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Kundalni A Cosmic Energy (Unique Authentic Mystic Version)

Kundalni A Cosmic Energy (Unique Authentic Mystic Version)
Item Code: IDK440
Author: Shri Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj
Publisher: Achraya Shri Enterprises
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8190095412
Pages: 255 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.2" X 7.2"
Back of the Book

Centuries back thousand to thousand years, Indian Yogiees, Seers, Saints preserved Indian spiritual seri-ptures and mystic literature with their personal practiced experiences. They added their discoveries in spirituality and gave thaumaturgic theories for the benefit of mankind.

"Kundalni A Cosmic Energy" the book, is the attempt in the same series. Authored by the Marvel Yogi of 20th Century, His Divine grace Achraya Shree Keshav Dev ji Maharaj himself is a thaumaturge. As he under went personally, extra ordinary mystical experiences, with in his meditation period for almost more then sixty years. He has practically proved the unavoidable importance of the Kundalni Mahashakti for the Present and coming generations. Achraya shree, has done, unique brilliance dazzling discovery on Kundalni – the most invincible force of the Cosmos. In this one, he has traced the extra ordinary methods, ways for the awakening of this Serpentine force, which proves the best friend and in reverse case the worst enemy, to the meditators.

In this book, complete details are authored by Marvel Yogi of this 20th Century. He is busy all the time in meditating and research on different other subjects in his Ashram, under the name Vivekanand Pratishthan Parishad Delhi – 51. Here on side yoga classes are conducted regularly for all men, women, youngsters of differentage groups in the morning and evening and other side regular research activities are going on the different sciences. Much has already been written and published in Hindi, English and still more is begin written on the subjects Yogic Science, Science of dreams, Ang Vidya (knowledge of physical parts and their spiritual effects), Telepathy, Yagya Vigyan, Mudra Vigyan, Tratak, Musical Science, Mantra Vigyan, Astrology, Meditation of Cosmic Supreme Power, Gayatri Vigyan and Surya Vigyan the meditation of Sun God and Omkar Sadhna etc. Such subjects are researched, much discoveries have been done and more are being traced in the Ashram. The only one thing is, this all goes on the three acre plot of land which is veritable oasis of beauty and tranquility amidst, the most noisy city Indian Capital. But without fan fare of Press and Media, still open to all. Why not come and see in the person. This is an open invitation to all.

About Miraculous Yogi of the Centurty

Enlightened illustrious unique, Spell performing diving,
Yoga dignity of Modern Times

His Divine Grace Acharya Shri Keshav Dev ji Maharaj

Indian spiritualism is world wide acclaimed the best. In this field there has been scholars and learned personalities who gave their best theories on different spiritual subjects, which are the guide lines for the humanity.

Many rishi, muni, mahatma, Yogi, research scholars and men of letters had written on different spiritual philosophy for mankind. They were all in the past. We have one such brilliant dignity with in us, that is Acharya Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj.

He is enlightened, illustrious, adorator, who is endowed with heavenly super powers. His only mission is to help retrieving the lost discoveries of ancient science and related different steams, all together of ancient Indian culture yoga, Astrology, Telepathy, Music, Kundalni, Theosophy, Para Dhyan Sadhana, Pran Vigan, Ang Vidhya, Sabhad Vidhya, Karamkand, Meditation and Mantra Sadhna, these are some particular branches of his working field, in which he has done marvelous, unique research. This is published in the form of "MUDRA VIGYAN, A WAY OF LIFE".

In this book essential aspects of yoga are thoroughly explained. As it is called Tatvayoga, so the writer has gone deep into the roots of the subjects.

In his other books, he has taken different subjects and has written possible best guide lines for the readers.

He is tireless meditator. Engaged in constant deep deep contemplated meditation for the last sixty years. He has researched many hidden mysteries of the Nature, and had presented these all in the form of books, for the betterment of people. He latest research which is the outcome of last several years hard toiling practice is Kundalani Yoga, the book.


The subject itself is very hard and tough, spiritually, philosophical but he has elaborated it in such a way that now it is in the reach of a common man.

Infact his very competent authority of Ancient Indian Yoga, Astrology, Mudra Vigyan, Karam Kand, on all these subjects he had laid down his hand and the people are equally benefited with it.

Regarding the present book on Kundalani. It is further very clear to one and all. Though it is intriguing and fascinating mystry of the world but here it is made very easy for all.


1Kundalni Yog17
2Mystery of Several Accomplishments24
3Ostentation of Accomplishment of Super Natural Power38
4Basic Mystic Principle41
Mool Bandh42
Process of Mool Bandh44
5Strange Story56
6Vital Energy (Pran Shakti)77
7Kundalni and Music81
8Symptoms of Kundalni Awakening90
Jad Smadhi101
Chatanny Smadhi108
Some factors about Chatannya Smadhi112
11How to control (Pran) Vital Energy116
12Energy Seven guide lines for Awakening of Cosmic Energy119
13Super Knowledge of Kundalni122
14A Strange Experience129
Perennial Plexus (Mooladhar Chakra)132
Hypogastric Plexus (Swadhishan Chakra) 134
Cardiac Plexus (Anahat Chakra)135
Carotid Plexus (Vishud Charkra)136
Medulla Plexus (Agya Chakra)137
Brain Plexus (Sahstradal Chakra)139
Hypogastric Plexus (Swadhishan Chakra)142
Carotid Plexus (Vishud Chakra)146
15A Special Chapter on Medulla Plexus147
16Sahsra Dal Chakra Brain Plexus153
Some more Mystic points181
17One Amazing Method189
Some more Important Points for Kundalni Meditation197
18Pranav Upasana Meditation201
19In Short all the detail of all Plexuses206
20Caution regarding Kundalni212
Other information about Kundalni216
21Kundalni and Swar Vigyan218
Some important points228
How to Know Swar?229
The Mystic elements of Swar Science229
Mooladhar or Perennial Plexus229
Hypotestic Plexus230
Solar Plexus (Manipur Chakra)230
Cardiac Plexus (Anahat Chakra)230
Carotid Plexus (Vishudha Chakra)231
Recognise Elements231
Taste of Elements232
Breathing Speed233
Place Colour233
Length Wise233
22Spiritual Forecasting 240
23Appendices: Yoga dignity of Modern Time245

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