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Indian Insights Into Management

Indian Insights Into Management
Item Code: NAT039
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788175977327
Pages: 124
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About the Book

This book practically deals with the importance of human aspects, value management and positive motivation for success in all fields of management as an individual, as a team and also as a corporate body.


It is said that however delicious the food may be, it can be enjoyed and appreciated by the individual if he has a healthy body congenial to consume the food! Similarly, the modern technology and management strategies would be successfully effective if the mind and intellect of the concerned individual are perfect to execute them properly. Therefore, appropriate nourishing and tuning of the mind and intellect are as much important as the technology and management skills for success.

As we experience the phenomenal progress of modern world due to tremendous technological development in all fields of life, we find very distinctly that modern man is at the peak of enjoying worldly pleasures — what we call ‘higher standard of living’. However, we also notice that he is not able to match this illusory happiness with what our Masters call ‘higher standard of life’.

The modern management based largely on Western philosophy of life finds it difficult to find an appropriate response to this dilemma — comfort giving material progress on one side and dissatisfaction, depression and stress on the other. Our scriptures and spiritual Masters, the doyen of ancient wisdom, however, have key to these problems. They believe in creating a healthy balance between the two — the inner and the outer world - empowering the modern managers to face these challenges and at the same time enjoy the real quality of life.

Swami Vivekananda was one of the first modern saints to realize the relevance of spiritual values in management, with firm conviction that the East cannot copy the Western management style, because of wide difference in culture and values.

Management is a part of life and means to an end of ultimate in life and not an end in itself. Attitude towards action and consequent fruits, understanding manifest human behaviour as a result of unmanifest tendencies, commitment to work in life and organization, criteria for excellence, motivation and management of man, all these are hallmarks of Bhagavad-gita. The whole bulk of our scriptures constitute a huge untapped resource for development of infinite human potential. Transformation of this infinite entity into performance at all levels is the art of management. Hence, we need to focus primarily on life management and develop total vision of life.

In an attempt to manage the external world effectively by understanding our own inner world in depth, we are happy to bring out bouquet of articles in a book form entitled, ‘Indian Insights Into Management’. Taking management/leadership as a process, managers as input for transformation, values and attributes as key drivers for the process and profit and wealth as output, the book is divided in two sections — While glancing through this book, the reader will very clearly notice that complete anatomy for effective action - karma (as described in Bhagavad-gita) such as karmahetu (purpose of business), karta (managers and _ leaders), karma (management process) and karmaphala (results of management process) are reflected in these articles.

We acknowledge with profound sense of gratitude and reverence the phenomenal contribution to our lives by doyens in spiritual field like Pajya Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Tejomayananda, Swami Swaroopananda and Swamini Saradapriyananda, through these articles, which were originally brought out as souvenir by Chinmaya Mission Centre, Mulund in the past. We are also thankful to editorial team of Tapovan Prasad, for providing such enriching material for personal and organizational unfoldment and Sri Kaushik Rindani for his immense efforts in archiving material from Tapovan Prasad from different issues on relevant topics and collating them for presentation in book form.

We have sanguine hope that the contents will benefit management professionals and students of management.

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