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Early Madhyamika in India and China

Early Madhyamika in India and China
Item Code: IDC192
Author: Richard H. Robinson
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1978
ISBN: 0896840387
Pages: 358
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
About the Book:

This book gives a descriptive analysis of specific Madhyamika texts. It compares the ideology of Kumarajiva (a translator of the four Madhyamika treatises 400 A.D.) with the ideologies of the three Chinese contemporaries - HuiYuan, Seng-Jui and Seng-Chao. It envisages an intercultural transmission of religious and philosophical ideas from India to China

In eight chapters along with 10 documents it details the philosophy, ideology, comparison, 'the Lineage of the old Treatise Sect' and 'the Chief Idea of the Mahayana.'



List of Abbreviations

  1. Questions and Method
  2. Early Indian Madhyamika
  3. Kumarajiva
  4. Hui-yuan
  5. Seng-Jui
  6. Seng-Chao
  7. General Conclusions
  8. Epilogue: The Lineage of the Old Three Treatise Sect

Document 1 Astasahasrika Passages that Parallel the Middle Stanzas
Document 2 The Chief Ideas of the Mahayana
        Part I: The Four Marks
        Part II: Suchness, Dharma-nature, and Reality-limit
        Part III: Existence of Real Dharmas
        Part IV: The Emptiness of Division into Parts
Document 3 Spirit Does Not Perish
Document 4 Preface to the Abridged Great Perfection of Wisdom Treatise
Document 5 Preface to the Middle Treatise
Document 6 Preface to the Twelve Topic Treatise
Document 7 Preface to the Hundred Treatise
Document 8 Prajna Has No Knowing
Document 9 Emptiness of the Non-Absolute
Document 10 Things Do Not Shift




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