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Glimpses of Bhaktimala (Part-IV)

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Author: Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji
Translated by Smt. Parimala Eshwarla Sm
Publisher: Raga Ragini Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2013
Pages: 364
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

At the outset, I offer my pranams at the lotus feet of my sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda Swamiji.

This book contains the English translation of His speeches from Telugu Bhaktimala pertaining to the period 1978/79 (the first Telugu Bhaktimala) to Sep 1993. The translation of speeches from the Bhaktimala Oct 1993 up to 2008 was earlier released under the title “Glimpses of Bhaktimala Vol. 1 & 2 “.

To a Datta devotee, the beauty and the essence contained in the Speeches given by him Holiness need no introduction. In his own lucid and wonderful style, He easily communicates complex subjects such that they hold on tightly our mind and heart. He creates in us in interest to listen to them time and again. As we read his speeches repeatedly, a desire to change for the better, a desire to inculcate those characteristics & taints that are deeply loved by Him, crops up in us. We cherish his speeches!

This book is a collection of many such wonderful treasures. They contain infinite gems spread across the entire book. Pick any page from his speeches and read, you are undoubtedly going to find at least one lesson to be learnt, if not more. From within this treasure of speeches, the significance of a Guru in a person’s life, the power contained in Guru’s gaze how he shifts us from our present path to the path that leads to God, Guru’s treatment process and many more critical lessons.

‘You are all the plans in my garden: I am gardener who nurtures and cares for you. I pull out all the thorns and weeds and make sure that you will, one day, blossom with many beautiful flowers’ – says Appaji In one speech. How fortunate are we that he has selected us as plants within his garden! How much effort he is putting in so as to reform us!

Translation of these speeches was a wonderful experience that had in it many ups and downs so that I could learn a few lesson in life. Firstly, the translation itself went at a dismally slow pace, no matter how hard I tried. After working on this for over a couple of years, I finally submitted the entire draft to Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji (Bala Swamiji) in Oct 2010. I did not however receive the permission to publish it, until about this book would come up during m meetings with Sri Bala Swamiji. Although I was eager to share this treasure with everyone, I never wanted to hurry Him up. ‘Swamiji, let it happen per your will’- and not our will. Had I hurried him up, I would have missed out on all the wonderful lessons, including the most important one – ‘patience’, that were in store for me.

Towards the end of April 2013, one day after the Srichakra puja, Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertah Swamiji expressed his wish that these speeches should be brought out in a book format.

‘We are all instruments in the hands of our Sadguru’ – says Appaji, I find this quotation very touching, it is his energy, his grace and compassion and his blessings that this book could ever get completed. I offer my wholehearted Pranams to him for showering this grace.

When I was hunting for Telugu Bhaktimalas of 1970’s and 1980’s, I realized that it was almost impossible to find them. We reached out to many devotees who had subscribed to Bhaktimala in those days, but were not successful. We them spoke to Dr. Kolli Krishnakumari aunty of Vijayawada, who has been zealously safeguarding these treasures. She was very kind to allow me to keep them form over two years. Thank you aunty!

I also want to thank Mr. Satyanarayana C Raju & family, Mr. K.S.R. Krishna Prasad & family for willingly coming forward and offering the financial seva, but for which this project would not have taken a book form.

I thank Srinivas and Kavita of Sachin graphics for the timely completion of the Printing.

This is just a small attempt at translation, many speeches on the similar topics have been grouped under one single heading for easy understanding. As far as possible I have tried to retain the original essence as is during translation. Yet some errors could have crept in. I beg Appaji to forgive me for any such mistakes I may have inadvertently made in this.

I wish to submit this book at the lotus feet of Sri Appaji.


Swamiji treats devotees and non-devotees equally 1
I search for devotees who have been related to me earlier 4
Types of devotees 7
Attitude towards Sadguru 11
Does a person become a saint merely by wearing ochre robes? 15
Participating in religious/spiritual activities is purely to uplift yourself 18
Do not follow a Sadguru merelyfor fulfilling your desire'S 23
Satsangs and good associations can alter your life 28
Nama Japa can redeem even sinners 32
The diverse ways of praying to the Lord are all various ways to increse our concentration 36
Seek the energy to tide over difficulties 40
Yesterday's thoughts should notbe remembered today 45
Every home should be an abode of spiritual knowledge 50
Truth leads to liberation 52
Self-centeredness has become deep rooted in man 55
Illusion and ignorance 62
The person who acts out of ego is a fool 66
Give up caste differences 69
Wealth is also an intoxicating substance 72
Even seemingly trivial desires need to be given up 75
Postponing tasks is also laziness 79
Live in the present 82
The powerful language of vibrations 87
Swamiji .. .I seek Jnana 93
Learn to spend a few minutes with God every day 98
Disciplines for Datta devotees 101
Simple steps to lead a happy life 104
Do not trade with God 108
Perform meritorious deeds with full involvement 111
Carry with you the good habits that you have learnt at the ashram 116
Noble people help others without any expectations 121
Develop a broad outlook 125
Accept punishments for your mistakes 126
Significance of conducting house-warming celebrations 132
Temporary detachments 136
Times of happiness and times of sorrows 143
This visible world is a training ground 147
A change for the good should envelop the entire universe 149
Friendship with Sadguru is of no use if there is no change for the good 151
Which boon should be sought from the Lord? 153
Bless me so as to be born along with You, my Lord 155
Value of Prasada received 157
My methods are different from those of others 159
Appointment with God 164
Seva 167
Services or charity offered should always be to the best of ability 174
Message for the disabled 176
General Speeches  
Who are our elders? 178
Learn to scientifically analyze our scriptures 180
Significance of lighting the Kartika Deepa 187
Significance behind applying holy ash (Vibhooti) 195
Significance of Brahmi muhurtam 201
The greatness of the three sandhya times (Trisandhya mahima) 205
Cleanliness- Purity 208
Significance of holy water (teertha) 211
Our herbs 215
Value of the copper bracelet 218
What is himsa? (injury) 219
Essence of Mahabharata 224
Greatness of earth 230
Essence of Gayatri 233
Time teaches us about Brahma (Kaalatreya bodhitam Brahma) 235
History of the Ashram 237
Life in Ashram 240
Food is Brahma (annam-brahma) 243
Practise of dharma (righteousness) 246
Food for every being is pre-arranged by the Almighty. 251
Specialities in God's creation 254
The essence of the game 'snakes and ladders' 256
Saamuhika archana (mass worship) 258
Recitation of the mantra (mantra japa) 261
Dhwani (sound) is also a form of the Almighty 264
Jnana tapas. 266
KarmaYoga 269
Contemplating on the Paramatma (Paramatma dhyana) 273
Introduction to the self 276
The energy of God 280
How can the microcosm understand the macrocosm? 284
Importance of a stable mind. 288
Significance of our teeth. 290
The significance of colours 293
Greatness of silence 295
Saligramas and precious stones 298
Idols are installed as per Agama shastra 299
Datta Darshanarn-Objective behind the movie 304
How to offer prayer? 309
What is good fortune? 312
Pushkara or Kumbh mela 316
Role of a woman 321
The New Year should begin with activities related to dharma 323
Laughter (haasya) 330
Our enemies 334


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