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The Dhvanyaloka and Its Critics

The Dhvanyaloka and Its Critics

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Author: Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy
Publisher: Bharatiya Book Corporation
Language: English & Sanskrit
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788185122779
Pages: 370
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About The Author

Dr. K. Krishna Moorthy We have here for the first time a fairly thorough, critical and systematic exposition of a difficult and highly important text in almost all its aspects and bearings, and as such the attempt certainly deserves encouragement. The author shows a good knowledge of Sanskrit Poetics in addition to specialised knowledge of the text he studies, a sound grasp of the fundamental problems, and no little skill in the presentation and controlling of evidence. The present work, The Dhvanyaloka and Its Critics supplies, in the words of Dr. S.C. Nandimath, M.A., Ph.D. (London), "a long felt need in studying the Dhavani School. It presents a thorough and systematic exposition and covers all important points about the School and its principal exponent Anandavardhana," In the words of the same scholar it is the product of a "prolonged, deep and devoted study of the Alankara Sastra."


This is substantially the text of a thesis submitted submitted by me in 1946 to the University of Bombay for the degree of ph. D. in Sanskrit. It is a result of my independent study and I was awarded the degree in 1947. I was also permitted by the University to publish the work.

During the period 1947-1952, I published most of the chapters in several research journals as per the suggestions of the late Prof. M. Hiriyanna. As expected, there were some reactions from scholars, the most remarkable one being from Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. P.V. Kane in his second edition of the History of Alaitharaastra.

I have thoroughly revised and abridged my original thesis now in the light of the suggestions made by the learned referees appointed by the Bombay University and other scholars. I have added fresh material in the chapter on Authorship of karika and vrtti and to meet the points newly raised by Dr. Kane.

The aim c f the thesis is to set forth the theory of dhvani in all its bearings. Anandavardhana's Dhvanyaloka, the locus classicus of Sanskrit Poetics, has been studies hear both in retrospect and prospect. An attempt has been made to give a complete sketch of the theory of dhvani as outlined in the Dhvanyaloka with some reference to the sources from which it is derived and in relation to the rhetorical tenets then prevalent. A survey of the controversy started by the new theory in the history of Sanskrit Poetics is included and some parallels in modern thought on the subject are indicated at the end.

This is a revised and corrected reprint. I am thankful to M/s Bharatiya Book Corporation, Delhi for bringing it out so elegantly.

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