Kripa The Divine Grace

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Author: Swami Giananand Ji Maharaj
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788131004593
Pages: 126
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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And Kripa lifts one like a wave, a leaf, a cloud, embalms the wounded souls, and gives direction to the minds lost in sea of life. The Guru is the perfect medium through whom Kripa-the Grace is bestowed:

Kripa-The Grace by Mahamandaleshwar Geeta Meenakshi Swami Giananand Ji Maharaj illustrates the divine tips to attain the Grace and realize the Truth It’s a read -must for all seeking the path of spiritual quest for the Grace and Truth.

It is amazing how simply Gurudev Swami Giananad ji touches upon each aspect of Kripa in his inimitable style which abounds in simple, down to earth language understandable to common man and yet as depthful as the knowledge of Srimabhagwadgita. There is no exaggeration if I say that the publication of translation of Kripa is in itself the showering of the grace by Gurudev on all those who are not versed in Hindi language.

The very first para of the first chapter is intensely woven fabric of philosophy how human life in itself is great and Gurudev says:

And thus he initiates the journey of Knowledge about the science and philosophy of grace, how man only needs to surrender and shed ego in order to understand it and how Grace of God is nothing but the truth beauty/ that is All ye need to know; Swamiji brings home an important aspect essential for enjoying and knowing about Grace i.e. Mind Must Connect: God is ever ready to bestow his grace on everyone. But the seeker’s mind must connect. And only the mind that connects can feel abundance in form of grace being showered upon him/her even in adversity as it is grace alone that creates’ sam bhav’.

Though the contents of the book emphasize that grace is understood only by faith and not logic, yet Gurudev has put forth the ampleness of grace, its that one has to be an instrument like the flute and bow one’s how to God to feel graciousness of God. He cautions us against non performance of Karma and surrender to destiny. He urges the sadhakas to look below hour of agony and feel bestowed upon as all. Power of prayer and importance of listening to Sadguru’s discources and satsang are like tools to take us nearer to understanding of grace: Bowing in salutation to our Gurudev Mahamandaleshwar Geeta Maneeshi Swami Giananand ji Maharaj who is embodiment of knowledge, immense compassion and love and above all humility, I have hardly any words to express my gratitude for his generosity showered upon me by giving me this opportunity to write on kripa-the Grace: Divine tips to attain the Grace and realize the Truth.


About the book

The Sun does not discriminate. Its rays fall on every spot alike. Similar state is that of God, noble Guru and holy books. Their grace shines equally on every devoted seeker. Self-grace means becoming full of positive attitude towards life. Until this happens a soul can not feel the grace showered on it by Divine Sources all the time. It takes opening of the window to feel and see the grace of the sun and the air, he had deprived himself of. Grace granted by God realization. After it, entire life gets charged with divine feeling of joy, peace and sublime pleasure. Then, there are no woes and other negative factors. That is the meaning fullness and graciousness of life.




1 The Mysterious Science Of Grace 9
2 Never Lose Hope 13
3 Surrender To Grace 15
4 Grace IN Success Or Failure 16
5 God-The Best JudgeOf Gain-Loss Equation 17
6 Grace-The Root Of Favourable And Adverse 18
7 No Ego When Grace Showers In Favours 19
8 Its Nothing But The Truth 20
9 Grace IN Adversity 21
10 God Is Graceful 24
11 God Nevers Harms 25
12 Grace Never Discriminates 29
13 Mind Must Connect 31
174 Grace denied to no -one 32
15 Just Come Into The Fold 36
16 Grace Is For All 40
17 Deserve Before You Desire 41
18 Be Like a Flute 42
19 Surrender for Grace 43
20 Shed Your Ego 45
21 A Few polite Words Make The Difference 46
22 Make Life God Centered 47
23 Keep your Gaze God-Fixed 48
24 Karma Must Be Performed 49
25 Action And Grace Go Together 51
26 Grace Opens Our Eyes To Each New Morn 52
27 Stop Being Negatively Inclined 56
28 Grace Understandtable By Faith Not Logic 59
29 It's All Grace but 64
30 Caution-A must Despite Grace 66
31 Grace Is An End Not The Means 73
32 Once Again-Beware! 77
33 Why Means? 79
34 Warning And Inspiration 82
35 Even Vedanta No Propounder Of Making Means An End 89
36 The World Is All Grace Alone 91
37 The Spirit To Serve Emerges With Grace 93
38 Look Below 95
39 Never Miss Satsanga 97
40 The Grace Of God, The Guru And The Self 100
41 Let Fate Not Weaken You 105
42 Prayers Always Help 107
43 Grace An End And Grace, The Means Jai Shree Krishna 116
  Mujhe Bus Itna Vardan Do 117
  Aisi Kripa Karo 119
  Kro Kripa 120
  Prarthana Kar Prarthana 121
  Shri Krishna Kripa Dham Vrindavan 122
  Expansion Of Services 126

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