Karna's Wife (The Outcast's Queen)
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Karna's Wife (The Outcast's Queen)

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Item Code: NAL585
Author: Kavita Kane
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788129120854
Pages: 315
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.5 inch x 5.0 inch
Weight 220 gm
About the Book

Born out of wedlock to kunti and Surya, the sun god, Karna is abandoned by his mother at birth. He deserves the fate of princes, but is adopted by a lowly charioteer and becomes one himself.

Uruvi, a Kshatriya princess, chooses him over Arjun at her swayamvar, and theirs is a marriage of great social contrast. Uruvi must bring to bear all her love for karna, and her formidable intelligence, to be accepted by his family, counselling and guiding him. However, his blind allegiance to Duryodhana, the eventual cause of his downfall, is beyond the eventual cause of his downfall, is beyond her power to change.

Karna’s Wife, told from Uruvi’s point of view, unfold against the backdrop of the epic struggle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Lyrical and inventive, it is a moving story of love against all odds.


About the Author

Kavita Kane calls herself a true-blue Puneite, despite having been born in Mumbai and grown up in Patna and Delhi. Having studied and lived in Pune for many years, she considers herself as good as married to the city, where she now lives with her mariner husband, Prakash, two teenage daughters, Kimaya and Amiya, a friendly Rottweiler named Dude and a cat called Babe.

A senior journalist, with degrees in English literature and mass communication, Kavita is also a cinema and theatre aficionado. But writing, she confesses, is her only skill. Karnas’ Wife is her first novel.



1 Karna 1
2 Her Father's Daughter 15
3 The Swayamwara 25
4 New Horizons: Karna and Uruvi 39
5 The Pariah's Wife 56
6 Friends: Ashwatthama and Duryodhana 68
7 ...and Foes: Shakuni 83
8 Indraprastha 96
9 Draupadi 111
10 Draupadi's Revenge 121
11 The Separation 137
12 Kunti and Uruvi 149
13 The Birth of Vrishakethu 164
14 Uruvi and Bhanumati 175
15 Karna's Vow 187
16 Kunti and Vrishakethu 197
17 Karna's Kavach and Kundals 210
18 The Reture of the Pandavas 220
19 Krishna and Karna 231
20 Bhishma and Karna 241
21 Karna and Kunti 253
22 The Eighteen- day War 265
23 The Death of Karna 277
24 Pandavas' Hastinapur 292
  Epilogue 307
  Acknowledgements 309
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