Common Annavaha-Srotastha Vyadhi (Gastrointestinal Disorders) In Children

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Author: B.M. Singh and Dr. Sangeeta Gehlot
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788176372800
Pages: 228
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Editors

"Common Annavaha Srotasha Vyadhi (Git Disorders) in Children”

The present changed scenario in Ayurveda has necessitated preparation of books after redefining the concepts of Ayurveda intelligible and applicable in present scenario In other subjects including medical sciences a trend for writing the books on various? Topics of a particular speciality by specialist of the topic related to other subjects? Probable this trend has not entered yet in the Ayurveda field. It is better truth that the specialists of the subject would positively write exact subject in more appealing and applicable way. For example, when, an Anatomist (Rachna Sharir) or physiologist (kriya Sharir) would write respectively anatomy and physiology of Annavaha Srotas, its standards will definitely be higher than writing these subjects by a paediatrician, similarly, the drugs and preparations to be prescribed in paediatric diseases can in much better way be advised and described in the book. With the aim of having collective wisdom of number of authors to present the subject in their own way this book is being written.

This being first attempt, efforts to bring all the chapters in one of writing have not been done. Lets, the author take it otherwise. This trend would be appealing to the ayurvedic board and would be able to give more knowledge and understanding to the readers.




Chapter   page
1 Effect of Material Mode of Life on Growth and Development and Cognitive Behaviour of the Child 17-Jan
2 The Basic Tenets of Ayurvedic Immunology 18-21
3 Anatomical considerations of Annavaha Srotasa 22-47
4 Cogenital Anomalies of Annavaha Srotasa (GIT) 48-54
5 Gastrointestinal Genetic disorders in children 55-60
6 GIT physiology in Ayurveda 61-70
7 Clinical Evaluation of Agni Vikriti 71-78
8 Scientific Basis of Ama and its Role in Onset of GIT Disorders 79-86
9 Food Allergy in Children : An Ayurvedic Approach of Management 87-95
10 Concept of Food in Ayurveda 96-103
11 Role of Ahara as Mahabhaishaja in Management of Nutritional Disorders of Infants w.s.r. to Vyadhija Phaka, Chhardi and Kshiralsak 104-111
12 Evidence Based Management of Chardi in Neonates and Children 112-119
13 Preventive and Curative Aspects of Amlapitta in Children 120-122
14 Evidence Based Contemporary Management of Ajeerna and Vibandha in Children 123-126
15 Evidence Based Management of Atisara in Accordance to Etiology 127-132
16 Rational Mnagament of Constipation in children 133-140
17 Rational Mnagament of Intestinal Krimi in children 141-149
18 Pain in Abdomen 150-160
19 Gastrointestinal Imaging in making Diagnosis Concerned with GIT Disorders of Children 161-166
20 Classical Medicinal Plants in the Management of Gastro-intestinal Diseases in Children 167-169
21 Role of herbo-Mineral Formulations in Treatment of Diseases of Annavaha Srotasa (Gastroenterology) 170-178
22 Effect of Life Style on Annavaha Srotas 179-172
23 Role of Pathya/apathya in Different Types of Atisara 193-220

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