Mantras (The Sacred Chants)

Mantras (The Sacred Chants)

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Author: Swami Veda Bharati
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788183280945
Pages: 132
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.1” X 4.6”

About the Book
A mantra is a series of sounds which is known more by its vibrations than by its meaning. It helps the mind to focus and leads one towards the centre of silence within. It is a way to understand one’s self and helps to synergies one’s external and internal worlds.

This book, written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, unravels the importance of mantras and their healing effects on us.

Swami Veda Bharati is the Spiritual Director of Sadhana Mandir, Swami Rama’s Ashram at Rishikesh. Born into a Sanskrit-speaking family and raised in the centuries-old Sanskrit tradition, he could hold his audience spellbound with the depth of his knowledge and intuition on the Vedas and Patanjali’s Yoga-sutras, since the age of nine. He postgraduated from the University of London, and acquired D.Lit. from Holland.

He was initiated into one of the highest paths of meditation and yoga by his master Swami Rama, the celebrated yogi of the Himalayas. He was conferred the title of Mahamandaleshwara by the Swami community in 1999. he can be contacted at

“May we recite the mantra for fire,” prayed the rishi in the Rg-Veda. The fire is to be invoked and kindled within the kunda, the fire-vessel within us.

The fire invoked through the mantra burns all our dross and macula, leaving us as burnished gold.

Only as golden womb of the cosmic field of intelligence, the universal ocean of wisdom, that is the first and the last guru.

Only as golden being can we enter the space spoken of in the Atharva-Veda – within the transcendent gold treasury dwells the dustless, immaculate, incalculable, indivisible Brahman, that is the bright and clear light of lights that the self-knowers know.

The self-knowers then have free and full access to that which Patanjali has named as tarakam jnanam, the knowledge that helps us cross over from this shore to the ‘that’ which is beyond our day-to-day ‘this’. Such knowledge is instantaneous cover an entire field, is supralogical and non-sequential. In that intuitive knowledge, the mantric phrase are not composed of words, nor are the words composed of syllables, nor are the syllables made up of phonemes. A kshana is defined in the commentaries on the Yoga Sutras as the time it takes the minutest atomic particle to traverse the space of its own length and breadth, which simply is a point in space. Such knowledge, appearing as a ripple of wisdom, in the rishi’s buddhi in a single kshana is called a mantra.

May you not be content with reciting the mantras verbally. A yogi’s mantra recitation allows for no movement of the tongue or of the larynx., it must simply be a wave in the mind, a remembrance, samaranam. That wave too will subside and the entire being will get immersed in a lake of ecstatic silence.

I wise the reader the discovery of the infinite world of silence through the mantra.

In service of Gurudeva,

Raja-yoga, the royal path, is the complete yoga that is taught in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, to which even, the greatest authors on hatha yoga, such as Svatamarama, pay homage. Interpreted, expanded in practice and handed down in experiential and initiatory guidance by the Himalayan masters. It is referred to as the Himalayan tradition. However, without a live transmission, Patanjali cannot be understood. The first transmission to students, therefore, is of a mantra, a sonar unit, to concentrate upon.

Back of The Book
Om Om Om guru brahma gurur visnur gurur devo mahesvarah,

Guruh saksat param tasmai sri-gurave namah.

Om, Om, Om, to that beautiful and benevolent guru who is Brahma, the creator, Visnu, the maintainer, and Siva, the Great Lord through whom all things return to their origin. To that guru who is the direct experience of Brahman; salutations.


1.Mantra; What and why1
2.Difference Between Sutra and Mantra24
3.Mantra After Initiation41
4.Special Mantras76
5.Refining Your Mantra95
Some Mantras to Chant110

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