The Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira

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Author: N. C. Iyer
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: Translated into English with Notes
Edition: 1987
ISBN: 8170300940
Pages: 413
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.2" X 5.3
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Shipped to 153 countries
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India has long continued to be the centre of attraction not only in respect of its wealth and civilization but in that of its intellectual advancement. To it converged, as to a common focus, the eyes of foreigners from the earliest period of the world's history. It was the one fountain of knowledge from which issued streams to water distant lands of ignorance at every point of the compass, now yielding abundance of intellectual harvest. Time was when Indian wisdom shone resplendent, and, from its eminence, dazzled the eyes of distant nations-distant geographically and distant chronologically,- illumined every corner of the intellectual horizon and served as a beacon, lighting the paths of erring travellers. History is puzzled in its attempt to reach the data of Aryan civilization. Antiquarians are at logger-heads in their conclusions touching the age of Aryan learning.

Now it is well known that Aryan learning dates from the remotest antiquity. The Aryans have cultivated almost every department of knowledge. As the art of printing was unknown a large proportion of Aryan literature ha been washed into oblivion by the mighty ways of time. Not a few remain,

"Like Stranded wrecks the tide returning hoarse to sweep them from our sight". Unless rescued from their fate. But most of the Hindus, of the present day, can not use the books themselves.

The public can therefore do much if their eyes could only be opened to the importance of the subject, Most of the English knowing natives hardly know what these books treat of. I have many a time astonished young Collegians and graduates they were surprised to find that the Aryans knew what the Europeans know forgetting that these sciences were taken to the west from here.

Now it has come to my knowledge that in many Hindu families whole libraries, for want of inspection, are now being feasted on by moths and white ants and large quantities have already been emptied into the dustbins, the dccay having gone too for. English education, like Aaron's rod, appears to have devoured up every other educations and it has spread now throughout the land.

In the humble hope that the progressing ruin might be in a measure retarded, it is proposed to tell the present Indian generation in the language in which they will all and can all hear that, if they would exert a little, they might rescue from ruin a vast amount of splendid Aryan literature: As the property of a nation depends on its literature, the public are requested to for into societies for the collection and preservation of Aryan works.

2.The Astrologer3
3.On the Sun12
4.On the Moon17
5.On Rahu22
6.On Mars38
7.On Mercury41
8.On Jupiter44
9.On Venus54
10.On Saturn60
11.On Comets and the Like64
12.On Camopus73
13.On the Ursa Major78
(The Constellation of the Seven Sages)
14.Division of Globe81
15.Stellar Rulership87
16.On the Planets91
17.On Planetary Conjunctions96
18.On the Moon's Conjunctions with the Planets107
19.On Planetary Years109
20.On Planetary Meetings113
21.On the Rain Clouds115
22.Rain Support days122
23.On Rain123
24.On Rohini Yoga125
25.Svaati Yoga132
26.On Asadhi Yoga134
27.On the Winds137
28.On Immediate Rain139
29.On Flowers and Planets143
30.On Twilight Hours148
31.Glow at the Horizon153
32.On Erathquakes154
33.On Meteors159
34.On Halos163
35.On the Rainbow167
36.On the cloud Castles169
37.On Parhelion170
38.On Dust Storms171
39.On Thunderbolts172
40.On Vegetable Horoscopy173
41.On commodities175
42.On the price of Commodities177
43.On Indra's Banner179
44.On the Lustration of Arms188
45.On the Wagtail192
46.On Portents195
47.Mutley Miscellany208
48.On Royal Bath217
49.On Cron Plate226
50.On the Sword227
51.On Limbs229
52.On Pimples237
53.On House-Building239
54.On under Currents255
55.On Gardening269
56.On the Building of Temples281
57.On Durable Cements284
58.On Temple Images286
59.On entry into the forest293
60.On the fixing of the Images in temples295
61.On the features of Cows and Oxen298
62.On the features of the Dog300
63.On the features of the Cock301
64.On the features of the Turtle302
65.On the features of the Goat303
66.On the features of the Horse305
67.On the features of the Horse306
68.On the features of the Elephant308
69.On the Five great men322
70.On the features of the Women327
71.On Injuries to Garments331
72.On Chamara334
73.On Umbrellas335
74.On the praise of women336
75.On Amiability339
76.On Spermatic Drugs and Medicines341
77.On Perfume mixtures346
78.On Sexual Union358
79.On Cats and Seats363
80.On Diamonds368
81.On Pearls371
82.On Rubies375
83.On Emeralds377
84.On Lamps378
85.On Tooth-Brush379
86.Omen through Birds and Beasts381
87.On the circles of Horizon392
88.On Ominous cries398
89.On Ominous Connected with the Dog404
90.On the cry of the Jackal408
91.On Omens connected with wild animals410
92.On Omens connected with the Cow411
93.On Omens connected with the Horse412
94.On Omens connected with the Elephant414
95.On the Cawing of the crow416
96.Supplementary to Omens424
97.On Effective Periods427
98.On the Constellations430
99.On Lunar Days and Half Lunar Days433
100.On Marriage Lagnas435
101.The Moon in The Asterisms436
102.On the Division of the Zodiac439
103.On Marriages440
104.On the Effects of Planetary Motions443
105.On the Worship of the Stellar Deity454
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