Dentistry in Ayurveda (Danta - Shastra)

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Author: Dr. V.B. Athavale
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 80 (B & W Figures: 11)
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Book Description


From the Jacket:
Ayurveda describes the structure and functions of teeth and gums. It describes various tooth pastes and how to select the tooth powder according to constitution and character of gums. It describes the various teething disorders and their treatment in detail. Ayurveda gives in detail the diet which is beneficial and harmful.

Ayurveda describes various congenital anomalites of teeth e.g. discoloured teeth, malocclusion of teeth, supernumerary teeth, injured teeth, tartar, erosion of enamel, tooth ache, caries of teeth, periodontosis, tumors of jaw bones and dislocation of temporomandibular joints. Ayurveda gives the treatment of these conditions.

Ayurveda describes gum disorders like hypertrophy or atrophy of gums, suppurative gingivitis necrotising ulcerative gingivostomatitis, alveolar abscess bleeding gums, tumors of gums and their treatment. It describes procedure for extracting the tooth.


About the Author:


Dr. V.B. Athavale M.B.B.S., D.C.H., M.D.(Paed), M.A.M.S., F.A.M.S., and Vaidyacharya is a renowned Paediatrician, and an eminent author who has several noteworthy achievements to his credit. He did his M.B.B.S. from Grant Medical College and Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals, both in Mumbai, stood first in D.C.H.(c.p.s.) 1956, and completed M.D. (Paed) in 1958.

He was offered the UNICEF Fellowship in 1965, when his paper was read during the International Paediatric Conference held at Tokyo. He was also chairman of the workshop on 'Herbal Medicine for Health for the developing Countries, which was held at Bangkok in the year 1981.

Dr. Athavale worked as a Honorary and Professor Head of Department of Paediatrician, L.T.M.G. Hospital, Sion, Mumbai during 1970 to 1990 and was recognized for his various accomplishments for which he has been bestowed with honours and awards, both National and International.

He has also authored more than a dozen books on Ayurveda, for which he has been conferred upon the International Award for the best author of Ayurvedic books in 1997

V. B. Athavale Research Foundation had been founded as a mark of respect and gratitude to Dr. Athavale when he retired after 30 years of selfless service as Hon. Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, L.T.M. Medical College and L.T.M.G. Hospital, Mumbai.


I am glad to being out this special issue of pediatric Clinics of India on the occasion of ‘International Congress of Dentistry’ held in Bombay. Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine literally means ‘Knowledge of life’. It includes art of living, science of health and philosophy of life. Though more than 5000 years old, it is by no means an outdated science. Even today, people of Indian think and live according to principles of Ayurveda. There are over hundred colleges all over the country, which teach Ayurveda in a systematic manner.

The close resemblance of the word Dantashastra and Dentistry suggests a strong possibility that the word Dentistry is derived from the word Dantashastra. Dentistry is one of the recognised sub-specialities of ‘Shalakya-tantra’ i.e. surgery of head and neck, which is one of the eight recognised specialities of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda literature, one finds reference of several textbooks of shalakyatantra (surgery of head and neck) namely Nimitantra, Videhatantra, Kankayana tantra, Gargya tantra, Galavatantra, Satyakitantra, Shounaka tantra and Kankayana tantra. These texts were named after the respective authors. In addition, one finds reference for Chakshushya tantra i.e. Ophthalmology and Karalatantra i.e. Science of irregular teeth or text book of Orthodontics. Unfortunately, these text books are not available and we are missing a lot of valuable information. It is surprising that even with the available literature, practically all the dental disorders mentioned today have been described in Ayurvedic texts. The principles of Ayurveda are based on sound scientific principles, which would remain as eternal truths. Ayurveda believes in treating the man as a whole. Hence Dentistry was specially taken up at post graduate level. Naturally, every ‘Dantashastrajnya’ i.e. Dentist was well versed with Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. As local measures and surgical treatment constitute important therapeutic measure, Dantashashtra was a surgical sub-speciality. Even today’s dentist styles himself as dental surgeon and not as a physician.

In this book, an attempt is made to dig out the golden mine of Ayurveda, so that this hidden wealth of knowledge can be easily digested, absorbed and utilised by the dentists all over the world. I sincerely hope that the modern dentists will utilise this knowledge for promoting the health and hygiene of teeth so that man can live a better life.





1. Ayurveda  
  Origin of Ayurveda and Dentistry 1
  Physiology and Pathology of Ayurveda


2. Danta  
  Normal teeth and gums 4
  Teeth and Tissues 5
  Functions of teeth


3. Dantaswasthyam - Health and Hygiene of Teeth 7
  Cleaning the teeth, Tooth brush 7
  Tooth Powder and tooth paste, Advantages of brushing 8
  Gargling of the mouth 9
  Types of gargling, contraindications 10
  Cleaning the tongue, 11
  Diet useful and harmful for gums, 11
  Diet useful and harmful for teeth


4. Danta-janma - Teething in children 15
  Disorders seen during eruption of teeth 15
  Treatment of Disorders associated with teething


5. Dantamoolaroga - Diseases of gums and roots of teeth 18
  Samvruta Danta - Hypertrophy of gums 19
  Vivruta Danta - Atrophy of gums 19
  Danta-Vaidarbha - Injury to the gums 20
  Adhimansa - Pericoronitis of wisdom teeth 21
  Dantaveshtha - Chronic suppurative gingivitis 21
  Upakusha - Recurrent Acute Suppurative gingivitis 23
  Sheetada - Chronic Suppurative Recessive gingivitis 25
  Soushira - Suppurative Periodontitis 27
  Mahasoushira - Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivo-Stomatitis 29
  Paridara - Chronic Atrophic Gingivitis 29
  Dantanadivrana - Alveolar Abscess with Sinus 30
  Dantapupputaka - Periodontal Abscess 32
  Dantavidradhi - Alveolar abscess 33
  Dantamansarbuda - Tumors of the gums 35
  Dantamanasasruk - Bleeding from gums 36
  Diet useful in bleeding disorders


6. Dantaroga  
  Classification of diseases of teeth 39
  Danta-Vikrutayah - Anomalies of teeth 40
  Karala i.e. Malocclusion 41
  Adhidanta i.e. Supernumerary teeth 41
  Shyavadantaka - Discolouration of teeth 41
  Abhighataja Dantaroga - Traumatic Diseases of teeth 42
        Danta Bhanga - Dantabheda 42
        Hanumoksha 42
  Dislocation of tempero-mandibular joint 42
  Dantasharkara - Dental Tartar 43
  Kapalika - Tartar with erosion of enamel 44
  Dantashoola - Tooth ache 45
  Dalana or Sheeta Danta-Enamel erosion with hypersensitivity to cold items 48
  Dantaarsha - Enamel erosion 49
  Krumidanta - Dental caries 50
  Treatment of complications of Krumidanta 51
  Treatment of pain associated with Dental caries 51
  Bhanjanaka - Pathological fracture of teeth 53
  Chaladanta or Dantashaithilya - Periodontosis 54
  Ashtiarbuda - Tumors of the bone 57
  Dantashabda and Dantakadkadi - Chattering of teeth-Bruxism


7. Chikitsasutrani - Principles of treatment 59
  Dantamansachchedana - Gingivectomy


8. Dantaroganam oushadhani - Drugs and Recipes 64
  Specific Symptoms and drugs


9. Dantodharanam - Extraction of the tooth 73
  Preparation of tooth extraction 73
  Process of tooth extraction 73
  Complication of tooth extraction


10. Adarsha Dantavaidya - Ideal Dentist 75


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