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Bengal Temples

Bengal Temples
Item Code: IAB55
Author: Bimal Kumar Datta
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1975
ISBN: 812150290X
Pages: 98 (B & W Illus: 39, Maps: 1)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0" X 7.5"
About the Book

This volume records the fascinating history of the growth and development of Bengal Temples. No systematic enquiry has been in this important field which remained neglected. This study thus fills up an important gap of the history of Indian Art and Architecture.

The author traces not only architectural evolution of the temple architecture but gives a comprehensive survey of the topics which inspired temple-building activities, influence on the architecture of Farther India and Nepal, fresco painting and terracotta works as well textual materials on the traditional architecture of Bengal. Moreover, there is a full analysis of socio-religious and political influences which determine the stylistic evolution of the temples of Bengal. The book is thus an important and original work supported by excellent illustration and map. Bengal temples contain a brilliant record of the history and culture of this region and speak directly of the art and architectural history they represent. Any one how will consult the book will embark upon some rewarding travel in time and will sense the tone and atmosphere of the cultural history of Bengal.

About the Author

Dr. Bimal Kumar Datta is University Librarian, in Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan. In 1945 he worked under Sir Mortimer Wheeler on the Arikamedu Excavation, in 1952 he visited extensively, libraries in U.S.A., U.K. and Australia. In 1963 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Calcutta University.

He is an honorary Adhyapaka of Visva Bharati and a visiting lecturer of the Institute of Library Science, Burdwan University. He is the author of many books on art, architecture and Library Science.


  1. Introduction
  2. Geographical background
  3. Socio-religious and political background
  4. Names
  5. Purposes of Erection and the Factors which inspired temple building activities
  6. Materials
  7. Early references
  8. Temple types
  9. Bhadra or Tiered type
  10. Rekha or Sikhara type
  11. Western influence on Rekha temples
  12. Bhadra or Tiered type with a Stupa as crowning element
  13. Bhadra or Tiered type with a Sikhara at the top
  14. Sarvatobhadra type
  15. Hut-type
  16. Influence of Indo-Saracenic architecture
  17. Influence of hut-type style on the architecture of Northern India, Panjab and Kangra Valley
  18. Ratha-type
  19. Hut-type converted into Sikhara-type
  20. Hut and Ratha-type combined
  21. Miscellaneous type
  22. Date-plates
  23. Arches
  24. Garbhagrha - Inner shrine or the Womb of the temple
  25. Influence on the architecture of Farther India and Nepal
  26. Fresco-painting, Brass-engraving and other decoration
  27. Stone sculptural and Terracottas
  28. Architecture as depicted in Bengali Manuscripts
  29. The temple-builders
    List of Illustrations
  1. Bengal, Facing

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