The Celestial Delivery Boy Transit

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Author: Col A.K. Gour
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788179480748
Pages: 214
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book

A step by step, easy to understand, cogently explained with appropriate examples, transit has been made a learner's delight. This is a book whose each chapter is a topic that has been taught to classes comprising the intellectual elite of the society; having passed their searching scrutiny it has been churned over and over again and has matured over the years. It is this fully digested subject which is presented to the astrological world by the teacher, Col. A.K. Gaur with humility, prayers and hopes that more vistas of the vast astrological world will be prised open.

This is a book that gives practical techniques of applying transit. The techniques are explained in easy to follow incremental stages supported by examples.

Learn the application of transits in the divisional charts; learn the transit applications in the Ashtakavarga specially the Samudaya Ashtakavarga. Transits have been handled with lucidity and refreshing innovativeness. The book blows a breath of fresh air in the astrological world of letters.

About the Author

If you happen to stray into the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan (BVB) courtyard on a Saturday or a Sunday winter afternoon during the tea break, you may find a Greek statue basking in the sun with both the hands under the armpits, twirled grey moustache and sardonically piercing eyes with far away looks. On a closer inspection you may as well descover that even little, almost nothing, but for a laconic sense of aloofness. The signature of time on the copper coloured countenance adds to the somber halo till such time his greetings. He is 'Cornal Saab' or more formally Colonel A.K. Gour(Retd.), the senior most faculty member in the Institute of Astrology in BVB after Shri K.N. Rao.

Author of the first extensively researched genuine book on 'Professions' besides many research based articles on variety of Astrological topics, Colonel Gour has a tremendous capacity to spell bound his thousands of students on account of his unorthodox and extremely articulate style of teaching. He is especially revered, adored and admired for his clear and scientific deliberations on baffling subjects like predictive Astrology with special emphasis on influence of Dasha and Transit on results. He has a special flair for explaining the ancient principles in the contemporary contexts as a result the entire gamut of Traditional Astrology becomes relevant in the modern times too.

Colonel Gour was born in Lucknow on the 9th of March, 1938 in a religious brahmanical family. He joined Indian Army in the year 1957 through NDA & IMA. After a distinguished service of 34 years he took voluntary retirement. During very demanding and dangerous military operations in his service he realized the thin hairline separating life from death. He also understood the importance of God, the same God whom his mother had taught him to trust during his formative years emphasizing the helplessness of an individual in controlling ones destiny.

The story of his dabbling in to Astrology is equally fascinating. He came to interview Shri K.N. Rao in BVB for an article in the year 1989. Since then, after successfully completing "Jyotish Visharada" from BVB, he is an integral part of the distinguished faculty. He is totally committed to pilgrimages and visit to Kailash Manasarovara in 1990 is one of his fondest pilgrim memories.

This book on transit is unique in many ways. Firstly it is dedicated to the process of self-learning in a step by step easy to understand manner through ample illustrations, the way he teachers in the class. Secondly, there are many bold, scientifically explained and well-substantiated departures from the traditional explanations of Transit analysis. Thirdly, since the book unfolds deeper wisdom in stages, at no point of time the reader is left in any doubt on account of otherwise inherent contradictions of predictive Astrology. The end of every chapter makes the reader sufficiently aware of the nuances of transit irrespective of his unawareness of successive chapters. Therefore, the understanding of the subject grows in a single line foreword movement fashion unambiguously. Most importantly, the book does not make any pretence of expecting the readers to be a connoisseur of Astrology. Any one and every one who has interest in the subject would find the treatment very lucid and fascinating.


Transit is an essential ingredient for an accurate astrological prediction. It is however generally pushed on to the back burner mainly because of partial or faulty understanding of this fascinating phenomenon. I have taught this subject at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan astrological classes for over 5 years. Teaching a subject to the students that constitute the classes in this institution is different and unique. The students; and this nomenclature is to be taken with large pinches of iodized salt; are the leaders in their respective fields. They represent all sections of the society and attend the astrological classes motivated by an inborn desire to learn and understand the intricacies of this fascinating science called astrology. These are questioning students who need to be given logic, an understandable explanation and cogent reasons. You cannot satisfy the Secretary level officers, senior Engineers, Computer professionals, Doctors, Journalists, Defense force officers and other elite of the society with anything less than the replicable and understandable astrological arguments. The teacher needs to be knowledgeable and have an ability to reach out to discerning, intelligent, educated students and satisfy them.

This is a book that teaches the whys and the how of transit. It is direct and tightly focused on the subject. The teaching experience of the author leads to be presentation of the intricacies of the topics covered in the book in an easily understandable manner. Each topic has been covered in numerous classes and has matured over the years. A topic has reached the written stage after incorporating the answers to the probing questions by eager, discerning students. The book is, therefore, written for the student who is looking for easily assimilable knowledge about this intricate and little understood subject.

The book is solidly shackled to the classical training. It is but corrects to comprehend the basics of our classics and then mould them or interpret them to conform to the present day situations. An astrological chart is as correct as the time of birth for which it has been cast. A chapter dealing with rectification of birth time has been assayed; it is a beginning, an astrologer is confronted with the problem of inaccurate birth time almost every time he touches a horoscope, he must have access to some means whereby he can overcome this persistent problem.

Astrology is a part and parcel of Hindu life. It is interwoven in our legends, our mythological lors, our festivals and even in our daily rituals. Planets and the constellations give shape to astrology. In an unique manner our Puranic literature takes up these planets and weavens gripping, interesting stories about these planets. These stories perform a very important role. They humanize the planets, which makes the planetary actions lore about the planets has been culled and presented in appendix II to this book. It should make an interesting reading: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this appendix.

I am a small devotee at the altar of the knowledge of astrology with trepidation, humility and hope I am presenting this work to the discerning astrologers. It would be my pleasure to hear from the readers of this book. I welcome suggestions for the betterment of this book.




  Foreword v
  Acknowledgement vi
  Preface vii
  About the Author ix
1. The Celestial Delivery Boy 1
2. Classical Texts-Moon 7
3. Classical Texts-Transit from the Moon 12
4. The Puranic Transit 24
5. The Transit Influencers 31
6. Bhava Siddhi Kaal-Timing of Results 48
7. Ashtakvarga 76
8. The Saptashalaka 112
9. Transit and the Divisional Charts 119
10. Subtle Transit-The Divisional Charts 140
11. Birth Time Rectification 147
12. The Planetary Dashas-Tables 156
13. Legends; Heritage; Mythlogy and Our Planets 182
14. Sarvatobhadra Chakra 203

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