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The Buddha : Dhamma and Doctrine

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Item Code: UAG891
Author: Yuwaraj Sontakke
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788183900591
Pages: 272
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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Book Description
About The Book

A refreshingly splendid work indeed! The author, my friend Dr. Yuwaraj Sontakke, merits unquali fied kudos for his brilliant exposition of the teachings of Lord Buddha and Buddhism and their ever-lasting relevance to the world and its multiple problems. The book is truly and pro foundly enlightening for the scholars as well as for the interested beginners. Dr. Yuwaraj has purposefully used the simple narrative style in order to make it easily comprehensible even to a layman who is not deeply conversant with the intricacies of English language. The book will surely be found useful and original by one and all.

About the Author

The author Dr. Yuwaraj Sontakke has very successfully brought into light the great achievements of the Buddha and Buddhism in this work. He established that Buddhism is relevant to the problems of the present age. The author has proved that the generations to come will extract influence from Buddhism and will move towards humanism. The present work is actually a richly varied volume of Buddhistic principles to the practical considerations of everyday life. The readers will be very much benefited by this work which provides thought-provoking reading and stands for Buddhistic achievements.


Present work is planned on the lines of my Hindi version 'Siddhartha Buddha: Dhamma Evam Darshan' which is in print already. Then I have concentrated my own study and writing on the practice of Buddhist principles. Born in the sixth century B.C., Siddhartha Gautama left his family and all in search of answers to the questions of life and death. This volume explores the life and teachings of this remarkable man.
The volume comprises of eight chapters.. Each chapter deals with the specific aspect of Buddhism. The psychological aspects in the origin of Dhamma have also been considered with reference to Buddhism. The study of Buddhism has gained international importance. Hence, the social, economic and political back ground of Buddhism has been investigated at great length.
Buddhism has been represented in this volume as a gospel of emancipation from the ills of this world. The Buddha has challenged some of the essential propositions of Brahmanism. The philosophical tenets of the Buddha and social-economical-political implications of his Dhamma have also been considered and analysed. The powerful and most dynamic personality of the Buddha effected a social, intellectual and moral revolution in India.
I have attempted in this work to present the essential features of the Buddha by removing the superstructures of myths and miracles and to explain his personality, teaching, doctrine and philosophy. A new identification of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's Buddha Dhamma has also been shown in this volume. The Buddha organized the great Sangha which spreads over the whole of Asia. He denied the reality of an empirical ego-identity as well as of a spiritual soul-monad. Buddhism is one of the most significant and powerful intellectual creations of the speculative mind.
The objective of this work is to present authentic materials, the doctrines and aspects of Buddhistic principles. This book may be useful for those who are interested in comprehensive study of Buddhism. I can understand the requirements of the students and the general readers who may not spend their time to refer many books. So, instead of giving references to important paragraphs, I have quoted the actual words wherever necessary.
It is not possible to mention the names of all the scholars and authors whose publications have been utilized here but I am indeed very much thankful to all of them. As a former student of Physics, I have keen interest in the evolution of ideas. Hence, the problem of the social thought of Buddhism has also preoccupied my mind. I have an immense veneration for Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.
My deepest debt of gratitude goes to Dr. Saragu Krishna Murthy, former Professor and Head of the Department of Hindi and U.G.C. Professor Emeritus, Bangalore University, Bangalore who has honoured me by writing a Foreword to this book.
I am thankful to my friend Mr. Harendra Kumar T.Ramteke, Nagpur for his painstaking help in preparation of thepress copy in various ways.
My affectionate thanks are due to my wife Dr. Anjali for her manifold assistance in my life and in preparing the index and in the task of proof-reading.
Blessings are also due to my son Sakit and daughter Sahur for their cooperation and keeping the house peaceful. Lastly, I thank Mr. Raman Chaudhary of Abhishek Prakashan, New Delhi for the publication of this work.


The Buddha is considered as the first greatest man of the world. He has started the mission of peace, non-violence, tolerance, love and compassion, for the first time in the world. He is the first and foremost Lokanayak of the world. Dr. Grieyerson has declared him the first Mahatma of the world.
In the present work, Dr. Yuwaraj Sontakke has brought into light the main features the Buddha's life and works and proved that the Buddha's preaching are the greatest contribution to all spheres of the world.
This eminent work is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter seeks to trace the background of Buddhism. The second chapter throws light upon the early and missionary life of Siddhartha Buddha and the deeksha given by him to the Parivrajakas. In the third chapter the author has penetrated deeply into the original works of Buddhist philosophy and proved the universality and scientific approach of Buddhism. The Four Noble Truths discussed by the author are excellent.
The Noble doctrines of the Buddha regarding pratitya samutpada, Anatmavada, Anityatavada (Impermanence), Atheism, Kamma as explained here are magnificent. The author has brought into light the supreme contribution of the Buddha in formation of Buddha Sangha and the influence of subsequent sects of Buddhism and Buddhist Literature. In the last chapter of the book, the author has very brilliantly thrown light upon Dr. Ambedkar's Buddha Dhamma. The entire work promises to be a rich volume of Buddhism in its variegated aspects.
It is intended mainly for those who want to know theteachings, doctrines and more difficult aspects of Dhamma, The author has proved that the Buddha has stood for the upliftment of the downtrodden people and spread light of humanism in the universe. Even after more than 2500 years, his voice is considered to be the voice of the Lord. Though the Buddha has not mentioned the name of God, his entire work deals with the superhuman power. His critical revolt against vedic tradition almost revolutionized the concepts of Indian philosophy.
The present work deals with all the aspects of the Buddha and Buddhism. It is indeed a superwork of Buddhistic achieve ments. It is excellently done and is remarkably comprehensive. The author devotes his work to the analysis of Buddhistic doctrines. He has sought to make the subject alive with a learned vision.
I congratulate the author Dr. Yuwaraj Sontakke for bringing into light the great achievements of the Buddha and Buddhism for the solution of the universal problems.

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