Herbs for Beauty (Revealing Ayurvedic Treasures)
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Herbs for Beauty (Revealing Ayurvedic Treasures)

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Author: Dr. Prakash Paranjpe & Smita Paranjpe
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8170841496
Pages: 280
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.6"
weigth of the book is 190 gm
Weight 190 gm

From the Jacket:

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest system on the earth. It has passed through the experience of hundreds of years and millions of patients. It has its unique holistic approach in treating an individual.

People all over the world are aware of their beauty than ever before. Ayurveda views beauty as an expression of well-being and as an essence of perfect health. Herbs are the most gentle beauty aids and can do wonders when used discriminately. India has vast treasures of plants & Herbs for various beauty cares.

This book offers the basic concepts of Ayurveda and practical applications of herbs for enhancing beauty of all the body parts. It indeed reveals the numerous secrets of herbs to invoke the natural beauty.

About the Cover Photograph:

The Tree Goddess in the triple bend and axial torsion, in the well-defined delights of her body, and suggestiveness of her face, in which the single traits convey much, though sculpturally they count no more than her cumbrous ornaments and detailed coiffure, comes more than a thousand years after her embodiment in Sanchi. (Yakshi, from Gyaraspur, now Gwalior Fort, Archaeological Museum, Madhya Bharata, 10th Century, Height: 19.5 inches).

Recently, the facial expression of this sculpture had received higher appreciation than the famous painting of Monalisa, by the panel of International Archaeologists.

About the Author:

Dr. Prakash Paranjpe, graduated in Ayurveda B.A.M&S. from University of Pune, in 1974 and then secured M.B.B.S. degree from Nagpur University in 1981. Subsequently he did his Ph.D. from Open International University of Complimentary Medicine, Colombo in 1990. He is a practicing Ayurvedic Consultant for more than two decades, specializing in the treatment of acne and obesity. He is actively engaged in clinical research on various Ayurvedic drugs and herbs to combat, especially chronic diseases.

He has to his credit many research articles which have been published in various Indian and Foreign scientific journals. He has visited Italy and Germany couple of times to deliver lectures on Ayurveda and medicinal herbs. He has also pursued the full course in Italian language of Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, at Deccan College, Pune. He has traveled across the length and breadth of India to photograph various medicinal plants, in different seasons.

Dr. Paranjpe is founder member and director of Ayurveda Research Foundation, Pune, India. He is also director of S.K.A. Ayurveda, Milan, Italy. He is visiting professor of School of Health Sciences, University of Pune and member of the advisory board of "Holistic Healing" published by Indian Express Newspapers, Mumbai.

Smita Paranjpe is a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy, Pune. She is keenly interested in Pharmacognosy, Cosmeticology and is well acquainted with Ayurveda.

At present she is actively engaged with her father, Dr. Prakash Paranjpe, in designing herbal beauty aids and blending them with modern technology. She is genuinely interested in making application of Ayurvedic concepts with modern parameters. She is a member of Ayurveda Research Foundation, Pune, India.




Section 1  
Chapter 1: History and Philosophy  
History 3
Philosophy 4
Theory of Creation 5


Chapter 2: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda  
The Five Elements (Panchamahabhutas) 8
The Three Doshas (Tridosha) 10
Constitution (Prakriti) 13
Seven Body Tissues (Saptadhatus) 15
Subsidiary Tissues (Upadhatus) 16
Body Wastes (Malas) 17
Biological Fire (Agni) 18
Toxins (Ama) 20
Body Channels (Srotas) 21
Quintessence (Ojas) 24
Immunity (Vyadhikshamatva)


Chapter 3: Health and Life Style  
Health (Swasthya) 28
Daily Regimen (Dinacharya) 29
Seasonal Regimen (Rituchara) 36
Diet (Ahara) 45
Biopurification (Panchakarma) 51
Rejuvenation (Rasayana Therapy)


Section 2  
Chapter 4: Materia Medica  
Herbs : Introduction 63
Taste (Rasa) 64
Post Digestive Effect (Vipaka) 68
Potency (Virya) 68
Attributes (Guna) 69
Herbs (1 to 66)


  • Herbs for Rejuvenation

No. Sanskrit Name English Name Botanical Name  
1. Amalaki Indian Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica 77
2. Arjuna Arjuna Terminalia arjuna 79
3. Ashwagandha Winter Cherry Withania Somnifera 81
4. bala Country Mallow Sida cordifolia 83
5. Bhringaraja Beleric Myrobalan Terminalia belerica 85
6. Bibhitaka Trailing Eclipta Eclipta alba 87
7. Brahmi - Bacopa monieri 89
8. Guduchi - Tinospora cordifolia 91
9. Guggulu Indian Bedellium Commiphora mukul 93
10. Haridra Turmeric Curcuma longa 95
12. Jatamansi Indian Spikenard Nardostachys Jitamansi 99
13. Kumari Indian Aloe Aloe Indica 101
14. Nimba Margosa Azadirachta indica 103
15. Punarnava Hog Weed Boerhaavia diffusa 105
16. Rasona Garlic Allium sativum 107
17. Shalmali Silk Cotton Tree Bombax malabaricum 109
18. Shankhapushpi - Evolvulus alsinoides 111
19. Shatavari - Asparagus racemosus 113
20. Tila Sesame Sesamum indicum 115
21. Vacha Sweetflag Acorus calamus 117
22. Yashtimadhu Liquorice Glycyrrhiza glabra


  • Herbs for Skin and Hair


23. Amragandhi Haridra Mango ginger Curcuma amada 123
24. Bakuchi Babchi Psoralia corylifolia 125
25. Chandana White Sandalwood Santalum album 127
26. Daruharidra Indian Barberry Berberis aristata 129
27. Dhanyaka Coriander Coriandrum sativum 131
28. Durva Bermuda Grass Cynodon dactylon 133
29. Jatiphala Nutmeg Myristica fragrans 135
30. Kunkuma Saffron Crocus sativus 137
31. Kushtha Costus Sassurea lappa 139
32. Madayantika Henna Lawsonia inermis 141
33. Manjishtha Indian madder Rubia cordifolia 143
34. Methika Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-gracecum 145
35. Mushtaka Nutgrass Cyperus rotundus 147
36. Nagakeshara Cobra's Saffron Mesua ferrea 149
37. Narikela Cocunut Palm Cocus nucifera 151
38. Nili Indigo Indigeofera tinctoria 153
39. Nimbuka Lemon Citrus acida 155
40. Padmakashtha Birdcherry Prunus cirasoidus 157
41. Sariva Indian Sarsaparilla Hemidesmus indicus 159
42. Sarja Sal Tree Shorea robusta 161
43. Sarshapa Rape Seed Brassica campestris 163
44. Taruni Rose Rosa centifolia 165
45. Ushira Khus Vetiveria zizanioides


  • Herbs for Oral and Dental Care


46. Akshotaka Walnut Juglans regia 171
47. Apamarga Rough Chaff Achyranthes aspera 173
48. Babbula Indian Gumarebic Acacia arabica 175
49. Bakula Bakula Mimusops elengi 177
50. Bruhati Indian Nightshade Solanum indicum 179
51. Ela Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum 181
52. Irimeda Cassia flower Acacia farneciana 183
53. Kanchanara Variegated Bauhinia Bauhinia variegata 185
54. Kankola Cubeb Piper cubeba 187
55. Karanja Indian Beech Pongamia glabra 189
56. Karkatashrungi Nutgall Rhus succedania 191
57. Karpura Camphor Cinnamomum camphora 193
58. Khadira Cutch Tree Acacia catechu 195
59. Latakasturi Musk-mallow Hibiscus abelmoschus 197
60. Lavanga Clove Syzgium aromaticum 199
61. Lodhra Lodh Tree Symplocos racemosa 201
62. Mamsarohini Red Wood Tree Soymida febrifuga 203
63. Mayaphala Oak Galls Quercus infectoria 205
64. Shathi Long Zedoary Hedychium spicatum 207
65. Tejohva Toothache Tree Zanthoxylum alatum 209
66. Tvak Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum 211

Section 3


Chapter 5: Care of Body Parts


  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Mouth (Oral Health Care)
      Gum 245
      Teeth 246
      Tongue 252
      Bad Breath (Halitosis) 254
      Throat and Voice 254
  • Care of other Parts
      Nose 256
      Ears 257
      Eyes 258
      Hands 259
      Feet 260
      Nails 261

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