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Better Humans

Better Humans
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Edition: 1999
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Yoga has much to offer the world to reach glorious heights. It has stood the test of time and is splendidly focused to meet the needs of men and women in the next millennium, the guidance is offered through the deep attitudinal changes, which have to be incorporated in every person's life, if he has to make life meaningful and worthwhile. It is a journey full of dedicated effort but full of joy and positivity.


We sometimes see people getting drawn together, getting charged with feelings and acting upon them in unison. William McDougall the well-known psychologist used to call it as "Group Mind" in action. It was as if the group gets a mind of its own and acts. Many psychologists did not agree with McDougall.

But the fact remains that certain traits and tendencies could be worked upon for the good of the people. In India, they talked, for example of four Yugas (epochs). The first being Satya Yoga when people had high moral values. The whole society followed right conduct. In fact in Indian history, Creek travellers as well as Chinese travellers praised the truthful nature of the Indian.

The situation so different in India today. Materialism in its worst form has taken charge of us. Can we hope to overcome this total loss of spiritual values? Can we create at least a few individuals who have committed themselves to a different set of values in life and who hold on to altruistic attitudes? The answer should be a "Yes". It is not impossible to bring about a change in the community so long as the mind has its Sattvika [pure] traits left intact. We can yet work upon the concept of "duty consciousness". We can instill the habit of "mindfulness and fullest concentration" in all that we do. We can begin experiencing small amount of self denial, and lastly we can instill confidence through a balanced state of mind.

Much discussion has been carried out on the four Sattvika traits of Dharma (duty), Jnana [Knowledge], Vairagya [objectivity] and Aiswarya [confidence] in the following pages. The best part of it is that these worthwhile qualities could be cultivated by everyone with the help of easy Yogic techniques that provide a good base.

The Yogic techniques derive their strength from such daily physical acts we all undertake but do not reach up to deep psychosomatic experience. Bending down is carried out by all of us but with no special deep feelings, thought we do artificially, display it in bowing down or prostrating before a superior. There are so many Yogic techniques that provide this opportunity for genuflection like posture that can build an attitude of submission.

With conscious understanding the effects of a humble attitude can be cultivated. Simultaneously, the effect of posture on the mind can be felt while lying down limp. Not only good relaxation takes place, but receptivity also increases.

Similarly, the act of sitting erect in a squatting posture with eyes closed has led to positive changes in the brain wave patterns. The learner and the teacher can exploit this possibility of the Yogic techniques of inculcating nobler feelings.

The mental state induced by an Asana lasts long. Thus, the Yogic posture, Sukhasana does not end merely at sitting comfortably, but also leads to a preparedness throughout the day.

A Human being as we see today has become very selfish and self-centred caring for others only so much, as is absolutely necessary. He has also become highly distracted. Anxiety levels have increased in him. There is considerable reduction in the native strength of men and women

Yoga should be so interpreted that it could help mankind at this critical Juncture. Fortunately people are looking around for help. The word Yoga is also not new to them. Unfortunately, a great deal of misunderstanding has grown round it. We have to clear the misunderstanding and make the basic Yoga of duty, concentration, objectivity and confidence to catch rots and grow. Who knowns we may succeed in creating "Better Humans" in the next millennium.

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