Hands - On (Ideas and Activites)
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Hands - On (Ideas and Activites)

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Author: Arvind Gupta
Publisher: Vigyan Prasar
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788174801180
Pages: 130 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 11.0 inch X 8.5 inch
Weight 380 gm
About the Book

HANDS-ON is a collation of some interesting activities - geometry by paper folding, toys, tangrams, pumps, caps" experiments, and simple science models. More than one thousand line drawings illustrate the text. This book shows possibilities of doing science with simple things. The ability to lmprovise experiments with almost zero-cost, holds great promise in this resource-starved country. The message is loud and clear -school kids can do good science with little money and resources. Newspapers make great caps. Origami - paper folding is a wonderful way to learn practical geometry. Film-roll cans, mineral water bottles, rubber slippers, crown caps make lovely action toys. Making patterns out of tangrams, seeds, stones, leaves, and thumbprints, apart from being fun are deeply creative and satisfying activities.

The great pioneers of science did their work with simple equipment: It is possible to follow their footsteps and do scientific thinking without much expensive and elaborate apparatus. After all, the student's mind is the most precious piece of equipment involved.

The book has activities interspersed with inspiring stories on education, peace, environment and mathematics. Stories like The Man Who Planted Trees, The Giving Tree, School of Barbiana, The Man Who Loved Numbers, Danger School! The Bull Who Loved the Smell of Flowers and Dalai Lama's words of wisdom will have their magical effect on you.


About the Author

ARVIND GUPTA graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1975. He has written eleven books on science activities, translated over eighty books in Hindi and presented eighty-two films on science activities. His first book Matchstick Models & Other Science Experiments got translated in 12 Indian languages and sold over half a million copies. He has received several honours, including the inaugural National Award for Science Popularisation amongst Children (1988) and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT, Kanpur (2000) for making science .. interesting for children. Presently he is working in Pune at IUCAA's (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics) Children's Science Centre.

AVINASH DESHPANDE graduated from the JJ School of Art, Mumbai, He has been deeply involved with grassroots level movements.



The Publication Programme of Vigyan Prasar has taken shape in the last few years. Vigyan Prasar has brought out publications on a variety of topics of Science and Technology. Popular Science Classics, India's Scientific Heritage, Natural History, Health and Do-It-Yourself are some of the series that have evolved over the years. Our emphasis has been on bringing out quality publications on various aspects of Science and Technology at affordable prices. Further, Vigyan Prasar is putting in efforts to bring out publications in major Indian languages for various target groups.

The present book, Hands On by Shri Arvind Gupta, an expert on low cost learning/teaching aids and a reputed science communicator, is a collection of interesting activities- toy-making, origami, learning mathematics and making simple science models. The book demonstrates that one can do science with little money and resources. Some of the greatest scientists did their work with simple equipment. The book shows how one can create one's own resource for teaching science with practically zero cost. The activities presented in the book are sprinkled with inspiring stories on education, peace, environment and mathematics. This publication will not only be useful for students and teachers alike but also for anyone with a passion for innovative ideas.




1. Introduction 1
2. The height of it! 2
3. The paradox of our times 3
4. Thumbprints 4
5. The generous tree 6
6. Colour matching' Number matching' Word matching 7
7. Number pockets' Spelling fan' Flick knife 8
8. What is missing? , Part and whole' Jigsaw' Hacksaw 9
9. Smell well! 'Touch and tell 10
10. Mini movies' 3 - dimensional pictures 11
11. ABC of tangrams 12
12 Modelling materials' Papier mache , Cement' Glue 14
13. Papier mache , Friction toy, Display dress 15
14. Parrot's training 16
15. The man who loved numbers 18
16. How to reach the sun on a piece of paper' Upto 100 19
17. Square' Square from rectangle' Equilateral triangle' etc 20
18. Diamond' Cross' Octagon' Twelve-sided figure 21
19. Hexagon' Paper patterns 22
20. Six-pointed star' Five-pointed star' Tractor 23
21. Paper ball 24
22. Woven ball 25
23. Fun with seeds 26
24. Look at that! , The Blackboard Book 28
25. The never ending book 29
26. Kaleidoscope 30
27. Snowflake 'Invisible thread 31
28. Bablu's boat - A paper folding story 32
29. Thinking outside the box' Chinese verse 34
30. Flying cross' Self-opening envelope 35
31. Insect race 36
32. Origami plane' Picture magic 37
33. Paper cutting' Paper pricking' Drawing circles 38
34. Close packing I Tiny things I Angles of a triangle 39
35. Surface area of a sphere 40
36. Matchstick matching 41
37. Where we competed with ourselves 42
38. Solutions to cryptograms 43
39. Cryptograms 44
40 Tetrahedron puzzle I Inside-outside flexible box 45
41. Diagonal of a brick I Ellipse I Perimeter and area I etc 46
42. Number patterns with dots I Fun with broomsticks 47
43. Two-piece tetrahedron I Drawing without lifting the pencil 48
44. The man who planted hope and grew happiness 49
45. Square up! I Curves 50
46. Palindrome wow! I Jumping rubber band 51
47. From net to box I Biggest box 52
48. Experimenting with patterns 53
49. Learning from Gandhi 54
50. The bull who loved the smell of flowers 55
51. Flapping butterfly 56
52. Woven fish 57
53. Magic fan 58
54. Letter balance I Ray model 59
55. .Fun with stones 60
56. Press button switch I Dancing dolls I etc 62
57. Fun with drinking straws 63
58. Bottle been 64
59. Perplexing pencil 65
60. Water pump 66
61. Body bones and joints I etc 67
62. Morphing 68
63. Morphing (continued) I Flying fish 69
64. Printer's hat 70
65. Nehru cap 71
66. Dancing duo I Velcro grass animals 72
67. Booklet I Spiral bead 73
68. Climbing cat I poem 74
69. Jacob's ladder 75
70. School is a war against the poor! 76
71. The bossy teacher I A good teacher 77
72. Talking frog ... 78
73. Three-way picture 79
74. Marble mouse I Digital computer 80
75. Wrapper whistle I Soda cap organ I Paper alive 81
76. Special olympics 82
77. Balancing boy 83
78. Floating ball I Flip-book 84
79. Tumbling acrobat 85
80. Happy or sad I Funny money 86
81. The scientific method of problem solving 87
82. Mini planetariums (cardboard I umbrella I flask) 88
83. Starry-starry night I Model of digestive system 89
84. Dropping a string of marbles I A roundabout 90
85. Three days to see 91
86. Static electricity I Nail board 92
87. Static electricity experiments (continued) 93
88. Simple microscopes 94
89. How lenses magnify I Magnification I etc .. 95
90. Optical illusions 96
91. danger: School! 98
92. A magnetic spinner I Miscellaneous experiments 99
93. Hydraulic ram I Pendulums I Gears I Hovercraft 100
94. ~Sound I Roaring cup 101
95. Footsteps in the bag I Miscellaneous experiments 102
96. Magnet I Electro-magnet I Egg carton caterpillar 103
97. Rubber band enlargements I Pathfinder 104
98. Simple satellite models 105
99. Bicycle science (several experiments) 106
100. Balloon in a bottle I Miscellaneous experiments 107
101. A delicate balance I Miscellaneous experiments 108
102. Recycle! reuse! reduce! 109
103. Fun with leaves 110
104. How kind are we to our earth? 112
105. The great escape I Hand trap 114
106. Ring and string I Man climbing a tree 115
107. Simple solar still I Sketch pen secrets I Wired up dinos 116
108. Word pictures 117
109. 220-volt A.C. motor 118
110. References 119
111. Suggested books on education, science and maths 120
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