The Essence of Numerology

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Author: P.Khurrana
Publisher: Rupa.Co
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788129113207
Pages: 202
Cover: Paperback
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About The Book

Numerology has rationally been use to determine one's nature and direction of life. The author underlines that each number represents a different character: the capacity for love, intelligence, work, emotions and expressions. The numbers can affect the way one thinks and behaves when one is in association with persons of different numbers. It can also provide you with fascinating information about the complete characteristics of others.

Though the book, The Essence of Numerology, is not a complete manual on numerology, it gives lay readers a chance to understand the role of his/her date of birth in their lives. The book contains all the necessary information pertaining to career, health, travel, love, relationship, respective mantras, gems, lucky days and colours. This book is definitely a must- have. for people keen to get acquainted with numerology.

About The Author

P. KHURRANA has pursued the science of astrology, mantrism, vaastu, numerology and tarot reading with great passion. He is a columnist and author whose work has been acknowledged worldwide. A devotee of Lord Shiva, he features in an astro- based programme on Zee TV Punjabi, Sitarre Ki Kehnde Ne. An advisor too many VIPS, actors and big business tycoons, he is often sought during the mahurat of films in Bollywood.


The science of numbers or numerology is a fascinating and intriguing study. It predicts the future and one's personality using the foundation of numbers. As per the beliefs of many numerologists, the study of numbers has its philosophy, its alphabets, its language and all its terminology founded on the birth date and name of the individual. Numerology is a heavenly subject; a universal law consists of nine numbers ie, 1 to 9 which affect one and shape one's future. It stands majestically on its own principles, whether one calls it fiction or mystic theory. Numerology has been rationally used to determine one's nature and the direction of one's life. Each number represents a different character-the capacity for love, intelligence, work emotions and expressions.

One's birth number represents the complete character of a person. For example, a person born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month shows originality, energy, enthusiasm, brilliance and intellectual characteristics. Number 1 symbolises the Sun which rules will power and ego. It is the core of one's potential and uniqueness as an individual.

One's birth number represents the main direction and focus one wants one's life to take and one's determination to accomplish what one sets out to do. It represents one's personal honesty and integrity, one's ability to command respect and authority, and one's capacity to impress and influence others.

In astrology, in order to gain a detailed insight into one's personality, a 'natal' horoscope or birth chart, is necessary. So a professional astrologer takes into account the position of all these 'planets' in the birth chart in a personal consultation, using only the time, date and place of birth. Similarly, numerology has greater accuracy which focuses on one's character, problems, and forecasts one's future choices and best and timely solutions to problems. It has many things to reveal about one's personality.

Most readers are wary of number 8 ie, Saturn. It is believed to be the number of death and destruction. But I take the opportunity to disagree with others numerologists. My research reveals that 8 is a number of truth and sacrifice and this was given to Lord Jesus Christ in His role as the redeemer of the world. This number reflects a deep and intense nature. It includes great strength and individuality, but is normally misunderstood. However, every number has its vices and virtues, but they vary from individual to individual. For example, number 2 is lucky for me, but is not necessary lucky for other individuals. This has been the case for every number, which has different mystic relations with every individual.

Numbers can affect the way one thinks and behaves when one associaties with another person. It can also provide one with fascinating information about complete characteristics of others. When one meets someone to whom one is attracted, numerology can provide one with a valuable insight into his or her personality. It may even reveal unattractive characteristics that one's prospective partner is trying to conceal.

Though the book is not a complete manual on numerology it is my sincere attempt to give lay readers a chance to understand the role of their date of birth in the lives. The book contains a the necessary information pertaining to career, health, foreign travel; love and relationships, respective mantras, gems, luc1 days, and coolers. The book is a boon to people keen on getting acquainted with Numerology. They need not depend on any hearsay rules or come to wrong conclusions. The practitioner or the amateur can both profit from reading the book and w get many conceptions of the subject cleared. Every person influenced by his 'destiny number', which tends to be a path 1 one's inner self. Let the 'destiny number' be one's guiding force and I am certain that one will become focused and strong, ar this would lead to a complete change for the better as far;


Ever since man stepped out of the cave, he has had a natural instinct to wonder about what is going to happen to him in the future. Throughout history, there has been no dearth of people; some gifted with special talents, other mere shysters who have been willing to cater to this natural fascination. And one of the many methods has been divination. And one of the. many methods of divination used, has been numerology.

Lets get it straight; astrology is one thing and witchcraft is another. Similarly palmistry, phrenology, tasseography and spiritualism are totally separate. Of course, it is possible to study, combine and apply any or all of these occult subjects. Indeed, there are many forthright and talented fortune tellers, but the science of numbers is profound enough to demand serious attention..

Though numerology does not 'tell fortunes' in the popular sense, if is properly used, it offers us a chance to understand our own motivations better and can •indicate certain cyclical trends which might affect us in the-future.

Numerology is one of the oldest disciplines, and men of wisdom, intelligence and distinction have long confounded skeptics by attesting their high regard for its principles. May I leave it, then, to a few of these to tempt you further.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men. Sir Francis Bacon: The natures and dispositions of men are, not without truth, distinguished from the predominance of the planets & numbers.

John Ruskin: The greatness or smallness of man is, in the most conclusive sense, determined for him at his birth.

Today, there are equally distinguished scientists as well as leading doctors, psychologists and academics who accept the value of numerology.

Numerology is a difficult, but a very interesting science, which requires devoted study in order to make use of it in the service of mankind.

One should not deny numerology because of one numerologist's wrong predictions; any more than one denies medicine because one doctor makes a mistake in a diagnosis.

Both are empirical sciences which should only be practiced by competent people.

The incompetence in the first case merely makes one smile, in the latter; it may lead to a fatal mistake.

I am not the first, and I shall certainly not be the last, to make this exciting journey. Some of my discoveries one will find in this book, and if they tempt one to venture further than to treat the basic sun sign characteristics as fodder for parlour games, if they help one understand how the lessons of astrology may be turned to one's advantage, then perhaps, I will have succeeded in passing on a fascination for this most ancient science.

Five of our greatest scientists and astronomers, each hailed as a genius, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Tycho Brahe, Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei WN~ also astrologers.

Today there are equally distinguished scientists as well as leading doctors, psychologists and academics who accept the value of astrology. The list of important contemporary figures is endless, but special mention must be made of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Dr Jung not only believed that astrology has repeatedly led us back to the knowledge that character and destiny are dependent upon certain moments in time, but declared that it represented the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.


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Numbers and their Significance55
Numbers and Days63
Numbers and Months79
The Power of Alphabets AZ105
Psychoanalysis of Names115
Calculation of Your Destiny Number121
Octaves of Numbers 1 -9127
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