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How to Cast Off The Evil-Eye With Mustard Seeds, Coconut, Etc? (Includes Spiritual Analysis of Evil-Eye)

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Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9789381746288
Pages: 115 (15 B/W & 6 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Mrs. Anjali Mukul Gadgil
In 2000, Mrs. Anjali Gadgil started practicing Spirituality under the guidance of Sanatan anstha. She has recorded the Audio CDs on 'Correct method of chanting the Name of Deities' (available in 9 Volumes) and 'Arti-sangrah' (Collection of Artis) according to the Nad-shastra (Science of Sound). Since 2003, she has been performing the seva of compiling Divine Knowledge she receives due to God's grace.

Ms. Madhura Bhikaji Bhosale
Ms. Madhura started her spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha on 29th May 1997. By the grace of God, she started receiving knowledge on various topics from the year 2004. She graduated in commerce in the year 2005. Since May 2005, she has been performing the seva of compiling subtle-analysis and subtle-pictures of religious rituals. Since May 2009, she is performing the seva of spreading Spirituality in the society.

Ms. Priyanka Vijay Lotlikar
Under guidance of Sanatan Sanstha, Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar started her spiritual practice with her father, when she was 10 years of age. In May 2007, she. completed her graduation in 'Commercial Arts'. Subsequently, she became a full-time seeker and started her ssva in Sanatan's Ramnathi Ashram, Goa. Since 2001, under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale, Ms. Priyanka has been conducting subtle-analysis and drawing subtle-pictures of various



The tradition of applying kaja/ (Please see Glossary) with the fingertip on the child's face is followed even today. Even today, knowledgeable women who follow traditions perform the ritual of casting off the evil-eye of guests with lemon and chillies. We must understand, that when such traditions are sustained and nurtured for generations, there must certainly be some underlying science.

In today's competitive and materialistic world, most people have personality defects and vices such as jealousy, hatred, hunger for publicity, lecherous behaviour etc. Raja- Tama (Bound by activity and ignorance) vibrations generated from these vices have a distressing effect on the other individual through the subtle. This is what is termed as getting afflicted by evil-eye. Similarly, squabbles within family members, physical ailments, financial difficulties, getting bad dreams, depression and addiction to smoking, drinking etc. has become a daily scenario. Though, it would appear that 80% of our problems are due to gross reasons, the actual reason is subtle, meaning, distress due to negative energies. Distress due to the negative energies is also a type of affliction by evil-eye.

In short, if we want to free our life of difficulties and make it blissful, then adopting this simple homely spiritual remedy of 'casting off the evil-eye' will be beneficial. In today's scientific world, mere mention ofthe words 'affliction by evil-eye and-casting off the evil-eye' is a subject of ridicule by intellectuals. Today, anything that is explained scientifically is easily believed. Hence, in this Holy text various aspects such as the process of affliction by evil-eye, its implications, methods of casting off the evil-eye by using various substances, easy ways to cast off the effect of evil- eye on a child, precautions that need to be taken while performing this remedy etc. are elaborated taking care to supplement the knowledge with relevant 'Analysis based on subtle-knowledge' and the 'Drawings based on subtle-knowledge' for easier under-standing of the points, which otherwise cannot be understood by the reader through the gross intellect.

Through semesbt! sadhana (Spiritual practice for the sake of society), Sanatan's seekers are trying to establish the Hindu Nation, whereas negative energies are trying hard to establish the demoniacal kingdom. Hence, the negative energies harass Sanatan's seekers in various ways and on a large scale. Seekers have narrated through their spiritual experiences their state before casting off the evil-eye, effects of casting off the evil-eye and the benefits they derived, which once again proves that the remedy of casting off the evil-eye has a scientific basis.

Our earnest prayer unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru is that after reading this Holy text, may all realise the importance of casting off the evil-eye, implement it and thereby, remove the covering of distressing vibrations around themselves, and through sadhana (Spiritual practice) benefit from the Divine waves of the universe




  Preface 6
  Commentary by 'A Scholar' on the Divine Knowledge received about this Holy text 8
  Some terms used in connection with the 'Subtle dimension' and their meanings 12
  Meaning of spiritual terminology 14
  Introduction to the Recipients of Divine Knowledge and the Compilers 15
1 What does 'affliction by evil-eye' mean? 16
2 Process of getting afflicted by evil-eye at the subtle-level 17
3 Effects of affliction by evil-eye or symptoms that indicate that an individual is afflicted by evil-eye 19
  * Some problem-related symptoms (Physical, mental etc.) 20
4 What does casting off the evil-eye mean? 20
5 Benefits of casting off the evil-eye 21
6 Having bhflV (Spiritual emotion) is important in the process of casting off the evil-eye 22
7 Method of casting off the evil-eye (Only the steps involved) 22
8 Science underlying various methods of casting off the evil-eye and spiritual experiences 26
  * Why should the individual who is performing the act and the one who is afflicted pray before casting off the evil-eye? 26
  * Why should the afflicted individual, whose evil-eye is being cast off, hold his palms facing upwards (skywards) ? 27
  * Why should the individual returning a,fter casting off the evil-eye not look back? 27
9 Substances used and the method of casting off the evil-eye using these substances 30
10 Casting off the evil-eye on a sick individual, giving utara or some spiritual healing to be performed 90
11 Science underlying the methods/ot casting off the evil-eye using a photograph, casting off the evil-eye by writing the name on paper and casting off the evil-eye by pronouncing the name 91
12 Casting off the evil-eye on a child 95
13 Effectiveness of casting off the evil-eye depends on the individual casting it off 106
14 The effect perceived by a lady-seeker when the evil-eye on her was cast off by different seekers and when the evil-eye on her was cast off as per the instructions of H.H. Dr. Athavale 108
15 The spiritual level of an individual casting off the evil-eye, the effect on him during the process at respective levels and the level of the negative energy that is affected after casting off the evil-eye 111
16 Effect on the individual performing karanl after casting off the evil-eye 112
17 Performing continuous spiritual practice is the only true remedy. on not getting afflicted by evil-eye! 113

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