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Maharani: A Fabulous Collection of Adventures of Indian Maharanis and Royal Mistresses

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Maharani: A Fabulous Collection of Adventures of Indian Maharanis and Royal Mistresses

Maharani: A Fabulous Collection of Adventures of Indian Maharanis and Royal Mistresses

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Item Code: IHD021
Author: Diwan Jarmani Dass and Rakesh Bhan Dass
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788121612081
Pages: 224 (20 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0" X 5.2"
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A Fabulous collection of adventures of Indian Maharanis and Royal Mistresses.

A sequel to the betseller MAHARAJA.

A rare treasure of true stories that offer a deep insight into the glamorous and sensuous lives of the Indian and European Maharanis of India.

Intriguing as well as valuable, Maharani is at once a historical romance and a sociological document, as it vividly recounts a bygone era, an era perhaps never to return again.

The author served Indian Maharajas for over 50 years accompanying them on their amorous trips to private retreats in India and abroad. He brilliantly recounts the extraordinary lives of the Maharanis of the richest men the world has ever seen.

Diwan Jarmani Dass born in Punjab in 1895, was a Minister in the States of Kapurthala and Patiala.

Articulate in Punjabi, Urdu, English and French, he was highly decorated by the Vatican and the Governments of France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt and many other countries. He was also decorated by the Rulers of Kapurthala, Patiala and Bhawalpur States.

1Why Women?9
2 Cherchez la Femme14
3 The Himalayan Home of Gaiety18
4 In the Hall of Mirrors22
5 Glamorous and Gay Maharanis26
6 The Nawab’s Dream Resort 29
7 Maharani Tara Devi’s Tragic Romance33
8 Passionate Paswanji36
9 Two Exotic Royal Sisters40
10 Eros in Matriarchy44
11 Dividing the Rulers Not the Ruled49
12 Maharani as a Boy65
13 When Jinnah Pleaded for an Adulteress68
14 Prayer Before Passion73
15 Handshake with a Quiver76
16 Arlette out of the Net78
17 The Vicereine in a Sari82
18 Love through the Telephone85
19 Maharani Indira Raja - the Merry Widow90
20 Maharanis from Abroad92
21 Sensationally Vindictive Princesses95
22 British Policy and Indian Potentates98
23 Eunuchs as Guardians of Chastity103
24 Indian Society and Pseudo-modernity105
Rare Photographs
25 ‘Gala Gaiety in Big Cities113
26 Women’s Values - Old and New115
27 Sita - Queen of Virtue120
28 Nurjahan - Queen of the Rose Scent122
29 Mumtaz Mahal - The Lady of the Taj127
30 Concubines at the Helm129
31 Valiant Lakshmibai of Jhansi131
32 Napoleon’s Faithless Beloved134
33 Empress Marie Louise and Her Grand Lover140
34 The Insatiable Christina of Sweden143
35 Anne Boleyn Meets Her Fate145
36 Catherine of Russia, the Callous Beloved149
37 Marie Antoinette in the Death Chamber152
38 Blessed be the Dead165
39 Self-immolation as a Tradition167
40 The Geisha Land of Japan173
41 Focus on Sweden178
42 Sex Parks in European Capitals192
43 The Netherlands Scene195
44 France of Today201
45 Islands of Love and Laughter208
46 Church and Morals of the Run213
47 Sex Gap Galore217
48 Khajuraho - the Sanctum of Sex Arts222
In Conclusion224
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