Essays in Language Testing (Tamil)
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Essays in Language Testing (Tamil)

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Item Code: MZO361
Author: M. Balakumar
Publisher: Central Institute Of Indian Languages, Mysore
Language: Tamil
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788173431487
Pages: 150
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Teaching, learning and evaluation are the three important activities of educational. system and they are independent as well as interdependent activities. For the system to be more effective all the activities should be given equal importance. The ineffectiveness of any one of these will affect the system inexplicably. But the first two are, to a greater extent, emphasized in the educational system. Evaluation, as such, is not cared enough not only in language education but in other studies also. In fact, the process and product are very much important as far as evaluation is concerned. Apart from these two factors, namely, process and product, the ultimate objective of language education is to scientifically and systematically evaluate the competence and performance of the learners.

The National Testing Service-India established in the Central Institute of Indian Languages to cater to the successful pedagogical needs of scientific and systematic teaching, learning and evaluation in different levels of language education has three primary objectives, namely, (i) creation of nationwide consensus and awareness about concrete methods and purposes of evaluation, (ii) production of basic reference materials and (iii) development of training human resources in this area. The NTS-India has been conducting orientation programmes for the teachers for the successful implementation of the stimulating research findings of the NTS and in the concepts of testing and evaluation and also in the preparation of question item writing.

The NTS-I has initiated the programmes to prepare the conceptual explanations of evaluation, language, literature aspects and other related fields with suitable illustrations in all the Indian languages. Developing scales and other testing tools to determine overall competence of students in language and literature is one of the main objectives of the National Testing Service. The work has been initially started in Hindi, Tamil and Urdu and now extended to Assamese, Nepali, Oriya and Maithili. It will be extended to other Indian languages also in the near future.

7 The NTS has already published the conceptual explanations of evaluation in Hindi, Urdu and Kannada. A similar material is under way in Oriya, Maithili, Assamese and Tamil.

The NTS has done significant progress and produced 15 books so far. This is 16'" publication and third in Tamil series. The material comprises essays on language testing in Tamil. Dr. M. Balakumar, Officer-In-charge, NTS-I deserves appreciation for this achievement.

This material will be proved to be useful for the scholars active in the fields of teaching, learning, evaluation, development of syllabi and text book preparation and other allied areas especially in Tamil Education.

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