Fitness Simplified: Smart Mantras to Staying Fit

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Author: Col. Sahaj Kumar Sah
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788120747814
Pages: 126
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Book

This book brings an army man’s expertise on physical fitness to the realm of the layman. It is not a fast track route to washboard abs. it goes much deeper and addresses the whys and hows of fitness.

It addresses the basic problems faced by every fitness aspirant right breathing right regimen, right food, right rest, and most of all the will to continue. It shows that fitness is not all about weights and high protein diets but about understanding one’s own body and mind and bringing about an increases level of alertness and agility in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.

The text is interspersed with personal anecdotes and enhanced by clear cut illustrations that leave no room for mistakes. The chapters flow into each other with an easy fluidity and make for a pleasant read.


About the Author

Born in 1967 the author joined the national Defense Academy in 1984 as a cadet and was commissioned as an officer in the Indian army in 1987.

As a cadet he excelled in boxing and in physical training. As an officer he has served with the corps of Engineers the Assam Rifles and in the special forces where he has also been intimately involved with training and selection. During the course of his career he has had a varied operational experience including that in Sri Lanka, Jammu and Kashmir and in the North Eastern States.

He is a keen outdoorsman and his interests include trekking archery and skydiving. He continues serving in the Indian army.



Physical fitness affects all aspects of our lives. Most of us do realize that. Most of us have also at one time or the other in one way or the other made efforts to improve upon our physical fitness. But unfortunately few of us are able to give as much time and commitment to keeping in shape as we would like to. Why that is so can be answered only by each one of us ourselves.

A majority of us tend to have a perception of physical fitness that comes packaged in images of toned, tanned, muscular bodies that bear down upon us from billboards and media screens. Unusually as instant karma we tend to follow the physical regimens and workouts with a view to transform ourselves into these images. But when we factor in the constraints of occupation are often unrealistic to follow in the real world. As a result a lot of us either lose heart or tend to discontinue these programs.

Fitness however is not confined to these images we set for ourselves. Fitness has many facets both physiological and psychological. It can be of many types. A marathon runner may be considered fit so also a yoga practitioner a Karate black belt or a football star. Understanding what kind of fitness works for us is the key towards improving our abilities in our chosen fields.

If we want to make the most of what life has to offer us we owe it to ourselves to keep our physical faculties as efficient as possible. But only if we enjoy the process are we likely to stick to any fitness regimen.

The pages in this book are not a step by step guide or a means towards fast track fitness. They are to enable you to take a holistic view of its various facets. If in the years ahead you are better off for this awareness this book would have achieved its aim.




  Preface vii
I The Initiation 1
II Fitness what lies Beneath 5
III Strength and Endurance a perspective 10
IV Breath is life 17
V If Pays to be Flexible 24
VI A Regimen for the Heart 30
VII Strength is Important 40
VIII Rest is a Weapon 51
IX You are what you eat 67
X Will power and Determination 78
XI Fitness away from Home 83
XII Looking Feeling Being 111
XIII To Each his own 115

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