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Maharaja Ranjit Singh and His Times (An Annatoted Bibliography)

Maharaja Ranjit Singh and His Times (An Annatoted Bibliography)
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Item Code: IDG113
Author: H. S. Chopra
Publisher: Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8177700308
Pages: 180
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5" X 6.2"
weight of the book: 450 gms

In this boon an effort has been made to cover the manuscripts and books published on Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his times. The books entered have been physically scanned by the author in different libraries and archives. Bibliographical detail consists of name of the author, title of the work, sub-title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication and pages. In the case of manuscripts stress has been laid on author and title as folios of the same manuscript differ from one copy to another copy.

In the bibliographical entry the spellings of names and places have been retained as are in the works. Leaving article in the beginning only the first letter of first word has been retained capital. Names, Places begin with capital letters. In addition to it an annotation of each book and manuscript has been given after examining the works practically. However, in the annotation the spellings of personal names, places etc. have been change to that of present times for the easy understanding of the reader. Entries have been arranged alphabetically.

There are a number of documents, deeds, agency papers, parwanas, sanads, maps, portraits etc. which have not been included in this work.

If one finds the absence of any work in the list, it is because of its non-availability. The arrangement of works has been made keeping in mind the proximity and its contemporaneity to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In the Primary section the manuscripts/books have been retained as Persian, Urdu, English and Punjabi and in Secondary works Urdu, English, Punjabi and Hindi

I hope this work of annotated sources will prove very useful to students, researchers as well as of various other disciplines.

Guru Nanak Dev University

H. S. Chopra
Deputy Librarian


Primary Sources
Secondary Sources

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