Holistic Art of Living
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Holistic Art of Living

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Author: Dr. S. K. Sharma
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788121702829
Pages: 291 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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You are about to embark on a new journey of learning and health-enhancement. The Journey begins from where you are right now. You have lived this life according to the concepts you learned early in life and how you have interpreted them. These would have been adapted throughout your Life as you experience various levels of health from illness to wellness. Your parents and teachers gave you the best information that they had at the time from what they themselves had learned.

Many people have not realised that optimal Health is a skill that is learned, just like any other skill you may have learned in your years of education. Only basic Health skills are taught in schools and these are inadequate to meet the challenges of creating and maintaining the experience of wellness, vital health and quality longevity.

In our Society we have "Community Health" and "Personal Health" that are totally inter-related. The current Medical systems do very well in community health for the masses. In dealing with critical conditions and emergency situations they are absolutely necessary. We would be a lot worse off without our hospitals and medical centres. There has been fantastic progress in Medical Sciences and delivery of community medical services.

Where the system falls down is in relation to non-medical states of poor health and in preventing the onset of degenerative and lifestyle-caused disease. For the largest percentage of the population who don't often experience 'disease' as such, but do experience various levels of poor health, body imbalances and the consequences of stress.

For the masses of people who consider that weight loss dieting is the way to good health or that popping pills gives the answers to what has gone wrong in the body. For the people who don't realise how important and essential it is to spend time in Nature and to be renewed by the natural forces that exist only in a 'healthy environment? For the people who desire optimal Health and Well-being, but when they seek help from their Medical provider receive no assistance in how to build Health and Vitality.

It's time we took a very good look at the nature of Health and Disease and try to put things in perspective. We live in a fast changing world where many of the old beliefs are being challenged and renewed. We are now in the midst of a revolution in Health-care and it now becomes important to emphasise "Personal Health-care" and personal responsibility in our choices towards a higher level of health and wellness.

India is the land of Veda and is known for its cultural heritage. The Mother of every knowledge India have been the world mentor since the civilisation started on the earth. Every knowledge spread from India into world wide. But today we are not even striving hard for our knowledge even more we are faced with the health problems. Meaning of health is simply to remaining fit. But according to the great philosophy of Yoga "Swasthya" means "Gifted with unshakable mental equilibrium" or resolute mind. This is the stage where man is free from physical, mental and social agony. Whereas Indian traditional system of Yoga is capable enough to bestow upon the holistic approach of health to the humanity. All this can be achieved with the help of simple Yogic techniques which are not only capable to keep fit the human being but also can change the total lifestyle of a simple human, who has forgotten all the invincible qualities he possesses himself.

Today the aim of every individual is to exhale pleasures of an excellent health and respectable status in the society. Who does not covet an extraordinary ability to acquire all forms of prosperity and success, to achieve unattainable substances ? It is said that those who are truthful, enthusiastic, full of enlightened thoughts, firm determination and are ambitious devotees, for them world's greatest success and victories lie in wait. There is no power on earth that can prevent the success of a life well-lived with ideals and simple and virtuous morals. When these qualities of the head and heart are combined with the special qualities of discipline, foresight, imagination and ambition, there is a manifold increase in the possibilities of their absolute success. These are the qualities this book will try to teach and practice in the daily life.


  Preface (v)
1 The Key Principles of Health 1-22
  Ingredients of vital turning your life round-nature of vitality, aliveness / longevity with health, regeneration of your electro-magnetic (inner) energy and journey, meditation thy key to health.  
2 The Holistic Approach To Health 23-40
  The ingredients of holistic healing, stress without distress, stress as learning, routine and spontaniety, relaxation tips, goals to open up your life, preventive and curative aspect of holistic healing science.  
3 Homeostatis, The Marvellous Balance 41- 52
  Meaning and approaches to the balancing of health, balancing with the inner nature, balance with the environment, ingredients of balancing the life, various balances the life, various balances of the body you can do yourself.  
4 Balancing of Breath (Prana) 53-80
  Meaning of Prana, kind of prana, the journey of prana through the five shells of the body, the seven shells of the body, pranayama and its techniques, different pranayamas and their impact on the body.  
5 Balancing of Five Basic Elements And Their Defect 81- 109
  Five elements and their body family, Thy life cycle of five family, three defects and their ailments, divisions of the five elements . Balancing of the five element with the help of nature and surroundings.  
6 Ballancing of the Bio-Energy 110-127
  Thy pool of inner energy, divison of the energy, energy circulation cycle, energy division throughout the body, various levels of the energy circulation. Techniques of balancing the bioenergy circulation.  
7 Balancing of the Routine Activities 128- 156
  Your delightful routine, nourishment and cleansing processes, leaving the bed pleasantly, evacuation, brushing and bathing, starting of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, quality, variety, moderation of living and life.  
8 Balancing of The Daily Body Actions 160- 190
  Your daily actions and their impact on the body and health,maintaining the health by balancing -1. seeing , 2 listening, 3 speaking, 4 wearing 5 sitting , 6 standing 7 to get up, 8 walking, 9 lying down, and 10 weight lifting.  
9 Nature: The Key To success 191-214
  Our multi-dimensional nature, the inner life, your outward activity, the modes of perception, attention and sensory activity, inner calm and outer harmony; watch your thoughts, clear mind and calm body.  
10 Self Diagnosing Methods 215-241
  Various reflections during illness, tips to understand the illness, basic elements, nature and their reflections, various diseases and their reflections over the extremities, understanding the reflections and diseases.  
11 Self Healing Methods of Science 242-277
  Curative power of the holistic healing, various methods of applying the treatment. (1) accupressure and its instrument, (2) magnet therapy and its instrument, (3) colour therapy and its instruments, (4) music therapy and its instrument, (5) pyramid therapy and (6) Pranic healing and its techniques.  
  Bibliography 279


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