Compassion and Revolution (Seven Keys of Transformation)

Compassion and Revolution (Seven Keys of Transformation)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Osho Media International
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788172612818
Pages: 193
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 420 gm

About the Book

Compassion and Revolution is a beautiful, compact little book, full of true generosity of spirit. These talks, given to the participants of a meditation intensive, will be valuable companions for anyone already exploring themselves through the path of meditation, or interested in starting on that journey. What are the hurdles we face in being happy in our lives? Where did those difficulties come from? How can we rediscover the powerful play of our own energy, and trust it to guide us in day-to-day living?

Also included is a guided three-step visualization, which gives a taste of the actual feel of meditation, followed by a short, practical experience of meditation through relaxation, let-go and witnessing.

"The day someone has surrendered in total acceptance, compassion flows and revolution happens. Revolution has not to be done; it has to be only allowed. And total acceptance has its own revolution."

About the Author

Osho is a revolution that helps the birth of each individual: "I am trying in every possible way to drop all those things which in the past have been barriers for the revolution to continue and grow. I don't want anybody to stand between the individual and existence. No prayer, no priest you alone are enough to face the sunrise. You don't need somebody to interpret for you what a beautiful sunrise it is."


Only compassion is therapeutic because all that is ill in man is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He has not been able to love, or he has not been able to receive love. He has not been able to share his being. That's the misery. That creates all sorts of complexes inside.

Those wounds inside can surface in many ways: they can become physical illness, they can become mental illness, but deep down man suffers from a lack of love. Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul. The body cannot survive without food, and the soul cannot survive without love. In fact, without love the soul is never born, there is no question of its survival.

You simply think that you have a soul. You believe that you have a soul because of your fear of death. But you have not known unless you have loved. Only in love does one come to feel that one is more than the body, more than the mind. That's why I say compassion is therapeutic.

What is compassion? Compassion is the purest form of love. Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love. In sex the contact is basically physical; in compassion the contact is basically spiritual. In love, compassion and sex are both mixed; the physical and the spiritual are both mixed. Love is midway between sex and compassion.

You can also call compassion prayerfulness. You can also call compassion meditation. Compassion is the highest form of energy.



  Preface Vii
1 The birth of compassion "If there is compassion, revolution is inevitable" 1
2 Moments of emptiness " 27
3 The waterfall of life "A person who wants happiness for himself, wants happiness for all" 45
4 The real man "To be an individual is the most profound freedom all" 71
5 Moving onto the path of bliss "come to know how many doors of bliss there can be in life" 97
6 The unending journey "An infinite web of existence, in which all and everything is strung" 125
7 The door to the whole "let go of everything and then see" 153
  About the Author 182
  Osho International meditation resort 183
  More Osho books 185
  For more information 187

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