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Buddhist Thought and Culture in India and Korea

Buddhist Thought and Culture in India and Korea
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Item Code: IDG802
Author: S. R. Bhatt
Publisher: Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR)
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8185636656
Pages: 365
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.6"
From the Jacket

The present work provides glimpse of Buddhist thought and Culture interface that took place between the two countries. For the Indians it would be interesting to know as to how and why Buddhism could get such a strong foothold in Korea with notable impact. For the Koreans it is instructive to be aware of the Indian roots of their Buddhist view and way of life. This work gives a panoramic vision of that interface, both ancient and modern. It is hoped that it will stimulate renewal of cross-cultural interactions for mutual enrichment and will help in consolidating common spiritual roots and resources.

About the Editor

Professor S. R. Bhatt is an eminent philosopher, Sanskritist and Profound thinker. He has authored several books and research papers. He has lectured in many universities and research institutes of India, China, North Korea, United States, Trinidad and Germany. He has organized numerous international seminars and conferences. He is an internationally known authority on Ancient Indian culture, Buddhism and Vedanta. He has been the General President of Indian philosophical Congress and all India philosophy Association. He is a member of the Federation of the international Societies of Philosophy, World association of Vedic Studies, Society for Comparative and Asian Philosophy and International Vedanta Congress.

Preface ix
Contributors xiii
1 Origin and Spread of Buddhism in India and Outside
S. R. Bhatt
2 Indo-Korean Contacts Through Buddhism in Early Times 34
3 Buddhism and National Culture in Korea
Ki-Yong Rhi
4 A Critical Study on the Understanding of Pratityasamupada-vada in Korea and Japan
Kyoung-Joon Park
5 Early Buddhism and the Essence of Mahayana Buddhism
Yong-Kil Cho
6 A study on 'Dhyana' in India and 'Seon' in Korea
Inamaluwe Nandaratana Thero
7 A Study on the Lotus Sutra in India, China and Korea
young-Ja Lee
8 The One and the Many in Won-hyo and Ramanuja
Geo-Lyong Lee
9 Vinaya Thought in Korean Buddhist Tradition
Sung-Hyun Shin
10 The universal Aspects of Korean Buddhist and Shamanist Ritual
Sung-Hyun Shin
11 The View of Death in Korean Buddhist and Shamanist Ritual 143
12 The Translation History of Chinese Avatamsakasutra
Ae-Soon Chang
13 The Compilation and Propagation of the Hwa-eom-kyeong or Avatamsakasutra
Hae-Ju Jeon
14 Philosophy of the Saddharmapundarika-Sutra: A Conceptual and Doctrinal Analysis
Thich Tam Duc
15 The Problem of Scriptural plurality and Religious Pluralism: A Mdhyamika Perspective
Yong-Pyo Kim
16 Buddhist Foundations of Global Ethics
S. R. Bhatt
17 The Role of North-east Asian Buddhism for Globalization
Kee-Jong Kwon
18 Buddhism in the Third Millennium
Bijayananda Kar
19 On the Buddha as an Avatara of Visnu
Geo-Lyong, Lee
20 On the Problem of the Origin of Cakravartin Kyoung-Joon Park 229
21 Characteristics of Indra Belief in Koryo Dynasty
Yoon-Gil Seo
22 The Concepts of Buddha and Bodhisattva
S. R. Bhatt
23 A View of the Buddhist Anatma Doctrine
Karunesh Shukla
24 Buddhist Conception of Brahma- Viharas: A Direction to Emancipation
Mangla Chinchore
25 Buddhist Quest for Deep Ecology
K. T. S. Sarao
26 Buddhist Contributions to Feminist Thought
Lata Chhatre
27 Double Tragedy: A Reappraisal of the Decline of Buddhism in India
K.T.S. Sarao
28 Korean Buddhism: A Critical Analysis
T. R. Sharma

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