Islam & Vedant (A Session With Muslim Representatives)
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Islam & Vedant (A Session With Muslim Representatives)

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Item Code: NAQ631
Author: Swami Ramtirth
Publisher: Swami Rama Tirtha Mission, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8188311049
Pages: 96
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About The Author

Swami Ramtirtha, popularly known as Ram Badshah or the King Ram, not only widely travelled at home but carrying his message of universal love went abroad also. He, as a spiritual ambassador of India to the whole world, visited Japan, America, Egypt and other countries. Throughout his journey he was loved by all, irrespective of caste, creed or nationality. It is remarkable that Swami Ramtirtha, being a Sanyasi or Hindu monk, during his voyage touched no money and kept no baggage. During the global excursion he reached Japan by ship, in the beginning of Oct. 1902. For, the Buddhists of Japan, he appeared like a living Buddha, who once more showed his lusture like a shooting star. He delivered a great lecture in the High College of Commerce at Tokyo, in which he proved that the ancestors of the Indians and the Japanese were the same. He also addressed to a large audience in an International Buddhist Conference held in Japan. He also laid the foundation of Indo-Japanese Society, which is a landmark in the cultural history of Japan.

Swami Ramtirtha, after leaving Japan reached America, and there most probably before mid of Nov. 1902 and there he stayed for about two years. He projected a glowing image of profound Indian culture and philosophy which enhanced the prestige of his country and people. It is on record that while in America, Swami Ramatirtha made a fervent appeal to the Americans for the freedom of India, on behalf of his countrymen at primus.

In America his lectures were so inspiring and uplifting that a society-Rama's Society was formed at Portland (Oregon) by his American admirers. He also presided over the meeting of the World Unity League held at Geneva. The Christians in America adored him as a living Christ.

On his way back to India Swami Ramtirtha stepped on Egypt in Nov., 1904. Here he, as a Hindi Philosopher, discoursed in a grand mosque at Ciaro in Persian, throwing the listeners into divine ecstasy. The Muslims in Egypt honoured Swami Ramtirtha as a God-intoxicated soul.

After returning to India, at Mathura he was asked by some admirers of his to form a new society, which Rama refused to do, saying that all societies working in India were his own societies and that he would work through them.

Rama's whole being is submerged in 'OM' omnipotent, omnipresent, omnicient, nothing without it or beyond it.

Rama did so much in so little span of 33 years as was done by Adi Shankaracharya, Christ, Sant Gyaneshwar and Swami Vivekanand and to quote a few. There can be no comparison, which is futile.

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