Comprehensive Prediction by Divisional Charts (An Original Research Work)

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Author: V P GOEL
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788170821342
Pages: 395
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

Three distingushing features of Hindu Astrology are divisional charts, dasha systems and yogas. This book deals with divisional charts.

We all know the concept of divisional charts after we go through the Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra. It is for the first time that the practical application of these are given The book deals with all Parashari and non Parashari divisional charts and bring out their predictive value and the technique The high lights of the book are:

1 Rules for examination of each divisional chart.

2 House significations of divisional charts.

3 Linking of divisional charts.

Linking of divisional charts is discussed for the first time It opens new avenues in sharpning the predictive technique and provide ground work for further research. It shows the way to do and develope Astrology in a scientific and replicable manner.

The book is illustrated with many examples to bring out the deeper meanings of divisional charts.

I hope that this book will be helpful to all students and scholars of Astrology in sharping their preciictve accuracy.


About the Author

Shri Vinod Prakash Goel is a former officer of the Indian Engineering Services and has served with the Ministry of Defence Government of India. He has o held managerial positions with private companies in India and abroad before setting up an engineering manufacturing and contracting firm. Presently he is a consultant to the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Shri Goel has an M Tech, degree from IIT Kharagpur and B. Sc Mechanical Engineering (Honours) degree from Benaras Hindu University.

In the years 1999 and 2000, he was awarded Gold Medals for Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya at the Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. He is now on the faculty of the Institute.

He is a published author of four books on Astrology prior to this presentation.



Our Guruji Shri K.N. Rao asked me to write on divisional charts.

This was about one year ago. This book is a result of his direction. I am grateful to him for considering me worthy enough for this task.

Divisional charts are the pride of Hindu astrology. They reflect the depth of knowledge our ancients had. Each divisional chart is a magnified view of a specific area of human life. Our seers have advised us to read each divisional chart in-depth to understand the horoscope holistically.

This study of divisional charts is presented in twenty three chapters. These chapters deal with the sixteen divisions or shodashvargas of parashar. The four non parashar divisional charts are also explained along with higher divisional charts. An interesting chapter of inter linking of divisional charts is also included. The linking of different divisional charts of one individual and of different individuals are given in a simple yet effective way. This linking is useful to provide a complete picture of the horoscope.

I am grateful to the faculty of Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, who taught me Hindu Astrology. I am grateful to the almighty God for directing me towards Astrology.

My special thanks to Sh. Narender Sagar for giving shape to the book from my hand written notes.

I will feel satisfied if readers are benefitted from this work.




Preface xiii
Divisional Charts 1
Vimshopak Bala 3
Varga Vimshopak Bala 4
Longitudes in divisional chart 8
General Rules 10
Birth Chart D1 13
Significations of Houses 13
Significations of Signs 14
Classification of Rashis 28
Significations of planets 29
Rules for Examination 42
Key Planets 44
Hora D2 45
Parashari or Cancer/Leo or Uma Shambhu Hora 45
General effect of hora placement (Mansagri) 46
Labh Mandook Hora or Kerata Hora 49
Poorva Parashari Hora 55
Venktesha Hora 57
Sun and Moon Hora 59
Vikram Mandook Hora 62
Cyclical Hora 64
Drekkana D3 67
Parashari Drekkana 67
Nature of a Person 67
Twenty second Drekkana 71
Examination 73
Genetic Link 75
Sex of Coborn 83
Garga Drekkana 86
Varanasi Drekkana 87
Somnath Drekkana 87
Sexual Inclinations 87
Cyclical of Parivrittitraya Drekkana 91
Tajik Drekkana 91
Chaturthamsha D4 92
Parashari Chaturthamsha 92
Dieties of Chaturthamsha 93
Examination of D4 95
Cyclical Chaturthamsha 100
Parashari and Cyclical Chaturthamsha 102
Settlement Abroad 102
Saptamsha D7 106
Parashara Saptamsha 106
House significations of saptamsha 107
Examinations of Saptamsha 109
Sex of Children 115
Beeja Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta 116
Navamsha D9 121
Parashari Navamsha 121
Pushkar Navamsha 122
Navamsha in Nadi Astrology 123
Rashi Tulya Navamsha 128
Navamsha Tulya Rashi 129
64th Navamsha 131
Deities of Navamsha 135
Marriage 136
1. Promise of Marriage 137
2. Early Marriage 138
3. Late marriage 141
4. Multiple marriages 142
5. Status of Spouse 144
6. Caring Spouse 146
7. Mutual Attraction 147
8. After Marriage 148
9. Match Making 150
Jaimini Navamsha 154
Kalchakra Navamsha 155
Dashamsha D10 157
Parashari Dashamsha 157
Houses 158
Ruling deities of dashamsha 159
Examination 163
Lord of Tenth house in D10 164
Mathematical or cyclical dashamsha 169
Dwadashamsha D12 170
Parashari Method 170
Application 171
House significations of dwadashamsha 171
Karakas 172
Ruling Deities of Dwadashamsha 173
Examination 175
Cyclical Dwadashamsha 180
Shodashamsha D16 184
Parashad or Cyclical method 184
Houses of Shodashamsha 185
Rules for examination of Shodashamsha 186
Lords of Shodashamsha 187
Phaladeepika 197
Other method of casting shodashamsha - Third Version 201
Vimshamsha D20 206
Parahara method 206
Houses in Vimshamsha 207
Ruling Deity 208
Planets 212
Salvation 213
Examination of D20 214
Chaturvimshamsha D24 222
Parashari 222
Second Method 223
House in Chaturvimshamsha 224
Lord of Chaturvimshamsha 225
Examination of Chaturvimshamsha 227
Method Three - Cyclical or Mathematical 238
Saptavimshamsha D27 239
Parashari Method 239
Ruling Deities 240
Examination 243
Significations of Planets 244
Trimshamsha D30 251
Parashari Method 251
Deities of Parashara Trimshamsha 251
Cyclical or Varanasi Trimshamsha 252
Houses of Trimshamsha 253
Examination of D30 254
Conclusion 262
Khavedamsha D40 263
Parashari 263
Ruling Deities 264
Examinations 265
Cyclical Khavedamsha 275
Akshayvedamsha D45 277
Parashara 277
Ruling Deities 278
Examination 279
Cyclical or Mathematical 289
Shashtiamsha D60 291
Parashar Method 291
Examination 291
Ruling Deity 292
Other Methods 304
Panchamsha D5 305
Cyclical 305
Hadda 305
Houses 306
Examination 306
Deity to worship 307
Shashtamsha D6 317
Cyclical 317
House Signification 317
Examination 318
Ashtamsha D8 324
Cyclical 324
Raman Method 324
Houses 325
Examination 325
Ekdashamsha D11 334
Cyclical 334
Second Method 334
Third Method 335
Houses 336
Examination 336
Higher Divisional Charts 347
Ashta Navamsha 347
Nav-Navamsha 349
Navamsha-dwadashamsha 350
Sex of horoscope 352
Dwadashamsha-dwadashamsha (D144) 352
Nadi Amsha 354
Other Amshas 360
Linking of divisional Charts 361
One Individual 361
Charts of members of a family 368
Charts of different individuals 371
a. Husband and wife 371
b. Division of property In a family 373
c. Business relations 378
d. Guru/Disciple 380


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