Medieval Mysticism of India (An Old Book)

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Author: Kshitimohan Sen
Language: English
Edition: 1974
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Pages: 279
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Book Description

From the Jacket

"The chief characteristic of the typical Indian Mystics of Medieval India was that they did not submit to the control of any sectarian, organization or scriptures", says the author. This freedom in the matter of spiritual culture was non-existent in medieval Europe gave Indian mystic experiences a richness and variety which is not available elsewhere. The author has constructed a true history of the religions and spiritual efforts of Medieval India based on the materials enshrined in the sayings and doctrines of the Sadhus of the period and historical anecdotes about them. 

About the Author

Kshitimohan Sen was an eminent scholar and a saint who contributed a lot in the development and growth of Visvabharati, Shantiniketan. Rabindranath Tagore and C.F. Andrews both regarded him as their esteemed colleague and friend. He dedicated his entire life in collection of materials pertaining to the lives of innumerable Sadhus and Sadhana.




Preface to the Translation


Indian Terms




Beginning of Indian culture
-Meeting of Dravidian, pre-Dravidian and Aryan cultures
-Foreign tribes absorbed in the Indian population
-Upanisadic mysticism
-Tragedy of Indian Medieval times
-Impact of Islam and India's reawakening
-Reaction to the Vedic ritualism
-Reaction to the worship of symbols
-Islam's unity and consequent power
-Islam's contradictory ideas and creeds
-India takes stock of her ancient ideas and ideals
-Medieval Mysticism born
-Ramananda and Medieval India
-Mussulman saint
-The problem of depressed classes
-Saints and orthodox theologians of Islam
-Dataganj Bakhsh
-The Kashfal Mahjub
-Method of the Sufi sadhana: devotion to guru, fana and hal
-Chishtiyya Sufis come
-Muinuddin Chishti
-Husaini Brahmans
-Qutbuddin Kaki
-Fariduddin Shakarganj
-Sabir Chishti
-Nizamuddin Aulia
-Chishti of Sindh
-The Suhrawardi sect
-The Kadiri sect
-Sufism in Bengal and Bihar
-Sufism charged with heterodoxy
-The need of liberal Islam for India
-Sufis of Sindh
-Mubarak Nagori
-His sons, Faizi and Abul Fazl
-Akbar the Great
-Aziz Kuka
-Abdul Rahim Khan Khanan
-Dara Shikoh
-Azam Shah
-Four Sufi friends of Sindh
-Shah Karim
-Shah Inayat
-Amity between sects
-Shah Latif
-Bedil and Bekash
-Fattu and Mihr
-Imam Shah
-The Shahdulla sect
-Taj, a Mahomadan poetess in Hindi
-The Khoja sect
-Malik Muhammad Jayasi
-Nur Muhammad
-Hasan Nizami
-Hindu influence on Islamic sects
-Heterodox (beshara) sects
-The Azad sect
-The Tantras influenced the Rasulshahi sect
-Hindu and Mussulman superstitious mix together
-Bauls and Zikirs
-Protest against heterodoxy
-Faraizis of Bengal
-The Hindu revival and reformation
-Vedic exegesis
-The Shifting of Smritis
-The study of Vedanta
-The Tantras and some teachers of the Tantras
-The Bhagavata cult
-Worshippers of Siva and Visnu
-Such Bhaktas of Southern India
-The Madhva sect
-Vallabhacharya and the Vallabha sect
-The Astachhap
-The Svami Narayani sect
-The Radha-vallabhi sect
-The Haridasi sect
-Narsi Mehta
-Akha Bhagat and Niskulanda
-Santa-ram, and Madhavgar
-Brahmanand and Devanand
-Vernacular Ramayans and Mahabharata: Krittivas and Kasiram-das
-Popular religious festivals and similar institution
-Kashmir Saivism
-Southern Saivism
-Chronicles of Bhaktas
-The Bhaktamal.



The religion natural is the religion eternal
-Sahaj or the Natural
-Nath and Yogi sects
-The Niranjan and other North Indian sects
-Ramananda, his twelve desciples
-Bhakta Sadan
-Agra-das and Kilha
-The Bhaktamal
-The Khaki sect
-Some saying of Ravi-das
-The story of the quarrel over Kabir's dead-body
-Kabir's views and teachings
-Kabir's songs
-The Granth Sahib of the Sikhs
-Malik Muhammad Jayasi
-Kabir's sects
-The Dharamdasi sect
-Dabu and his disciples
-Rajjab's teachings: all round sadhana, variety in sadhana, meeting of many individual ideas, current made up of numerous drops, the world is the Vedas, the creation is the Koran
-The Uda Kabir sect of Gujarat
-The Kabir's sect of Kathiawar, Bhan Sahib
-Ravi Sahib and other followers of Bhan
-Influence of Kabir spreads
-Sects of Orissa
-Sects of Bengal
-Neo-Sufism of India
-Bawri Sahib and Yari Shah
-Bulla Sahib
-Gulal Sahib
-The Satnami sect
-The Satnami Sadh sect
-Vir Bhan
-The Ghasidasi Satnami sect
-Lalgir and the Alakhnami sect
-Paltu Sahib
-Daria Sahib, the follower of the Satnam in Bihar
-Daria Sahib of Marwar
-Lal-das, and the Laldasi sect
-Suthra Shah and the Surthashahi sect
-Puran Bhagat
-Garib-das, of Punjab
-Chhajju Bhagat
-Dara Shikoh
-Ten precepts of Sahajobai
-Nani-bai and Mata-bai
-Sib-narayan Bulle Shah
-Prannath, and the Prannathi sect
-Tulsi Sahib Hathrasi
-Apa-panthis and Munna-panthis
-The modern period in the religious history of India begins.















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