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Enlightenment Beyond Traditions (The Complete Inner Map of Spiritual Awakening)

Enlightenment Beyond Traditions (The Complete Inner Map of Spiritual Awakening)
Item Code: IDD417
Author: Aziz Kristof and Houman Emami
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 812081651X
Pages: 211
Cover: HardCover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book:

Enlightenment Beyond Traditions is a unique and revolutionary book. Through this book has been channeled the light of Pure Understanding that brings us to the spiritual wholeness. With an exceptional precision, it leads us through the complex and dangerous realm of awakening, where so many got lost. This book is truly beyond traditions, that is, beyond the past knowledge. The vision of Enlightenment which it presents is multidimensional, embracing doubtlessly, the eternal paradox of Being and Becoming; the human and the eternal. Here the ancient ideal of liberation is itself transcended within the awakening of the Soul, who reaches her final destiny: Divinity.

In this New Understanding, the evolution into the Ultimate Peace and awakening to the Heart are seen clearly as belonging to different planes of experience, being met, however, within the complete human being. The crucial message of this book is the positive role of the Me, which is the mysterious subject behind all experience. It is no longer denied, but on the contrary, seen as the only vehicle through which the Universal I AM journeys in the human dimension towards Its own light.

About the Author:

AZIZ has followed the path of Self-realization according to the Buddhist as well as the Hindu Traditions, practicing for many years in Korea, Japan, Thailand and India. He completed his spiritual journey fully, reaching the traditional Enlightenment. However, it was the miraculous meeting with his Soul-brother: Houman, that opened the gate of Grace, through which the Beyond entered into their lives, transforming them completely. The spirit of Guidance has taken them into the dimension of Understanding, beyond the totality of human knowledge. Their Souls, longing for true clarity and freedom of intelligence, in their unity, have been uplifted to the Other Shore of the Universal I AM.

Houman dedicated his entire life to the spiritual search. His heart was always full of deep longing for becoming one with the Divine. He has studied many teachings, being particularly close to the path of Sufism and Advaita Vedanta. His quest for the truth couldn't be however fully satisfied within the frame of traditional teachings, for his soul was too vast. Meeting with his beloved spiritual brother, AZIZ and the spirit of Guidance, brought a radical acceleration to his inner evolution towards completion. He has reached at last that which is the only true goal of spiritual path: pure rest within the Heart of the Creation.


    The Revelation from the Beyond
    The Vision of this Book
    The Map of Awakening

I. Realm of the Inner
    Toward the Presence
    Toward the Unborn
    The Presence and the Absolute
    Beyond Vipassana
    Mindfulness: Of What?
    Here and Now
    Are Koans the Universal Language of Enlightment?
    Reaching the Absolute Rest
    Three Pillars of Reaching the Absolute State
    The Recognition of the Absolute
    The Truth Meaning of Emptiness
    Mystical State
    Oneness and Non-separation
II. Realm of the Human
    Being Human
    Free Will
    The Role of Ego
    The Fifth Noble Truth: The Purpose of Suffering
    Misconceptions About Enlightenment
III. Realm of the Divine
    The Pitfall of Enlightenment
    Beyond Enlightenment
    The Soul: Our True Identity
    The Journey to Our True Identity
    The Beloved
    Desirelessness and the Soul-Desire
    The Soul and the Absolute
    The Suffering of the Soul
    The Soul and the Beloved: Unity and Separation
    Will and Grace
    Enlightnment to the Heart
    Buddha Mind and Christ Consciousness
IV. Realm of the Wholeness
    Rest Within and Know That - I Am
    Samadhi: The Absence of Me?
    Me in "Non-duality"
    Intelligence: The Power of Recognition
    The Final Revelation About Me
    Enlightenment to Me
    The State of Ignorance
    Transcending Ignorance
    The Awakening of the I Am
    Verification of Attainment: The Seeker's Goal
    The Last Word

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