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Jesus Christ (An Artifice for Aggression)

Jesus Christ (An Artifice for Aggression)
Item Code: NAM193
Author: Sita Ram Goel
Publisher: Voice of India, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8185990166
Pages: 120
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 190 gms
About the Author

Born in 1921, Sita Ram Goel took his M.A. in History in 1944, from the University of Delhi. He won scholarships and distinctions in school as well as college.

Well-versed in several languages, he has studied the literature, philosophy, religion, history and sociology of several cultures-ancient, medieval and modern. For his judgements and evaluations, however, he draws his inspiration from the Mahabbarata the Suttapitaka, Plato and Sri Aurobindo.

He has written several documented studies on Communism, Soviet Russia, Red China, Christianity and Islam. Author of eight novels, he has translated into Hindi quite a few books from English, including some dialogues of Plato and a biography of Shivaji. His other works include compilations from the Mahabbarata and the Suttapitaka.

Having become a convinced Communist by the time he came out of college, he turned against this criminal ideology in 1949 when he came to know what was happening inside Soviet Russia. From 1950 onwards he participated in a movements for informing the Indian people about the theory as well as the practice of Communism is Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. The numerous studies published by the movement in the fifties exist in cold print in many libraries and can be consulted for finding out how the movement anticipated by many years the recent revelations about Communist regimes.


The first glimpse of the Jesus of the gospels came to me in 1956. My Jesuist friend, who had tried to convert me, had failed in the attempt. When we were back at the mission headquarters in patna, the following dialogue took place between us.

“You believe that Jesus was an avatar,” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

“Can an avatar tell a lie?”

“He is not supposed to.”

“What if Jesus says he is the only God?”

“He can’t say that.”

My friend picked up a copy of the New Testament and read out several passages from the gospels. Jesus did say in so many words not only that he was the only God but also that those who did not accept his claim would burn for ever in the infernal pit. I realized with painful surprise that Jesus was not all Sermon on the Mount as I had been led to believe by his Hindu votaries.

Years passed, and I had no time to spare for Jesus. I turned to him again in the eighties when Ram Swarup made me wise about the character of monotheistic creeds. It was then that I turned to the gospels. I was horrified. Now I could see why the history of Christianity had been what it had been. The source of the poison was in the Jesus of the gospels. I was horrified. Now I could see why the history of Christianity had been what it had been. The source of the poison was in the Jesus of the gospels. The rest of my studies followed.

A few years ago I was discussing the menace of Christian missions with a Gandhian friend. He agreed with me that there was something sinister about them. I told him that we shall have to tell our people the truth about Jesus if we wanted to tackle the missions. He was visibly shaken, and to me in a voice choked with emotion, “Sitabhai. Jesus ko kucch mat kahiye (Brother Sita, do not touch Jesus)!”

“Have you read the gospels,” I asked him.

He was annoyed, and shot back, “That is a personal question.”

I had to drop the subject. Every time have asked opinionated people about the source of their opinion on a particular question, I have been accused of being personal. I am thinking of writing an essay-Advantages of Being An Ass.

And now I have defied the ban. I do not how my Gandhian friend will take it.

I have wondered over the years why we Hindus have remained preoccupied with the behaviour patterns of Muslims and Christians and not with the belief systems which create those behaviour patterns. We object to Christian missions, but refuse to discuss Christianity and its God, Jesus. We object to Islamic terrorism, but refuse to have a look at Islam and its prophet, Muhammad. I see no sense or logic in this Hindu habit.

In fact, we go a step further. We appeal to the Christian missionaries in the name of Jesus, and ask them not to do what they have doing, we appeal to the Muslims in the name of Muhammad, and ask them to stop doing what they have been doing. In the process, we have invented a “real” Jesus and a “true” Christianity. We have also invented a “real” Muhammad and a “true” Islam. The missionary and the mullah smiles at our inventions but goes ahead and makes good use of our softheadedness. That is why we have failed to solve the “communal problem” all these years. We have never tried to find out why our own people, which both Christians and Muslims are, should become alienated from us when they pass under the spell of Christianity and Islam.

Flattering the bully may become necessary when the bully is powerful and there remains no other way of softening him except by extolling his heroes or his cult. Hindus have experienced such emergencies vis-a-vis both Islam and Christianity. But there is no reason for their continuing with the same psychology. Hindus should not convert an apaddharma into Sanatana Dharma.


IJesus of History1
1.1Quest of the Jesus of History2
1.2The Jewish Evidence3
1.3The Pagan Evidence4
1.4Evidence of the Gospels6
1.5Summing Up31
2Jesus of Fiction35
2.1.The "real" Jesus Stories36
2.2Jesus as Synthetic Product52
3Jesus of Faith60
3.1Jesus of the Gospels66
3.2The Gospels are the First Nazi Manifesto70
3.3Christ of Kerygma71
3.4.Christianity is a Big Lie76
4Christianity is a Big Lie80
4.1The Scene in India82
4.2Jesus is Junk85
1Of Pagan Gods and Heresies86
2The Church as a Tool of Imperialism90
3Spiritual Shift94
4Hindus vis-a-vis Jesus97

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