Hypno Kinesiology A Holistic Approach to Healing

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Author: Carl Carpenter
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Hypno-Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to healing and is unique in its ability to address the widest range of issues: past, present and future, personal and interpersonal; cognitive and emotional; imaginative and reality based situation; verbal and non-verbal. These techniques are practical and highly effective and work every time. Yet, much more than a compilation of powerful techniques, this book is an easy-to-understand, innovative treatise that is the creation of an honest, sincere and caring human being who teaches as effective modality guaranteed to give excellent results for anyone in need of healing. A must for medical and mental healthcare practitioners and everyone seeking physical, emotional and spiritual empowerment.

Carl Carpenter has more than thirty years of experience as a master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.




Child Abuse Starts at Conception

The antagonistic atmosphere at the conception and before birth, creates an emotional weakness that puts a major strain on the immune system and may perpetuate stress. Compounded by trauma in early childhood, this creates major emotional blocks. When we find and release that energy, automatic affirmative changes take place. The effect of these traumas is considered "coincidental hypnosis" and we are reacting to it as if Hypnotized. This program dehypnotizes those affected. Then, and only then, will we grow and find inner peace and comfortable good health.

We believe that this program will insure a young child a life free of emotional and physical weakness. It will effectively reduce the chance of disease and teen or adult violence, including drug and sexual abuses.

Save the Child from Themselves

Trauma interferes with the normal growth of a child. Everyday children are born who are angry, hyperactive, hypo-active, and or scared. How do they get that way? Adopted and foster children often display these traits. I believe that this program explains the reason for this and also gives a solution.

We release the negative energy at the conception, before birth and a traumatic childhood, which leads to automatic positive changes. The effect of these traumas is considered "accidental hypnosis" and we are reacting to it as if hypnotized. The program, "The First Step", dehypnotizes those affected, then, and only then, can they grow and find inner peace, good health, and personal success.

Signs of Stress Overload

Too much stress or mismanagement of stress can trigger physical and psychological problems. According to Drug Topics, stress overload can cause unexplained fatigue, headaches and backaches, apathy or irritability, feelings of isolation or helplessness, flashes of anger, obsession with a problem, changes in eating or sleeping habits, feeling depressed or accident prone and problems communicating.

Healing the Outer Child by Maturing the Child Within

We hear so much about the child within that we wonder, if we nurture that child does it then grow up? Our greatest problem, coping with the stresses of life is, we seem to have the emotional strength of a child. If our inner growth is blocked at three years of age, and when under pressure we revert to that age, will nurturing that inner child change that? Will the inner child grow? And, if that inner child doesn't grow, will we ever have the strength? Is accepting the inner child enough?

We believe that we have to raise the child within to the maturity of the outer physical being. Then, and only then, can we raise the confidence and self-esteem levels necessary to live a mature, productive and successful life. This includes children who constantly "act out" childishly, to the teen who is a "camp" follower, dominated by peer pressure.

The reason that there is an immature child within is that emotional traumas at conception and before birth are compounded by traumas in early childhood. This creates a block in the emotional growth system at the age of the latter trauma. This child will react to the trauma as if hypnotized by it. This explains why we have angry, violent, abusive and hyperactive children. Because we all react differently to trauma, you will also find the hypo-active, weak and sickly affected by the same traumas. Most of these people fight help because, to them, their actions are normal, they don't feel the need to change.

The traumas, which created these effects, were conceived by the mind as threatening. The inner mind is duty-bound to protect the whole being, barriers are set up to "protect". Anger, violence, self-destruction, illnesses, disease, fat, skinny etc., of course are misunderstandings. Mother didn't really hate her child, but at that point in the life of the child (conception) there is no way of telling that the anger felt wasn't directed at them. So they go through life unhappy, unloved, unsuccessful, violent and self-destructing.

Using this program we find that many of the stresses and tensions that breakdown our emotional and immune systems, started at the time of the conception and before the birth. In most cases when we erase the energy created at that time, changes take place. Many people claim that I have healed them. That swells the ego but the truth is simpler that that. We erase the misunderstandings that perpetuate stress and tension. These misunderstandings that perpetuate stress and tension. These misunderstanding that perpetuate stress and tension. These misunderstandings are "accidentally" created by the emotional feelings that the mother felt at that precious moment. That energy causes most of the misery that they experience throughout their life.

We have read and heard that some people who have contracted the AIDS virus don't show the symptoms of it. Some young people who are diagnosed with the virus somehow get rid of it. We believe we'll find that people, who have AIDS and survive, are those who have the emotional strength to survive. They did not experience emotional trauma before birth and in early childhood. Their child within will be mature. We believe that this will also hold true for other diseases also. Those traumas weaken the emotional system, which weakens the immune system. We are looking forward to the time when we can help prove it.

These emotional experiences are simple misunderstanding in the mind. They relate to the feelings that the mother was experiencing at the time of conception, form the conception to the birth, at the birth and into early childhood. These are not directed toward the child. If the mother felt anger, fear, hate, guilt, shame, pain etc., these emotions become a part of the computer program of the child's mind. They appear to be drawn to the experience and enjoy them. When you test anger and it tests strong (positive), it indicates that the inner mind feels that anger is a positive emotion. Anger should not test positive so we ask with whom this negative is related. When we receive this information we erase it with gentle anchors. When we retest anger, it will then test weak (negative) which I have found is the way it should test.

I am looking forward to your experiences with Hypno-Kinesiology. Each time I present this program to psychotic health practitioners, they offer a new way to use it. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it with you.-Carl Carpenter




  Foreword v
  Preface vii
1. Introduction to Hypno-Kinesiology-Hypnosis of the Future?
Birth Defects-A New Thought
Healing? No, Just Erasing Misunderstandings
Child Abuse, Molestation, Incest, Violence
Adopted and Foster Children
2. Self-Hypnosis
"Hypnosis: The Most Wholistic Healing Aid."
Hypnosis-The Voluntary Acceptance of Suggestion
That Twenty Percent
Some Hazards in Hypnosis?
How Does It Work?
My Own Experience and use of Self-Hypnosis
Time to Grow Up
Make Your Own Self-Hypnosis Tape
Making Your Affirmations
Computer Mind Affirmation
Time and Patience
3. The Hypno-Kinesiology Program
Worksheet # 1: Muscle Testing
Worksheet # 2 : Anchoring and Releasing the Effects of Trauma
Worksheet # 3 : Running the Set and Release Procedure
Worksheet # 4 :Getting Started
Worksheet # 5 : Conception
Worksheet # 6 : Conception to Birth
Worksheet # 7 : Birth
Worksheet # 8 : Finding and Releasing Trauma After Birth
Worksheet #9 : Use This Guide to Test the Other Areas of Life
Hypno-Kinesiology Check Sheet
4. Thoughts and Practical Uses fo Hypno-Kinesiology
Dichotomies-Fat and Skinny
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
New to the Program?Don't Wait, You can be helpful Now
Buddy System
Anchor and Past Lives
Anchor and Dreams, Nightmares, and Other Emotional Memories
5. "The Fist Step" Experiential Anecdotes
"Because the Answers come from Within"
Cancer-The Misunderstanding
What Can I Say?
I Did not Know She Had Asthma
The Things We Do to Overselves
There are No Miracles
Relief of P.M.S.
Teenagers Respond well to This Program
The Release or Relief of Extreme Trauma
6. Facilitating Hypno-Kinesiology with Ideomotor Responses
For Groups or Individuals
Automatic Subconscious Contact
A demonstration of A.S.C.
Heredity, Education or Both?
Developing the power of the Mind
7. Muscle Testing for the Relief of Pain 93
8. Healing Energy-Mating Energy?
A Research Paper Designed to Better Understand Natural Energy Deficiency
Migraines, Too Much Energy… a Lack of Energy?
Breast Feeding- A Source of Energy
9. The Far Side of Hypno-Kinesiology
Possession Therapy and Remote Communication and Past Life Therapy
The Metaphysical Physical
Testing and clearing the Aura
Spiritual Chakras
Past Life Research Using Muscle Testing
Experiencing the Past Life
Psychic Communication
10. Pendulum 118
11. Strategies for Finding and Releasing Negative Energies with the Pendulum
The Pendulum and Possession Therapy
You, The Healer?
Often Missed Spirits Below the Waist
Believe it or Not
From the Soul
Some of Our Experiences
The Soul, Past Life Therapy, Spirit Possession Therapy, and/or the Combination of the Three."
The Search for Bioenergy, from Reichenbach to Reich
  Suggesting Reading 142


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