, occupying the centre or the heart of the globe. If we, who call ourselves as Muslims, hold fast to the moorings of the Holy Quran and follow the precept of the Holy Prophet (peace be on Him), we can successfully meet any challenge, however, formidable it may be form any quarter.

The Holy Quran declares God’s mercy and His grace for the true believers. “Allah hath promised such of you as believe and do good works that He will surely make them to succeed (the present rulers) in the earth even as He caused those who were before them to succeed (others); and that He will surely establish for them their religion which He hath approved for them, and will give them in exchange safety after their fear. They serve Me. They ascribe nothing as partner unto Me. Those who disbelieve henceforth, they are the miscreants.

“Establish worship and pay the poor-due and obey the messenger, that haply ye may find mercy”. Quran (Surah-i-Noor), Light.

It is, therefore, the sacred task of the present day intellectuals to expound the Quranic ideology to counter the ideological war being waged by the East or the West.

Lastly, we thank all the authors whom we have quoted in this book. We are specially indebted to Allama Yusuf Ali and Mohammad Pikhtall for quoting from their English translations of the Holy Book.

We are also indebted to Mr. Mehdi Ali Siddiqi for his kind introduction to our endeavour and for his keen interest in the literary efforts. despite his onerous duties as an Additional Session’s Judge, Karachi.




1 Introduction VII
2 Preface. To the Ist & 4th Editions IX-XIV
3 Conception of God 1
4 Prayers and their usefulness 21
  (a) Meaning of Surah-i-Fateha (the opening chapter). 34
  (b) Quranic Prayers. 39
5 Science and the Holy Quran--  
  (i) Origin of the Universe. 41
  (ii) Evolution of Man. 43
  (iii) Holy Quran's emphasis on the study of Science. 45
  (iv) Significance of Surah-i-Rehman. 51
  (v) Mysteries of life. 56
  (vi) Significance of Surah-i-Yusuf. 58
  (vii) Beauty of the Holy Quran. 62
  (a) Significance of Surah-i-Noor 69
  (b) Mysticism of Imam Ghazali. 74
6 The rarest gems of iritellectual beauty. (Quotations from the Holy Quran.) 79
7 Importance of the Science of Hadith--  
  The glittering gems of wisdom 98
  (a) Extracts from the speeches of the Holy Prophet. 108
  (b) A few famous sayings of the Holy Prophet. 112
8 The cosmics Hazrads of the Planet Earth. 119
9 Bibliography 127

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