Living Meditation (A Journey Beyond Body and Mind)
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Living Meditation (A Journey Beyond Body and Mind)

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Author: Hector Esponda Dubin
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788182560505
Pages: 172
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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There is a method to conquer death. From Masters of spirituality we understand that there is a way to experience the life that exists beyond the death of the body, and a method or technique we can learn to experience it. These spiritual Masters teach the way to leave our body at will and return to it when we decide to do so. From them we learn that by practicing the method, by applying it to our daily lives, we can embark on a journey beyond body and mind, and in the process, develop clear thinking, peace of mind and inner joy. The Masters tell us that by perfecting their method we gain liberation from the cycle of death and birth and experience eternal bliss.

The spiritual Masters teach us that in the body the soul is knotted together with the mind at the spiritual eye center located in our forehead. From this point, our attention spreads out into the material creation where it constantly absorbs worldly impressions. The continuous, outward-directed activity of the mind, fuelled most often by our desires, forms deep impressions in our consciousness. These impressions act like complex, many-layered blankets, concealing from us the brilliance, power and vitality of our life force, our soul.

When the light of the soul becomes obscured by the mind., we begin to perceive the things of the world as if they were permanent and capable of giving us true happiness. Deceived by a distorted view of reality, we fail to realize that the events, people and things in our lives bring us a happiness that, by its very nature, is only superficial and short-lived. We fail to see that chasing happiness through whatever we are attached to in the perishable world has to lead, sooner or later, to frustration and sorrow while at the same time increasing our karmic debt. Tempted and driven by our senses, we keep doing thing that sow the seeds for future incarnations in the physical plane. Mistakenly, we direct our attention to the objects of our affection because we believe the reason for our joy or pain lies in them. In this way, our distorted view of reality leads to actions that drive the roots of our consciousness ever deeper into lower planes of existence. This strengthens the downward tendencies of our mind and keeps us from seeing the light of our soul. The sad result of this downward spiral-a spiral of cause and effect-is that the soul becomes so trapped and hidden in the lower physical realms that the time soon comes when the soul’s very existence is no longer even acknowledged.

I know those habits that can ruin your life
Still send their invitations…
Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins
That may buy you just a moment of pleasure,
But then drag you for days
Like a broken man
Behind a farting camel.

The way to break free the limitations we have imposed on ourselves, to regain the clarity that reflects our highest potential, it is to empower our soul consciousness through meditation. Once we begin to practise meditation, we soon realize that the method of the Masters is a path, journey or way for us to live. It is the path of becoming masters of our mind and senses. To follow the path to its destination means nothing less than the journey of a lifetime. As we travel along it and our mind becomes steadier through the practice of meditation, we will experience the soul gaining control while the undisciplined and ever-troublesome aspects of our mind are progressively weakened. Life becomes more carefree , we are controlled less by our desire, and we find ourselves more balanced and content. As the soul gains the upper hand, the benefits of meditation are increasingly felt and our spiritual resolve becomes deeper and firmer. We are no longer as easily deceived by a distorted perspective, and when we face hard times it is easier to ideal with them and recover our balance.

Constantly mastering his mind,
The spiritual man grows peaceful,
Attains supreme bliss,
And returns to the Absolute One.
Many Masters of spirituality throughout the ages stand witness, through their lives and writings, to the success of the method of Shabd meditation, and this book is about its practice.

Shabd, a Sanskrit name for the divine power, is known in different cultures by many different names: Tao, Holy Ghost, Word, Cosmic Energy, Buddha Nature, Kalma, Holy Sound, Sound Current, Truth and many others. The names themselves are not important. What matters is where they point. Shabd, as we use the term in this book, is the eternal reality underlying all forms of life. Shabd is beyond but also within every life form. This means that it is within everyone, within every form of life. It is accessible to each one of us as our deepest Self. Some might think of this reality as God, but while neither ‘Shabd’ nor ‘God’ can do justice to the transcendental reality the refer to, in this book the word ‘Shabd’ has been preferred to the word ‘God’.

The word God carries for most people the connotation of someone or something outside of oneself, whereas the word Shabd as power or energy-a word that is unfamiliar to many people- allows for an open concept that does not connote a being out there, apart from and outside of what and who we are. The word Shabd, as used n this book, includes inner as well as outer eternal reality . The concept does not reduce the limitless to a limited finite entity. Shabd is every thing. It is in every body. It is our own essence. It is our reality.

The beginning and of all things is Shabd. All gross matter, the sky and so forth, subtle matter, sound, form, taste and scent are all Shabd. Whatever exists is Shabd. Whatever is manifested form Shabd cannot be anything but Shabd. Shabd is our creator. Shabd is our sustainer. We are of Shabd and Shabd is ours.

By practising Shabd meditation we learn how to contact and merge with Shabd, the divine and primal power, in full consciousness. We learn how to ‘die’ to our limited self so that we can become alive forever. Freed from identification with our body selves, we gain freedom from personal obsessions, suffering and attachments. We learn how to access the positive creative energy or power that is already within us. The method of Shabd meditation comes recommended to us by Masters of spirituality, called here Shabd Masters, who have lived by its principles and experienced the truth of the practice. That, for us, is its guarantee. To know that what they say is true, we must put their method into practice and experience it for ourselves. Only through action can we know that it is true. Only through action will we experience how the integral system of the Shabd Masters can help us become complete human beings, attain knowledge of the deathless Self and realize the divine. The Shabd Masters assure us that if we apply their method in full, we will move from a world of concepts to one of spiritual experience. Through practice, we will be personally transformed.




  Introduction 1
1 Spiritual beings going through a human experience 9
  Life in the land of Kal 11
  We are responsible for the freedom of our soul 13
  Initiation is not an insurance policy 16
  Kal's deadliest weapon: indulging in thinking 17
  Get a grip on reality 21
  Invert the passions to nurture meditation 25
  Unmasking the ego 30
2 Priorities,attitude and effort 35
  What is it that we want? 35
  Attitude: The all-important perspective 42
  Effort makes the difference 46
  A prectical approach to meditating two and a half hours daily 53
3 Meditation is a way of life 61
  Live in the moment 63
  True seva 65
  The joy and benefits of meditation 67
  Meditation is the best way to prepare for death 70
4 The source of love and devotion 75
  Meditation is devotion 77
  Emotion, rightly directed, becomes devotion 79
  The role of the Master 85
  True darshan 87
5 The practice of meditation 91
  Preparation 92
  Time 94
  Place 95
  Posture 95
  Concentration 98
  The seat of the soul 101
  From concepts to experience 104
  Simran 107
  Dhyan 114
  Bhajan 117
  Inner experiences 120
  Conclusion 123
  For further reflection 126
  Endnotes 135
  Books and Authors Cited 143
  Bibliography 155
  Addresses for Information and Books 161
  Books on This Science 167


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