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Mahayogi Gagangiri (An Old and Rare Book)

Mahayogi Gagangiri (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: AZB646
Author: Ashish
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 1993
Pages: 96 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7 x 9.5 Inches
Weight 520 gm

Mr. Ashish Pyaremohan Wazir, who hails from a kashmiri Brahmin family, is a young disciple of P.P. Gagangiri Maharaj. 'Mahayogi Shri Gagangiri" is the first book and I feel very happy in presenting it. after completing his education in 1983, he decided to serve Gagangiri Maharaj and thereby started a new chapter in his life.

To be with a saint like Gagangiri Maharaj for twenty four hours, is a great blessing in disguise. One may get the darshan of Maharaj, or one may be able to discuss one's problems with him, but to be with him while he is meditating is of prime importance. P.P. Gagangiri Maharaj explains the details of Yoga to Ashish, who notes Maharaj's words in detail.

Every word which Maharaj utters, or every phrase he mentions has a very deep meaning. Sometimes they carry a deeper meaning than the sayings of learned men and have a lot of creativity in them. Only people who have divine-wisdom can understand the words, phrases and teachings of Gagangiri Maharaj and can fill in the blanks in his phrases. Mere description of Maharaj's sayings is like narrating his words to a leaf person, who obviously cannot hear or understand anything. In order to understand Maharaj, service.

to God, and extreme faith is required, as Maharaj's sayings are based on knowledge of yoga and practical experiences. When one attains this knowledge, only then can he experience Maharaj's sayings, after which he can put it down in black and white.

In the past 6-7 years, while Maharaj was meditating at Gagangad, Ambolgad, Dajiipur, Vesraf, Himalayas, he has shared his experiences with his disciple. Most of his narrations are during his meditation period. People who are interested in religion, saints, knowledge, will find this book interesting. Ashish has tried to lote down Maharaj's words in Marathi exactly as uttered by Maharaj, without any changes whatsoever. Inspite of the fact that Marathi is not his mothertongue, the effort he has made is really commendable.

Gagangiri Maharaj pours out knowledge as though he is the Ganges of knowledge, which continuously flows and spreads fresh and new knowledge. Whenever, people listen to him, they experience a lot of pleasure but there is hardly anybody who notes down his experiences. there are hardly any people in India, who note down or document the sayings of saints, because of which Gyaneshwari, Bhagwat Geeta were written with great difficulty. When people feel" the need for real knowledge, guidelines to lead a good life, only then will tliey note down the sayings of great saints and sadhus, which will serve as a guide to a common man. People should make efforts to note down the experiences and sayings of sadhus, otherwise the words of saints go waste like a shower of rain, which just pours and flows away.

The far-sightedness of Gagangiri Maharaj multitracking in thinking exploration for truth and newer ideas never stops: Everyday as people require fresh water, similarly Maharaj requires new knowledge and new thoughts. Maharaj pays great attention to the soul, which is far more important than our flesh and body made of veins, arteries and a small brain. This knowledge of the soul is entirely efferent from the knowledge of Yoga mentioned earlier. Rather than comparing him with earlier saints, it is important to consider him as a different yogi, who has tremendous powers and attentively listen to every word which he says. This is a very big and important test for us.

the very fact that Ashish has made an attempt to put facts on paper gives me tremendous happiness. The sayings and words of Gagangiri Maharaj have a very deep meaning. Everyone can interpret them according to his background, education, upbringing, spiritual eapacity etc. But the person.

who can interpret the real meaning is the one who has divine and pure knowledge. Each one of us should offer our service, knowledge and self to God which is the motto of this book. I hereby offer my good wishes to Ashish for having written this book and wish that he continues to to the same in future, which is my humble request.

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