The Intuitive Way- A Guide to Living From Inner Wisdom

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Author: Penney Peirce
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8178220083
Pages: 232
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Book Description


If you have picked up The Intuitive Way, you can safely assume that your life is about to change radically. Your intuition, already strong and insistent, is prompting you to get ready for a new journey of discovery. Why?

A purpose deep within you is steadily unfolding. This purpose is not about to let you sleep your way through this lifetime. You may have already noticed an increasing number of synchronicities that seem to indicate you are supposed to be doing something different from what you've been doing until now. You may have noticed you yearn for more meaningful activities or associations. You may have been feeling estranged from some of the old gang or thinking of leaving your occupation and striking out for something new. But what? What to do?

These are the questions that many of us-in the millions now-are currently asking. You, along with other like-minded people, are awakening to your individual path, knowing without knowing that something more is being required of you. You are one of the people who was born to participate in this creatively explosive time of transformation. Trust that.

It is no accident that Penney Peirce's book, The Intuitive Way, has found its publisher at this time. This book and others like it that speak to the work of the soul are born in response to the very questions currently arising in people's hearts and minds, questions such as "What's it all about? What is the purpose of this life I've been given? How can I make the most of my time? What should I be concentrating on? Can I really make a difference?"

We live with these personal life questions and often feel that no one else understands these rather vague but persistent longings. What we wish most is that someone would tell us what to do. We cry out for clarity. In my own work the most frequent question is "I know my life is changing. I can feel something new is just about to happen-but I don't know what it is. Which step am I supposed to take first?"

Because we are creatures of our conditioning, because we are taught to do what's expected of us, we think our answer will be found by some epiphany in the external world. We are used to taking our cues from external sources-advice from parents, spouses, friends, religious leaders and mentors, professional groups or union leaders-and playing by the rules of whatever community has authority over us. We might look at labor statistics that tell us what the hottest job markets are or try to second-guess what the new retail trends will be so we may align ourselves with what we perceive to be powerful-so that we can be powerful.

This externalization of truth keeps us on a treadmill of confusion, doubt, and anxiety. We are driven by fear of not keeping up, of being left behind. In a media-driven environment we are so brainwashed by aggressive marketing tactics that we don't even notice anymore-so inundated are we by data that is meant to make us respond with our credit cards. We are awash in motivational theories and systems for self-improvement. Our days are often indiscriminately filled with broadcasts of other people's fears, brutalities, and peccadillos. It's easy to lose ourselves.

Because we are so overmarketed and trained to respond with a purchase or a pill to any of life's events, we continue to experience a queasy truce with our lives, hoping that somehow everything will turn out all right. Eventually, if we are lucky, life gets painful enough that we are forced to turn away from what we know and turn toward what we don't know. Our journey intensifies when we begin to engage the unknown and take the road less traveled. Once we become aware of our inner need for something more, something real, something that speaks to our soul, we start to ask for a different kind of nourishment. We begin to grow into our individuality.

That time of individualization must be at hand for you or this book would not have found its way to you. In reading The Intuitive Way you will be given the kind of nourishment that feeds your soul and asks you to trust yourself and take the unknown path.

I can think of no better teacher for this material than Penney. Peirce. Penney and I met synchronistically several years ago when we were both asked to be guests on a television show about intuition. We immediately hit it off-for one thing, we both shared a strong interest in the system of numerology. The focus of our friendship has always been on discussing the patterns we see in individual life stories as well as in discovering what works in teaching metaphysical principles. More than once we have laughingly commented on being in the same "soul group" and appreciate being able to check out our intuitive understandings with each other.

This kind of collegial relationship is precious to me. Penney and I have also co-facilitated groups on helping people develop their own application of James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy insights, focusing on the development of intuitive guidance as the first step in living a more fulfilling life. Penney's skill in leading both beginners and advanced students down the intuitive path is exceptional. I continue to be impressed with Penney's commitment to her work and her ability to interpret complex data with simplicity and clarity so that it makes sense to people in all walks of life.

Not only does Penney excel as a teacher and intuitive counselor, but she also has the ability to tune in to the expanded field of evolutionary trends. For example, she invited me to attend one of her lectures on future trends, and as I was listening, I couldn't help scribbling down her forecasts and interpretations of current events. I wound up including a big section of that evening lecture in one of the chapters in the book I was currently working on with James Redfield, The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide. I have recommended many clients to Penney for a life reading and have listened with fascination to her reports of working with clients all over the country and beyond, especially in Japan. We have discussed many times the unique qualities that appear in the psychic fabric of individuals from different cultures and have been able to see archetypal patterns working in both the collective and personal consciousness.

To me the most exciting frontier we can explore today is working with psyche and soul. The most empowering and practical tool we have-already within us-is the ability to receive intuitive guidance, linking it with our rational and emotional processes, and taking action based on our authentic responses to the moment. With intuition and logic working hand in hand, we can clearly see what is needed and do exactly what is required of us-rising to the occasion with inspiration and trust. Our world may be filled with questions, insecurities, and ever-changing circumstances-and it will continue to be filled with chaos until we leave this earth plane. Yet we live in a world where anything is possible. We crave to be challenged and to succeed. We want to live in the mystery.

Once we shift our perspective, we can never turn back. Using our intuition, we stand poised like a deer sniffing the wind-alive! With this new way of looking inward for direction, watching for tiny clues, we see how important our relationships are-to our souls and to each other. We realize that not only can we make a difference in the world, but this is the real reason we were born. When we grasp the paradox that nothing is fixed and ordained nor is it random and accidental, we have made the shift into truly living our mission. We begin to see that our role is to engage with life, to participate, to enjoy and have fun.

We are born to create and to use the details of our lives as our artistic medium. In the midst of this wonderful, unpredictable life, we always have our inner guidance, the inborn navigational field that God intends for us to use. We are never alone; we are always in direct contact with our inner source. This is true whether we are driving in the car, doing higher mathematics, rocking our baby, painting the kitchen, or sleeping in a subway station. All we have to do is tune in.

Let your adventure with intuition begin!

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