Chants For Curing Ailments and Chants that Can Cure Ailments and Chant Remedies as per Ailments
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Chants For Curing Ailments and Chants that Can Cure Ailments and Chant Remedies as per Ailments

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Author: Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Balaji Athavale and H. H. Sandeep Gajanan Alshi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789389098075
Pages: 268 (Throughout Color and B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
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Introduction to the Compilers

1. An Internationally renowned Hypnotherapist

2. Established `Sanatan Sanstha' to propagate Spirituality

3. Building Gurukul-like Sanatan Ashrams

4. Propounder of `Gurukrupayoga' for faster God-realisation: By performing spiritual practice as per `Gurukrupayoga', 105 seekers have become Saints and 1,222 seekers are progressing towards Sainthood as of 31.7.2019.

5. Unique creation and publication of Spiritual texts on various topics such as spiritual practice, protecting the Nation, bringing about awakening on Dharma (Details are provided in this Text)

6. Production of Audio CDs & VCDs that provide guidance on spiritual practice and education on Hindu Dharma

7. Founder of 'Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay' : The Vishwavidyalay organises spiritual research & workshops, etc.

8. Research on spiritual remedies for physical, psychological distress and that caused by negative energies

9. Conducting research on the Divine changes in His own body, the objects used by Him and His own Mahamrutyuyoga

10. 'Art for God-realisation' & research on presenting sattvik Art

11. Research using scientific instruments on religious rituals and events that are beyond the comprehension of the intellect

12. Preserving objects of spiritual, cultural, historical importance

13. As of 3.2.2021, 2 child-Saints, 239 children who are above the spiritual level of 60% and 859 Divine children have been introduced to society & research is being conducted on them

14. Study of animals and plants from perspective of sattvikata

15. Research through Astrology and Nadijyotish

16. Founder-Editor of fiery Hindu Periodical `Sanatan Prabhat'

17. Uniting Saints, Sects, devout Hindus, patriots & social workers and providing spiritual guidance to them to establish a Dharma-based 'Hindu Rashtra' (Divine Rule)

18. Missions that have commenced taking inspiration from Him

A. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for establishing the 'Hindu Rashtra'

B. Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad - An organisation of advocates

C. Sanatan Purohit Pathshala to mould sattvik priests

D. Sanatan Adhyayan Kendra - Training orators to speak on the perspectives of Hindu Dharma during media coverage

E. Spiritual Science Research Foundation for teaching Spirituality to mankind

H.H. Sandeep Alshi

H.H. Sandeep Alshi does the final compilation of Sanatan's Texts. He also prepares Prasar material (for example - Sanatan Almanac, leaflets) which bring about awakening on the Nation and help propagates Dharma. He writes inspiring articles for ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals which provide information on spiritual practice, Nation & Dharma.

Part - I


Generally, Hindus know about chanting as a form of worship of the Deities, but they do not know about the usefulness of chanting Deities Names for treating ailments. In-depth research on the chanting of 'Omkar is being conducted in western countries such as in the USA and by chanting 'Omkar' many people in western countries are getting cured, but in India, Hindus are unaware of the effectiveness of chanting prescribed by their own Dharma. This is such a misfortune. Through the Spiritual text series 'Chant remedies', Hindus will be able to learn the importance of their Dharma and Deities.

Mostly the root cause of physical and psychological ailments in human beings has spiritual causes. To eliminate these causes, remedies at the spiritual level need to be performed. 'Chanting' is a very powerful remedy. Prarabdha, which is destiny that is experienced in this birth, is one of the major spiritual causes for problems in life. By chanting, the patient's mild destiny is completely overcome. If a patient has moderate destiny, it can be reduced by chanting. Even if a patient has severe destiny, by chanting the individual can obtain mental strength to face and endure that severe destiny.

Every Deity has specific vibrations. Chanting the Name of a particular Deity develops that Deities' vibrations in the body. Due to this, unnatural or imbalanced vibrations in the body are taken care of, which helps in curing ailments. Chanting not only helps in curing ailments but also provides mental strength to endure the pain and misery caused by the ailments.

‘Chanting’ is the easiest remedy for all. Chanting has no restrictions of space and time, purity and impurity or even correct pronunciation (as in the case of chanting a mantra). Chanting is not as difficult as performing Yoga or Yaga (Ritual of sacrificial fires). At times, medicinal herbs may not be available during adverse times, but the spiritual remedy of chanting can be done at anytime, anywhere.

Various types of chanting and the underlying science are mentioned in this Volume of the Spiritual text series. Knowing the underlying science of chanting will help in developing faith in it. In Kaliyug (The present era of strife), man has more faith in modern science than he has in Spirituality. The research conducted with the help of scientific instruments on chant remedies has also been provided in this Spiritual text. Through this, even intellectuals will be able to develop faith in chanting.

When Divine Rule (Hindu Nation) is established in the near future, knowledge of treatment given by using chants will be included in the syllabus of schools and colleges. Hence, the future generations will have easy solutions to reduce the distress arising out of ailments at a very young age.

We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru and Shri Narayan - the protector of the universe – ‘May more and more people who are suffering be cured quickly by performing these chant remedies’.

Part - II


This Volume of the Spiritual text series 'Chants for curing ailments' lists chants of some Deities and the various ailments for which they are helpful so that when the need arises, the correct chant is easily found. The reason for giving this information in this manner is - Everyone has strong faith in their Upasyadevata (Deity of worship) or spiritual practice of chants such as 'Om (3)'. If the Name of the Upasyadevata or the Name chanted as spiritual practice is to be chanted for curing ailments, it will help in curing the ailment faster if it is done with more faith.

Ailments are caused due to imbalance of one of the Panchatattva (Five Cosmic elements) in the human body, and to cure the ailment caused by the imbalance, it is useful to chant the Name associated with that Principle. Just as chants are useful in curing ailments, mudras and nyas too are useful in curing imbalance in Panchatattva. The spiritual remedies, where chanting is supported by making mudras and performing nyas, are more effective. Therefore, this Spiritual text in the Spiritual text series also provides information on the mudras and nyas.

We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru and Shri Narayan - the protector of the universe – ‘May more and more suffering people be cured quickly by performing these chant remedies’.

Part - III


In the present Spiritual text under the series 'Chant remedies' chants that will prove beneficial for over 300 physical and psychological ailments have been mentioned. To enable finding them easily, they have been listed. They contain mainly chants of Deities.

Since the human body is made up of Panchamahabhuta or Panchatattva (The five Cosmic Principles - Pruthvi, Apa, Tej, Vayu and Akash), the ailments associated with the body are also associated with the Panchatattva. The Deities function at the sagun (Materialised) and the nirgun (Non-materialised) levels. While performing the mission at the nirgun level, the Deities transcend the Panchatattva; whereas, during their mission at the sagun level they encompass Panchatattva. Hence, every Deity encompasses Panchatattva. Therefore, every Deity has the power to cure all the ailments associated with Panchatattva. Yet, the reason for prescribing a particular Deity's chant for curing a particular ailment is that, a Deity that has greater proportion of a particular Principle among the Panchatattva, can cure the ailment associated with that Principle quickly than other Deities.

This Spiritual text includes Shabdabrahman (Chants of words from Gayatrimantra [A sacred mantra from the Rugveda (3.62.10), dedicated to the Sun Deity]), Aksharbrahman (Chants of letters in which the Principle/Shakti {Spiritual energy] of the Deities is accumulated), Bijamantra and Ankajapa that are of progressively higher levels. Considering the basic nature of an individual, his spiritual practice of the past or present life, his spiritual level, etc. the chant of progressively higher levels can also be useful to him.

Information on mudras and nyas to be performed for effective chanting and valuable suggestions such a how to sit for chanting, what to do for chanting with bhav (Spiritual emotion) are given in the Spiritual text - 'Chants that can cure ailments'.

We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru and Shri Narayan - the protector of the universe – ‘May more and more suffering people be cured quickly by performing these chant remedies’.

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