Cosmic Science of Vaastu

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This book attempts to bridge the gap between traditional Vaastushastra and modern architecture. The cosmic effects of a wrong vaastu and the remedial approaches are discussed at length. Virtues of directions, analysis of the five great elements, two stream theory, and flying stars and the relation between Nature and individual are also discussed in detail.

The chapter “Essays on Vaastu” covers the queries that disturb the human mind in every day walk of life. Various case studies discussed here are self explanatory and help in understanding those deficiencies that create situations like premature deaths. This book covers all the concepts, theories and correlations of various disciplines like astrology, yogshastra, modern architecture and traditional Vaastushastra and will be helpful for those who want to learn Vaastushastra.

N.H. Sahasrabudhe is a consultant from Pune with 25 years experience in structural engineering. He holds a graduate degree in Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, and a postgraduate degree in Structural Engineering from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Valuers. He has been awarded two prestigious titles, “Vaastu Vachaspati” and “Vaastu Samrat”. He is associated with numerous educational institutes in advisory capacity and has written many books on Vaastu and Feng Shui in English and Marathi.

Gautami Sahasrabudhe is a Graduate from Pune University and holds a Masters degree in Computer Management. She is a software professional consultant in a reputed multinational company and a practicing Vaastu-expert. She, J: has completed a certification course in Reiki and a basic course of Art of Living. She has been awarded two prestigious titles - “Vaastu Pandit” and “Vaastu-Vidmani”.


The key to understand the basics of Vaastu is to read the subject in correlation of Yoga-shastra, Astrology. Architecture, and Indian tradition. The subject is based on the streaming of energy in natural discipline, hence the order of nature in various expressions has profound meaning. The expressions of sacred geometry through vibrations, waves, sound and light is the principle to create a cosmic divinity around the self.

As a sequence to previous books, this book attempts to establish the traditional spiritual concepts in the foundation of Vaastu. Various methods of analysis mentioned in the book the focus on the accurate eventology related to space and vaastu. Two-stream theory, five great elemental analysis, theory of counts, concept of source and sink, Vaastu-Kundali and planetary positions are the six methods to analyse Vaastu. In this book a detail process of analysis along with examples will help in a better understanding of the subject.

It is necessary to study the traditional rules in the light of modem life and modem architecture. A deep understanding of energy streams is necessary to know the underlying principles in traditional text. Since the subject was written in old text and has a tradition of past ten thousand years, if it is not understood in the right perspective then one may be led to ambiguity. The various dimensions related to the subject are dealt here in detail through various case studies and examples. Space and time and direction and time are the two sides of the same coin. Their interdependence in relation to event manifests and opens new systems of analysis. In traditional text a vague relationship of deities, viz, Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and Poorna in correlation to Tithi and directions is mentioned. The same thread of knowledge is pondered here in this book to understand the motion of time (kaal-chakra) and energy in direction. This logic is reflected in the chapter named Vaastu-Kundali (Ind-flying stars) through various examples.

Nature represents an open system whereas an individual represents a closed system. All closed systems have effects of friction impedance and blockage leading to failure of the system. Hence a right relationship of nature and individual opens the individual to an immense source of energy.

The closed systems of an individual becomes a subset of open system of Nature. Vedic philosophy quotes “Yad Pinde Tad Brahmande” as the important principle. “As in microcosm so in macrocosm” — this truth is reflected in all paithies of Eastern sciences. All these principles are expressions of the open system.


Preface v
Glossary viii
List of Figures, Tables and Plates xi
1. Scope of Vaastushastra 1
Energy Content and Zones: Theory of Counts
2. Vaastu Yoga 6
3. Astro-Vaastu 9
Correlation of Astrology and Vaastushastra
4. Philosophy of Vaastushastra 16
5. Vaastu-Purush-Mandal20
6. Ten Keys 22
Important Rules of Vaastushastra
7. Vaastu Remedies: Twelve Parameters 28
Crystals, Pyramids, Colours, Level Difference, Stone Cladding, Floor Selection, Metals, Plants, Vaastu-Yantras, Lights, Bells, Water Bodies
8. Vaastu-Yantra 38
Surya Yantra (East Direction), Ishanya Patra (North-east Direction), Brihaspati Yantra (North Direction), Vayavya Samvadini (North-west Direction), Shani Tarka (West Direction), Chandra Bhooshan (South-west Direction) Bhouma Yantra (South Direction)
9. Virtues of the Directions 46
Use of Metals, Use of Plants, Use of Swastika-marked Silver Coins, Use of Precious Stones and Swastika Copper Plates, Use of Forms, Shapes, Pyramids and Metals, Use of Helical Compound to the Plot Boundary
10. Planning for Zones 58
Slopes to South and Breeze from South, Slopes to East
11. Event Manifest and North-south Length 62
12. Traditional Constraints of Main Entrance 64
13 Vaastu for Harmony 67
Cyclic Construction 70
Sequence and Order of Construction, Trishala and Dvishala, Extensions to South and West Zones, Case 1: Poorva Choolhas Construction, Case 2: Paschim Choolhas, Case 3: Uttar Choolhas, Case 4: Dakshin Choolhas
15. Case Studies 81
Cases of Loss of Young Son, Cases of Thefts, Cases of Accidents, Murders, Case Study of a Premature Death, World Trade Centre, Pentagon and Akshardham, Vaastu Report on Club Millennium, Juhu.
16. Cuts, Extensions and Effects 105
17. Practical Aspect of Vaastushastra Principles 111
18. Death Destruction and Demolition 115
Case Study, Case Study Analysed with the Help of Astro-Vaastu Method, Case Study Analysed on the Basis of Two-Stream Theory, Case Study Analysed on the Principle of Count Theory, Case Study
19. Essays on Vaastushastra 124
Virtues of Vaastu, Vaastushastra and Your Occupation, Eyes, Ears and Nose of Vaastu, Cosmic Protection of Vaastushastra, Sacred Zones of Vaastu, Effect of Sun Streams and Moon Streams, Froms of Energy, Helix of Vaastushastra
20. Five Hundred Remedies 146
Twenty –One Mahadosha (Severe Faults), Plot Asymmetries, House Asymmetries, Vithishula: Road Bordering, Wells, Bore wells and Under Ground Water Tanks, Extensions to Staircases, Slopes to West, South-west, South and South-east to Plot, Slopes to West, South-west, South and South east to Plot, Slopes to West, South-west, South and South-east to Roof, Three Doors or Entrance Passages Opening to South or West Directly
21. Vaastu-kundali (Ind-flying Stars) 196
Astro-Vaastu, Method of Analysis, Planets and Numbers, Accidents – Premature Deaths and Vaastu Kundli, Astro Principles, Event and Ind-Flying Stars Prediction, Case Student: Vaastu-Kundali
22. Fine tips of Vaastu 213
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