Jaiminiya Mahabharata (Asvamedhika Parva)- Volume II

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Author: Keshoram Aggarwal
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2008
Pages: 402 (4 Color Illustrations, and 1 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Paperback
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1 Prayer v
1 Adoration of Sri Krsna and Vyasa by Yudhisthira 5
2 Chapter XXXVII-Fight between Babhruvahana and Hamsadhwaja and the party 6
3 Chapter XXXVIII-Lamenting of Arjuna-Gight between father and son 16
4 Chapter XXXIX-Pundarika comes back empty handed 43
5 Chapter XL-Sesanaga inspires Sri Krsna and He re-enlivens Arjuna 55
6 Chapter XLI- The horse advances-is caught by Tamradhwaja 63
7 Chapter XLII-Fighting between two armies 68
8 Chapter XLII-A week-long fight between Arjuna and Tamradhwaja-Sri Krsna actively interferes 74
9 Chapter XLIV-Sri Krsna and Arjuna arrested by Tamradhwaja 80
10 Chapter XLV-Mayuradhwaja approves to get his body sawn 87
11 Chapter XLVI-Sri Krsna grants his vision to Mayuradhwaja in a four-armed form 93
12 Chapter XLVII-Fighting with Viravarma 103
13 Chapter XLVIII-The wedding of Malini with lord Yama 107
14 Chapter XLIX-Wedding of Yama-Fighting with Arjuna and Krsna 117
15 Chapter L-Candrahasopakhyana-preliminary to 125
16 Chapter LI-Candrahasa nursed by doe and birds in the forest 133
17 Chapter LII-Conquest of different countries-Dhrstabuddhi suspects his bona fide 140
18 Chapter LIII-Candrahasa carries the letter to Madana 151
19 Chapter LIV-Visaya does some manipulating  
20 Chapter LV-Candrahasa and Visaya wedded 167
21 Chapter LVI-Atrocity perpetrated by Dhrstabuddhi in Chandanawati 174
22 Chapter LVII-Dhrstabuddhi again takes help of executioners to kill Candrahasa 184
23 Chapter LVIII-Candrahasa and Campakamalini meet Dhrstabuddhi-Dhrstabuddhi is stunned to see Candrahasa alive 193
24 Chapter LIX-The horses caught in Kuntalapur-Candrahasa accompanied Pandava army 205
25 Chapter LX-Coronation of Makaradhvaja- Krsna taking the Rsi Bakadalbhya on palanquin 210
26 Chapter LXI-The horses reaching in kingdom of Jayadratha-return to Hastinapur therefrom 221
27 Chapter LXII-Party reaching Hastinapur 224
28 Chapter LXIII-Arjuna along with his party meets Sri Krsna and others, description of Hastinapur 231
29 Chapter LXIV-The Asvamedha performed 242
30 Chapter LXV-Bhima serves food to Brahmas and kings-the quarrel between two Brahmans 248
31 Chapter LXVI-Yudhisthira and Mongoose 259
32 Chapter LXVII-Yudhisthira and Mongoose 270
33 Chapter LXVIII-The glory of Jaiminiyasvamedha Parva-(J.M.) 273
1 Introduction 275
2 Chapter LII-Brhadasva narrates Nalopakhyana to Yudhisthira 278
3 Chapter LIII-Merits of Nala and Damayanti and their mutual love 285
4 Chapter LIV-Narada talks to Indra-The participants start to attend the Svayamvara 289
5 Chapter LV-Nala narrates the message of gods to Damayanti 292
6 Chapter LVI-Dialogue between Nala and Damayanti-Nala communicates the purport of Damayanti 296
7 Chapter LVII-Svayamvara of Damayanti 299
8 Chapter LVII-Svayamvara of Damayanti 299
9 Chapter LIX-Nala and his game of dice 306
10 Chapter LX-Damayanti sends her children to Kundinapur 309
11 Chapter LXI-The birds taking away the garment of Nala while in exile 312
12 Chapter LXII-The worried Nala deserts Damayanti 316
13 Chapter LXIII-Damayanti and the fowler 319
14 Chapter LXIV-Ascetics consoled Damayanti-She joins caravan of traders 323
15 Chapter LXV-The caravan destroyed by elephants, Damayanti finds shelter in the palace of Chedi-king 338
16 Chapter LXVI-Nala rescues Karkotaka from wild fire 346
17 Chapter LXVII-Nala, in the capital of Rtuparana 349
18 Chapter LXVIII-Search for Nala by the king of Vidarbha 352
19 Chapter LXIX-Damayanti reached her parental place and therefrom starts search to locate Nala 357
20 Chapter LXX-Nala as Bahuka traced in Ayodhya-Rtuparna invited in Kundinapur 362
21 Chapter LXXI-Rtuparna proceed for Kundinapur 366
22 Chapter LXXII-Some interesting dialogue between Rtuparna and Bahuka-Nala freed from the curse of Kali 370
23 Chapter LXXIII-Rtuparna and Bahuka in Kundinapur 375
24 Chapter LXXIV-Dialogue between Bahuka and Kesini 379
25 Chapter LXXV-Damayanti sends her children to Nala (Bahuka) 383
26 Chapter LXXVI-Communion of Nala and Damayanti 387
27 Chapter LXXVII-Celebrations in Vidarbha-Rtuparna returns to his capital 393
28 Chapter LXXVIII-Nala regains his lost kingdom-Puskara goes to his capital 395
29 Chapter LXXIX-Fruits accruing from hearing Nalopakhyana 399


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