Hanuman (Chitralekha Singh Prem Nath)

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Author: Chitralekha Singh Prem Nath
Publisher: Crest Publishing House
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8124201749
Pages: 136 (37 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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Book Description
Back of the Book

Hanuman (Pavan Putr, Mahaveer, Bajrang, Hanumant, Maruti etel, through a minor deity, yet is one of the most popular deity in the front line of Hindu Gods & Goddesses. His role in the Ramayana is generally known, but his role in the Mahabharata, has also been conspicuously brought out in this book. The book reveals many facts not known to most of the people.

The book describes his various activities as a devotee, a warrior an emissary a spy in espionage a councilor and as an all time ally, always anxious to serve his Lord Rama.

Hanuman is the personified deity of many devotes seeking strength and power as the wrestles, Body builders etel; so various hymns and ritual to be adopted in his worship, fasts and festivals, have been described in good details. Various methods to obtain Siddhi (Supernatural powers perfection) have been elaborately described.

Hanuman’s wisdom knowledge intelligence skill diplomacy and selfless devotion, as depicted in various indents of his life, will be found interesting and an addition to the knowledge of the reader.

Ramayana, generally believed to the only scripture related to Hanuman is not the only scripture. The last chapter of the book clearly shows his active part in the Mahabharata (Kurushetra war).

The book will be of interest to the theosophists, yoga and Siddhi practitioners to the children for stories cultural heritage and to all others interested in Hindu mythology.

About the Author

Dr. (Mrs) Chitralekha Singh M.A. Ph.D; D Litt, is Dean of the faculty of Fine arts in Dr. B.R. Ambedker University Agra Director of university Lalit Kala Sansthan and is the head of the department of Drawing & painting in Agra collage Agra. She is the first women D. Litt in Drawing & painting and a nominated member among international who’s who of professional and business women. N, Carolina U.S.A.

About the Author

Shri Prem Nath B.Sc; L.L.B; F.R.S.T.M.& H, with academic career medicine science law is a prolific reader and a writer, who has an inborn love for Hindu mythology its indepth study history and is artistic representation in the background of literary scriptures with the Basic facts extracted from original translated works.


A true follower in service to his master (God), is the one who does what he is entrusted with to do and contented therefrom, waits for his master’s further orders. The follower adopts the same form (manifestation) physically and in behaviour as Is required by the work to be done for his master. GARUD (the vehicle of Visnu). In order to serve his lord transformed himself into a servant comrade vehicle, seat flag, moonlight or councilor as was required by the circumstances. Similarly HANUMAN with a view to serve Rama and to provide him comfort adopted many forms (as big as 100 yojans and as small as a thumb) and a served as an emissary a spy in espionage as a warrior a councilor a means of transport and an all time ally of Rama.

This small book gives brief description of many activities and hazardous tasks. Undertaken by Hanuman as a devotee of Rama as a friend in service of Sugreyv. Hanuman is generally known and worshipped for his strength and power. That’s why he is the personified god of most of the wrestling rings and the tribes. That Hanuman was as wise intelligent tactful diplomatic and skilful as he was strong powerful and courageous is little known. This book brings put various attributes of Hanuman. It is said, As RAMAYANA is incomplete without RAMA; so RAMAYANA cannot be complete without Hanuman.

Generally Hanuman is known in connection with Rama and RAMAYANA; but that he played a vital role in the MAHABHARTA, has been clearly proved in this book.

Our endeavour in writing this book has been to bring forth the description of Hanuman in his different forms and various aspects, his ferocious form being a RUDRA (siva) incarnation and his sublime for as a most obedient, reliable, sincere servant of Rama. His wisdom and knowledge is clearly shown by his sermon to Bhimsen of the MAHABHARTA.

Most of the books written on this minor deity Hanuman describe his various activities as based on the RAMAYANA, but there has been much more in other scriptures about Hanuman which we have tries to include in this handy book not only as a knowledge repeated but much more than that some other aspects which are commonly not known. The book is informative and instructive. We are sure the book will be found interesting and will be able to remove many wrong notions in the mind of some readers.

The matter contained in this book, is all based on Valmiki RAMAYANA, RAMCHARIT MANAS and other scriptures authenticated facts and mythology. Most of the illustrations are from unpublished material and sketches are based on text matter.

The book is the fourth in the series previous ones being GANESA, DURGA and SARASWATI. The response of the customers has given us the impetus to continue with series of one booklet on each God and Goddess.

We are so highly obliged to Shri S.C.Sethi, Director, Crest Publishing House (A Jaico Enterprise), for his discussions advice and continuous encouragement.

While thanking the reader for his study of this book we request him/her to inform us of any short comings of the book.


Animals because of their impressive vitality and festival or because of their dangerous strength are representatives of the Divine on earth. The bull, the cow the coco, the elephant the monkey or the snakes are themselves holy beings or are connected with the cults of certain gods. Gods are symbol of nature’s powers. As such they can counteract human expectation and reasoning. Uniqueness in not the postulate of the divine forms for a Hindu, but the capacity of assuming innumerable shapes representing innumerable natural qualities. All individual beings or souls are but emanations or manifestations of all embracing, ever productive principle of Brahma the super personal Nature. Gods, men animals or plants are thus interconnected as parts pf the whole. According to Vendanta Philosophy of Sankracharya, all of them (Gods men animals & plants) are but secondary and transitory evolutions from Brhma. They are among themselves and with regard to the highest principle (saatamaka), identical.

In Hindu mythology apes and monkeys are as intimately connected with the worship of Visnu as the bull is with that of Siva though the reverence for these animals probably preceded the full development of both Vaisnuism and Saivism. Indeed the idea of a close interconnection between gods, demons men and animals, dated back from the earliest times, and the hold which such ideas have gained on the Hindu mind is often illustrated in remarkable manner by present customs.

Deep reverence to monkey by Hindu is very old and original. Instinct in a general way is the mysterious exercise of certain powers and faculties of mind and the body in obedience to the laws of organized life without conscious will. The working of these powers in the lower animals may well excite amazement and admiration if not worship. A mother bird is said to have suddenly transformed by instinct into a very tigress ready to fight to defend her youngsters. This confirms the Hindu belief that the divine soul may occupy animal as well as men. If such is the case. He is more inclined to attach sacredness to a class of animals in whom, instinct almost impinges upon the domain of reason as in the case of Hanuman the Monkey God. As such the common Village Deity Hanuman, is worshipped in Southern, central and Northern India.

Just like the marriage of Tulsi Plant marrying a Male and a female Monkey, with all Paraphernalia, Pageant and expense as at the weddings of high caste human beings has also been told to have been performed in Bengal by a Certain raja.

The Ramayana shows a close relationship between human being and animals for the monkeys Hanuman is a great hero without whose help Rama could not have succeeded. Their relationship reflects the respect that the creators of Rama myths and legends felt for other living creatures.

Regarding the origin (creation) of Hanuman there are many opinions, difficult for one to arrive at a conclusion. However he is a deity, who is known and worshipped more for his heroic and wise deeds.


Page ON
Preface 6
1Introduction 9
2Importance; as a deity 17
3Worship, fasts festivals 23
4An Easy method of worship45
5Temples and Shrines 47
6Hanuman in fine arts 51
7Hanuman Some events59
8Hanuman an emissary 65
9Espionage and Hanuman 75
10Hanuman Surveys Lanka 81
11Havoc In Lanka 85
12The massage of Sita 89
13Bewildered Hanuman 103
14Hanuman Fights Siva105
15Different aspects of Hanuman 111
16Fun & Frolicks 117
17Hanuman in The Mahabharata 123
18Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot 135
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