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The Lingustic Atom and The Origin of Language

The Lingustic Atom and The Origin of Language
Item Code: NAD493
Author: Gouri Dharmapal& Gautam Dharmapal
Publisher: Ritam
Edition: 2010
Pages: 281 (1 Color & 4 B/W illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 734 gms
Back of the Book

I have the deepest respect for Indian languages and continue to study Sanskrit when I have time. When India goes back to her soul, Sanskrit will naturally become India’s national language.
Sanskrit is the mother of Europe’s languages. Mother India is the mother of us all.

The landmark of our history should be Befor Panini and After Panini, and not B.C. and A.D.

Sanskrit is NOT the language of Panini. It is Bhasha—the universal accented language of Greater India, before Greek or Roman. San-s-krita was ‘dressed’ out of it a 1000 years later during the reign of Mahapadma Nanda.
Sm. Gouri Dharmapal speaks with a conviction which can come only from aprofund insight into the real nature of the revelatory Word. If her voice rouses a single soul from the dogmatic slumber induced by the Indological scholarship of the West, she will have done a great service to the cause of the Vedic lore.
We believe that the new analysis of Prof. Sm. Dharmapal is worth-translating in all Indian languages and will establish Panini in new glory. A Strong wave is current in England’s education-centers to re-assess English grammar in Panini’s lines.

About the Book

The extensive and brilliantly conceived research on Pãnini and the Origin of Language, is not only an amazing journey for the author Gouri Dharmapal but also has momentous implications for the historians of the world. It challenges the long held belief regarding Pãpini’s time and place of birth, thus raising many questions about the validity of the long-preached history of the preceding and subsequent times. These also include the so-called Indo-European or Aryan theories of the Linguists and the supremacy of the Anglo-Greek civilization. If and when accepted, after appropriate debate, her thesis will rewrite the history of India and the world.

About the Author

3400 years ago PANTNI a savant of BANGA codified the current language BHASHA (precursor of Sanskrit) with the Vedic language CHANDAS in 4000 SUTRAS aphorisms in tiny eight chapters. This ASHTADHYAYI, Octave became the Supreme document of Greater India and its LANGUAGE.
How did the vast continent PRITHIVI look like during the reign of Samrt YUDHISHTHIRA? From YAVA in the Far-East to YAVANA in the Far-West? From HIMAVAN’S golden — peaks in the North to LANKA in the South ? Maps are here to see with your own eyes.
A sudden persistent VISION in 1964 of a vast endless expanse of SOUND- LIGHT-LOVE-CREATION- LIFE was at the root of all that followed.

The Book contains Eight Rays enlightening the Vision, with_the help and inspiration of PANINI and the VEDA and of the good wishes of men like Kshitindranarayan Bhattacharya, Gobinda Gopal Mukhopadhyay, Jyoti Bhushan Chaki and of our loving students. With blessings from Robindronäth, Vivekãnando, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Raman, Sri Anirvãn and our immensely powerful Mothers.


The yajna, the journey, the quest, the Priyaniyä, the ascent starts. My father, the son of an allopath court-doctor of Gouripur and Bhopal, turned to Homoeopathy sama-pathi andleft in me an intense question— Why this suffering? How to cure it?
The pin-pointed diagnosis of the disease and the (infinitesimal) dose to cure it was my concern underlying all that I did. The answer is the book and the diagram.
The Veda Came To Me
I went to London on a study-leave granted by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. My subject was Vedic Ritual and the mantras connected with it. As I started translating the mantras into Bãnglã my mothertongue, a strange thing happened.
I had done it before. But in a foreign land, away from home, Kolkata Biigffi Bhãrat, the mantras and the translations rushed to me with a new love. The distance vanished between Vedic and Bãnglã. Even English was no bar in a poetic vistavision. Francis Thompson and his Hound of Heaven responded rhythmically with Saramã the DEVA-UNI, the Divine Dog, RV 10.108. Letters trickled in drops and honey oozed. Veda, the atmosphere and myself became a stream of honey, i.e. Bliss. The Rigveda, its interpretation by Sri Aurobindo in his ‘On the Veda’, and Robindronãth became One single Resonance.
Then I knew what the Rishis meant by ‘Veda coming to the Rishi’.
I became the daughter of Vãk—the Mother of the Universe. My ears opened to infinity. I was in a trance listening and copying the flood inundating my body and soul; poems after poems in hundreds, stemming from the Veda, flowering in Bãngla, creating a new diction, rooted in the old, blossomed in the newest of the new. In the end I was blessed with a 21-page treatise captioned The Linguistic Atom A key to the open secret of the Veda, the Vedic Ritual and Life.
Here from the Ocean of my heart Waves after waves rush forth in hundreds. How can my rivals know and see? I dangle like a golden Vetasa And witness amidst the brilliant flow of sparkling poetry.


In this booklet Sm. Gouri Dharmapal has presented in a nutshell a clue to the correct approach to the method of Vedic interpretation. She speaks with a conviction which can come only from a profound insight into the real nature of the revelatory Word. If her voice rouses a single soul from the dogmatic slumber induced by the Indological scholarship of the west, she. Will have done a great service to the cause of the Vedic lore.
With it, the Origin of Language and the Origin of Creation came in a steady flash. It was the same. A TRINITY OF SOUND SELF LOVE.
A Letter to our Bänglã-loving-knowing Greek friend Kostas Tsioulos
The Origin of Language is the same as the Origin of Creation. It is a Trinity of SELF-LOVE-SOUND.
What do you think about my re-search, as a scientist of Nasa and a toiler of Vipassanã, searching the root of your SELF? Are not all things essentially a product of this Trinity? This flash came to me in 1963-64, and I called it the Linguistic Atom TTJ-3T, — a key to All.
Proton, Pra-tama > quantum etc analyses only ‘matter’. Not mind, prãna, or consciousness. Gautamvishnu supplies the parallel Upanishadic terms idam and adah, Matter and Spirit in unison.
A non-mechanical key to the source of all— sound-love-self. A substance of the Eight Light-Waves.

1. The Veda is a Vast whisper of luminous Linguistic Atoms of the Rishis to take us to yak, Word, the Supreme Creature, leading to the vision SHe and I are one.
2. The Rishi is a fighting toddler with eyes and ears fastened fast to the Moon, the Sun and the Stars, babbling psalms to guide the erring humans.
3. The playing, dancing, silent Leader’s Spiritual Communism is the clue to true leadership.
4. Vedic Ritual or Yajna is a joint, mutual offering together by Man-Woman, assisted by dhira wise priest to Aditi the Unbounded fulnes and getting fullness back as Grace. From an embryo to a full-grown ‘Purusha’ — “Jpri ‘Jush > filling light — an individual is doing yajna in whatever S/He does, every moment of life. To be aware of it, to befriend the Child Artist in Its Play. This yajna is going on between Prakriti and Purusha, individual and Cosmos, in material, social, family, world levels.
5. Pãnini is the Index of India and Greater India, the meridian of our historical, geographical, cultural Map, at 3400 years ago, and the Vedic 8000 years, down to the Present Age. Pãnini’s DNA has to be sought all the world over in each letter of his 4000 sutras and his 14 brain-drumming .Siva-siitras.
6.7.8. The Veda is indigenous. Originating out of pre-literary ‘a-kritavãk language. It was hewn, chiseled and flowered as ‘kritavk’ chandas, i.e. Rishi-speech, beginning at least 8000 years ago. Prithivi was the name of our Vast Motherland given by the Rishis, retained in Pänini’s grammar 3400 years ago, meaning Mah Bhãrat of later days. Vedic speech continued as Bhãshà of Pãnini, the universal accented Mothertongue of Prithivi. It was broken as Pãli — a mixture of Vedic and Bhashic speech — dressed and re-edited 1000 years later in Nand’s time and named ‘Sam-s-krita’ yak, without Vedic-Bhäshik accents. Sanskrita was broken again into regional Prãkrits. Out of these have flowered all our modern Bharatiya languages, continuations and offshoots of the pre-Vedic, Vedic, Bhashik, Sanskrit etc. languages, keeping the Tatsama i.e. Vedic Sanskrit equivalents as pillars.
Arya theory is a hoax formulated by the British to distort and misdirect our History and Linguistics. This false fabrication should be dismantled. The Indo-European and the consequent Arya Dravidian theory is also a misnomer. There is no North-South divide in our language and people. The word Arya used 38 times in Rigveda, always meant Righteous Courageous Heroic Dynamic Pioneers, nowhere it meant racial foreign aggressors.
Pãnini is a Master swimmer in the Sea of Language, pointing the shore ahead. His Ashtadhyayi is a non-mechanical computer giving ins and outs of Vedic and Bashes language — a key to understand the origin of all languages.
In England too the learned people are considering recasting English grammar on Pänini’s lines.


1 The Linguistic Atom A key to the open secret of the Veda, the Vedic Ritual and Life. 1—30
2 The Vedic Poets 31—62
3 Leadership in the Veda 63—74
4 Veda and Yajna 75—90
5 The Light of 91—116
6 Our 0-live culture in the Light of Veda and Pnini. 117—148
7 Discovery of Pnini: Veda, Pãnini and Sukumar 149—172
8 Chandas, Bhashã and Bangla 173—194
Thanksgiving Udvasniyã 195—197

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