Herbs That Heal: Natural Remedies For Good Health

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Author: H.K. Bakhru
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8122201334
Pages: 240
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.2" X 4.8"
Weight 190 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
From the Jacket :

The Magic: Herbs act in almost magical and astonishing ways - spasms may relax, pains vanish, constipation overcome, nervousness recede, headaches disappear, colds be banished, allergies counteracted, fevers controlled, blood flow arrested...the magic is engless.

The Heritage: Since early Neanderthal man, plants and herbs have been used for healing purpose and maintaining good health. Even as medical science has progressed, methods and ideas based on herbal healing have sustained and grown in different countries, across different cultures, often being used in exactly the same way. Bitter chamomile, for instance, is used as digestive and throughout the world.

The Proof: Traditional herbal remedies have led scientists to the development of numerous 'modern' drugs; and aspirin, tranquilizers and chwanprash to heart saving digitalis, establishing beyond doubt the efficacy of 'herbal medicine'.

The book covers more than one hundred herbs, most of which are readily available (some even in your kitchen) or easily obtainable, and describes their specific healing properties, how the herb is useful in alleviating or preventing specific ailments, in most cases, the method of making and using herbal preparations is also explained. Index of ailments which can be treated by herbs makes the book specially useful.

About the Author :

H.K. Bakhru enjoys countrywide reputation as a nuturopath and popular writer. A member of the Nature Cure Practitioners' Guild, he has made extensive studies on herbs and natural methods of treating diseases. In recognition of his dedication and outstanding contribution in the fields of alternative medicine, he has been honoured with 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata.

His well-researched books on nature curd, nutrition, and herbs include Foods That Heal, Herbs That Heal, Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments, Health: The Natural Way, A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure, Diet Cure for Common Ailments, A Handbook of Natural Beauty, Nature Cure for Children's Diseases, and Natural Health for the Elderly. In addition, his articles on nature cure, helath, nutrition, and herbs appear regularly in newspapers and magazines.

He spends his retired life furthering the cause of nature cure and charitable activities under the auspices of D.H. Bakhru Foundation, a public charitable trust founded and funded by him. He can be contacted at Flat 602, Building 9, Indus Cooperative Housing Society, MHADA HIG Complex, Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400 053. Tel: 2639 8779, Fax: 639 8825.


Index of Diseases Which Responds to Herbal Treatment9

Healing Power and Curative Properties

Alfalfa, Alfalfa21
Aniseed, Velaiti Saunf23
Arjuna, Kahu25
Asafoetida, Hing27
Babul, Kikar30
Bael Fruit, Bel32
Bamboo, Bans35
Banyan, Bar37
Belleric Myroblan, Bahera39
Betel Leaves, Pan41
Bishop's Weed, Ajwain44
Black Nightshade, Makoy47
Butea, Palas49
Caraway Seeds, Siya Jeera51
Cardamom, Chhoti Elaichi53
Cassia, Amallas55
Castor Seeds, Arandi57
Celery, Ajwain-ka-Patta59
Chebulic Myroblan, Harad62
Chicory, Kasni65
Cinnamon, Dalchini67
Clove, Laung70
Coriander, Dhania72
Cumin Seeds, Jeera75
Curry Leaves, Curry patta77
Dandelion, Kukraundha79
Datura, Dhatura81
Dill, Sowa84
Ephedra, Asmania86
Fenugreek, Methi88
Garlic, Lahsoon92
Ginger, Adrak97
Henna, Mehndi100
Hog Weed, Punarnava102
Holi Basil, Tulsi104
Indian Gooseberry, Amla107
Indian Hemp, Bhang110
Indian Pennywort, Khulakudi112
Indian Sorrel, Amboti-ki-patti115
Indian Spikenard, Jataamansi117
Ispaghula, Ishabgul119
Kantakari, Kateli121
Liquorice, Mulethi123
Madhuca, Mahua125
Margosa, Neem127
Nutmeg, Jaiphal130
Onion, Piyaz132
Parsley, Prajmoda136
Peepal, Peepal139
Pepper, Kali Mirch141
Poppy Seeds, Khas-Khas143
Rauwolfia, Sarpagandha145
Rhubarb, Revant Chini147
Rough Chaff, Chirchita149
Sage, Sefakuss151
Sandalwood, Chandan154
Saussurea, Kuth156
Tamarind, Imli157
Trailing Eclipta, Bhangra159
Turmeric, Haldi162
Turpeth, Nisoth164
Vasaka, Adusa166
Watercress, Jal-kumbhi168
Winter Cherry, Akri170
Wood Apple, Kaith175

Healing Power and Curative Properties

Ash Gourd, Petha179
Asoka, Ashoka180
Bay Berry, Kaiphala182
Bitter Chamomile, babunath183
Bloodword, Rojmari185
Calamus, Bach186
Chalmogra, Garudphal188
Chirayata, Chirayata189
Colchicum, Hirantutiya190
Devils Tree, Saitan-ka-jhad192
Digitalis, Tilpushpi193
East Indian Rosebay, Chandi194
Euphorbia, Lal Dudhi196
Fennel, Saunf198
Gokulakanta, Gokhulakanta199
Hermal, Hermal201
Hyssop, Zufah Yabis202
Indian Acalypha, Khokali204
Indian Aloe, Ghee Kanvar205
Indian Barberry, Rasaut207
Indian Mallow, Kanghi208
Indian Podophylium, Papri210
Indian Sarsaparilla, Anantmul211
Indian Senna, Bhumiari212
Indian Squill, Jungli Piyaz214
Jaundice Berry, Ambarbaris215
Leadwort, Chitra216
Lemon Balm, Bililotan218
Lemon Grass, Gandhatrana219
Linseed, Alsi220
Marigold, Zergul222
Marjoram, Marwa223
Parslane, Kulfa225
Pergularia, Sadorani226
Picrorhiza, Kutki228
Saffron, Kesar230
Snake Gourd, Chachinga231
Tenner's Cassia, Tarwar232
Wormwood, Asfsanthin234
Valerian, Jalakan235
Zizyphus, Ber237

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