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Linguistics and English Language Teaching

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Linguistics and English Language Teaching
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Linguistics and English Language Teaching

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Item Code: NAL994
Author: P. B. Pandit
Publisher: Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute
Language: English
Edition: 1965
Pages: 130
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 140 gms
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On the 15th of October 1964 the Deccan College celebrates the centenary of its main Building, and curiously enough this period coincided with the Silver Jubilee of the Postgraduate and Research Institute which, as successor to the Deccan College , started functioning from 17th August 1939 when members of the teaching faculty reported on duty. When I suggested to members of our faculty the novel idea that the century should be celebrated by the publication of a hundred monographs representing the research carried on under the auspices of the Deccan College in its several department they accepted the suggestion. These contributions are from present and part faculty members and research scholars of the Deccan College, giving a cross-section of the manifold research that it has sponsored during the past twenyfive years. From small beginning in 1939 the Deccan College has now grown into a well development and developing Research Institute and became a national centre in so far as Linguistic, Archaeology and Ancient Indian History, and Anthropology and Sociology are concerned. Its international status is attested by the location of the Indian Institute if German Studies (jointly sponsored by Deccan College and the Goethe Institute of Munich), the American Institute of Indian Studies and a branch of the Ecole Francaise d’Eextreme-Orient in the campus of the Deccan College. The century of monographs not only symbolizes the centenary of the original building and the silver jubilee of the Research Institute, but also the new spirit of critical enquiry and the promise of more to come.



The Seminar of the Teachers of English and Linguists was organised by the Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics at the Deccan College on 16th and 17th October 1964. The proceedings were recorded; they are presented here with some abridgment and edition. The sections are divided under “Presentation” and “Discussion”. The papers and notes which from the bases of discussions are abridged under “Presentation”; I have tried to retain the conversational and argumentative tone of the “Discussion” which follows each presentation Polemics for a growing discipline is valuable, it is all more valuable where it can be practised across disciplines; we hope that the participants found it worthwhile to come together.

The passage from the tape-recorded data to the press copy was made possible by the assistance of my colleagues, Sri S. N. Salgarkar, Reade in Electronics and Experimental Phonetics and Dr. M. V. Sreedhar, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics. I am grateful to them for their generous help.




  Foreword v
  Preface vii
  Participants in the Seminar x
  Welcome Xiii
1 Structural Approach 19-28
  Presentation 19
  Discussion 24
2 Pronunciation 29-38
  Presentation 29
  Discussion 36
3 Grammar 39-53
  Presentation 39
  Discussion 51
  Fluency, Expression and Comprehension 54-73
  Presentation 54
  Discussion 66
5 Text Books 74-94
a) Secondary School  
  Presentation 74
  Discussion 81
b) Pre-University Course  
  Presentation 82
  Discussion 91
6 Testing 95-102
  Presentation 95
  Discussion 97
7 Teaching of Language and of Literature; the Linking 103-111
  Presentation 103
  Discussion 107
8 Teacher training Programme 112-126
  Presentation 112
  Discussion 120
9 Concluding Session 127-130


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