Mystical Formulae Part II Yantras

Mystical Formulae Part II Yantras

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Author: K.T. Shubhakaran
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: english
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788170821700
Pages: 243
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.6" X 7.3"
Weight 670 gm


With the blessing of LORD SHIVA the embodiment of OM, the root of existing and non-existing, I am presenting this humble book with the sole motive of reviving spiritualism.

First of all, I am thankful to all those readers who have appreciated my first book titled "Nakshatra Based Predictions including Remedial Measures – Part I" and my second book titled "Mystical Formulae – Part I – Mantras". I would not have ventured into this book but for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm expressed by the public on my two books mentioned above.

A doubt will arise in the mind of readers in regard to the utility and authenticity of Mantras and Yantras. This doubt is created out of ignorance. To disregard anything by labeling as "useless or rubbish or orthodox" without bringing into practical use is not the correct approach. Now the tendency is to prove everything scientifically i.e. no theory or formulae or invention is acceptable to the world unless it is proved scientifically.

I will narrate an interesting discussion taken place between two friends which I overhead when I was waiting for a bus. One friend mentioned that "now-a-days I am doing meditation and I have seen several supernatural beings during the course of meditation". His friend immediately shouted "what nonsense? You are waisting your valuable time". When the friend doing meditation went on arguing to establish the value of meditation, his friend asked him to prove is scientifically. He even made a bet of Rs.100 if it can be proved scientifically. Now the question is how to prove it scientifically? Experience vary from person to person. We all forget that the term" science" was in existence even before the Vedic period. The reason why I selected the point as Vedic period is because it is the pointer period which most of us are aware. The meaning of "Science" is "Shastra" And "Shastra" is the usually accepted synonym for any "System or Theory or Method" mainly due to the import of English Language. It would be better to rename the terms as "Old Science" and "Modern Science".

I have experienced lot of "VIBRATIONS" during the course of writing and drawing of the Yantras and Mantas. Modern scientific man will stamp my experience as a Psychic case. I once again reiterate that I have experienced and felt the presence of the "Almighty". Then the question would be – what did I achieve? Whether I have derived certain supernatural powers etc.


I started drawing various Yantras with effect from 20th December, 1991 at 10.15 PM IST. Suddenly I started feeling that somebody is patting on my back as if acknowledging my work in "SABHASH" (well done). When I turned back I couldn't see any one. This experience continued for some days. After 5 or 6 days, when I tried to sleep, somebody started pulling my hair, nose and forehead. I thought that my wife is doing it as a joke. Alas! When I started shouting "don't do it, I am tired, let me take rest, don't disturb me, she cae from the other room and asked me why are your shouting? Only then I realized that it was not she but somebody else. Imagine! There was no alternative but to get up and switch on the light out of fear. I again laid down with the light on. Again I was disturbed. I felt that somebody started pinching my back and other portion of the body as if to wake me up and asking me to do the job. I got up and started preparing the book. I could sleep on that day. It continued for days and I have not slept for days. Ultimately I realized that I cannot sleep unless I complete the book. I heard several noises at night. By that time, I was completely accustomed to these noises. During the entire period of writing, I got some extra strength. I completed this book, except Preface and contents, on 30.1.1991, at 8.30 AM and suddenly felt that somebody has moved away from my body with a jerk. Again I got the same vibration when I am typing this Preface (now) i.e. 31.1.1991 at 10.30 AM.

What does it indicate? As for me, it is the indication of the superb power these YANTRAS process. I feel completely a changed man now. It seems impossible to believe that I have not slept for 1 month and 11 days i.e. from the day I started drawing Yantras (not from the day I vibrations on my back right shoulder bone. There is a sound that of a motor. I don't know, how and why this has happened. But it is enough for me to know that these Yantras have some valuable significance which I have to explore.

The reason why I have explained all these are not with purpose of getting any publicity of my name but to tell the world – look, anybody who wants peace must take shelter into our ancient mantras and Yantras. These have the power to change the entire world. I have always had the feeling that the world would shortly be moving again towards spiritual side.

I can surely say that modern science has not achieved anything new. Whatever inventions have taken place is only a transformation from one shape to another. For example, the modern aeroplane. In olden days. Ravana used to travel in air with his Pushpaka Vimana which did not have any engine, but with his supernatural power attained through Mantras. Just imaging a vehicle without spending not even a single penny was in existence thousands of years back, whereas, the modern man call himself to be more advanced and invented aeroplanes and rockets by spending crores of rupees and that too with the help of several thousands of person. What does it indicate? As for me, one spiritually advanced man is equal to thousands of persons taking recourse to modern science. Is it not true?

I can prove it by quoting another example. Our ancestors have with their spiritual powers or with supernatural vision calculated the transit of various planets. Could our modern scientists negative it? We all prepare horoscopes with the use of Ephemeris. What is the basis of Ephemeris? Is it not based on the formulae given to us by our ancestors belonging to the spiritual world?

Still another example is the great BRAHMASTRA used in various wars fought in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Was it not with the power of Mantras? It is so mentioned that a BRAHMASTRA can be used only when all other ASTRAS (arrows) fail. A Brahmastra is capable of destroying the entire world. Today, we have invented Atom bomb or Nitrogen Bomb or Nuclear weapons. What is the utility of these Bombs. Is it not the same as that Brahmastra? So in what respect we are more advanced than our ancestors? To conclude this argument, I may say that our ancestors were far more advanced than e the present generation. Some catastrophe or the use of Brahmastra might have destroyed most of the inhabitants of this world and the Mantra Science perished along with them. With the lapse of time, again man started his search for a System for his easy and enjoyable existence. Modern Science is the result of such search. Hence, transformation took place from one form to another. Hence, we have to name such transformation as "Modern Science.

I earnestly request the readers to put the Yantras mentioned in this book into practical use and do please write to me when they have achieved the goal, so that I can continue any research so as to revitalize our lost energy and lead the world towards achieving peace and harmony.

For easy understanding of the numericals used in this book, I am giving below its equivalent in Roman numericals. Practitioners are advised to use the same script which are used in this Yantras, while writing the Yantras or Mantras.

Readers are advised to go through all the rules and regulations which are mentioned in Part –I of Mystical Formulae for the best result.

I am grateful to all those who have given me support and encouragement. I would not have been able to write this book but for the inspiration given by Shri Narinder Sagar of Sagar Publications, New Delhi. May God give him long life and prosperity.




1. Methods of writing Mantras on the Yantras and the method of preparing Yantras 1
2. Numerical Yantras explained 1
3. Method and Principle of writing Numerical Yantras 1
4. Ink for writing Yantras 6
5. Ink combination No.1 and 2 7
6. Ink combination No.3 8
7. Pen to be used for writing the Yantras 9
8. Rules to be observed during Yantras writing 10
9. Rules to be observed during Yantra writing 10
10. Wonders of Yantra 11
11. How to get Yantra prepared 11
Practicals of Yantras
    Yantra No.
1. Vijaya Yantra – for wealth, health and prosperity 1
2. Maha Yantras – a multipurpose Yantra – alleviation of diseases, prosperity, attraction, arresting spirits and ghosts, causing harm to enemies, creating friction between two person etc. 2
3. Chotreesiyaa – a multipurpose Yantra – wealth, health and Yantra Kalpa Prosperity 3
4. Keeping away spirits and ghosts 4
5. Paravidhyaa Chedan Kali Kunda Yantra – For the blessings of Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge) 5
6. For wealth and final salvation 6
7. For the cure of fever 7,19,101,140,151,163,227,242,
8. For harming enemy 8,88,89,102,245,253,258,273,
9. Rules and regulations of "Pandrahiyaa Yantra" 9
10. Pandrahiyaa Yantra Kalpa – multipurpose Yantras 10,11,12,13
11. Sarva Siddhi Yantras 14,72,73,74,80,85,103,379
12. Shakunada Pandariya Yantra – for wealth 15
13. Dravya Praapti Pandariya Yantra – increase in business 16
14. Vasheekaran Pandariya Yantra – fulfilment of desire 17
15. Release from imprisonment 18
16. Increase of business 20,69,107,108,109,152,185,347
17. For getting wealth 21,90,112,187,222,244
18. For Killing insects destroying crops 22,285
19. For the cure of "Aadha Sheeshi" 23,150,155,188,214,286,287,297
20. Protection from theft 24
21. For the accomplishment of desires 25,33,34,336,382
22. Cure for dog poison 26
23. Vairagyothpathi Yantra – For creating detachment form worldly affairs 27
24. Cure for wind problems 28
25. For prosperity and comforts 29
26. Cure for leprosy 30
27. Multipurpose Yantras 31,35,70,71,204,265,375,377
28. Bringing wife under control 32
29. For making one's breast stand erect (for ladies) 36
30. Beeza Yantra Kalpa –for knowing favourable business line 37
31. Ucchhatan Nivaaran Pandariya Yantra – for the removal of fear 38
32. Prassoti Peedaa Hara Yantra (Pandariya Yantra) – for easy delivery 39
33. Mrityu Kashta Door Pandariya Yantra – protection from accidents 40
34. Pishaach Peedaa Hara Yantra (Satharathriya Yantra) – protection from spirits and ghosts 15
35. Siddhidaata Beesaa Yantra – gets support in all the undertaking 42
36. Lakshmeedaataa Vijaya Beesa Yantra – produces auspicious results 43
37. Sarva Kaarya Laabh Beeza Yantra – accomplishes all desires 44
38. Shaanthi Pushti Daataa Beeza Yantra – produces auspicious results 45,46,47
39. Baala Rakshaa Beeza Yantra – protects the child from fear and evil spirits 48
40. Aapathi Nivaran Beeza Yantra- protects the Sadhaka from danger 49
41. Grha Klesha Nivaaran Beeza Yantra – for peacein the family 50
42. Lakshmee Praapti Beeza Yantra – for wealth 51
43. Boota-Pishaach-Daakinee Peeda Hara Yantra – protection from spirits ad ghosts 52
44. Baala Bhaya Hara Ikkeessa Yantra – for the protection of child from evil eyes 53
45. Nazar Drishiti Choubeezaa Yantra – for the protection of child from evil eyes 54
46. Prasooti Peeda Hara Unnatheesa Yantra – easy delivery 55
47. Garbha Rakshaa Thessa Yantras – preventing untimely delivery 56
48. Garbha Raksha Pushti Daataa Batheesa Yantra –prevents abortion 57
49. Bhayahara Suvvam Vyavsaaya Vardhaka Choutheesa Yantra-Increase in business 58
50. Mantraakshara Sahita Chowntheesa Yantra – multipurpose Yantra 58
51. Prabhaava Prasana Vardhaka chowbnthessa Yantra establishing supremacy among he businessmen 60
52. Dhana Praapthi Chaatheesa Yantra –for wealth 61
53. Sampathi Pradaan chaaleesaa Yantra –Protection from thief and getting auspicious results, wealth 62
54. Jwara Peedan Hara Saattiyaa Yantra – for control of fever 63
55. Chowbees Jin Pesatiya Yantra – multipurpose Yantra 64,65
56. Pancha Shashit Yantra Garbhita – for the prosperity of the inhabitants of the house 66
57. Lakshmee Daataa Chamatkaaree Yantra – for wealth 67
58. Kalpa Vrksha Yantra –for getting employment, wealth and fame 68
59. Cure for various diseases 75,142
60. Secret Yantras 76
61. Sree Mahaa Lakshmi Praapthi Yantra – for wealth 77
62. 130 Sarvatho Bhadra Yantra Siddhi Mantra – one becomes highly intellectual 78
63. Winning suits 79
64. Chausat Yoginee Mahaa Yantra – multipurpose yantra 81
65. Power and authority 82
66. Rishi Mandala Yantra – fulfilment of desire, treatment of patient 83
67. Increase of intelligence and for infatuation 84,141,146
68. Jwaala Maalini Yantra – accomplishment of desires 86
69. Panchaanguli Mahaa Yantra- best for astrologers for getting predictive power 87
70. Poison recedes 91
71. Ghantaa Karna Kalpa – sarva Siddhi 92
72. For begetting child 93
73. Vyaapaara Vardhaka Yantra – Increase of business 94
74. Cure for epilepsy 95,239,317
75. Stopping dreams 96,181,324,367
76. Protection from all weapons 97
77. Secret wealth 98
78. Cure of stomach pain of horses 99
79. Calling back person gone abroad 100,106,340,357
80. Protection from evils 104,190,191,194,200,202,208,209,
354,356,369,370, 374
81. Unexpected wealth 105
82. Relief from cold 110,183
83. Propitiation of planets 111
84. Vijaya Pathaaka Yantra – stopping evil dreams and producing auspicious results 113
85. Prevents abortion 114,115,170
86. Lakshmi Pradaan Adasattiya Yantra – increase of business 116
87. Nitya Lakshmee Laabh Daataa Bahatthariya Yantra – getting wealth daily 117
88. Sarpa Bhaya Hara Asseeyaa Yantra – to ward off troubles from the snakes 118
89. Bhoota-Pretha Hara Picchaassiya Yantra- protection a house from the evil spirits and ghosts 119
90. Sukh Shaanthi Daataa: Ekkyanave Kaa Yantra- preventing unforeseen and sudden adverse events due to change of one's residence 120
91. Griha Klesha Hara Ninnanavve Ka Yantra – establishing peace in the family 121
92. Putra Praapthi Garbha Raksha Yantra-Safe delivery 122
93. Taapa Jwara Peeda Hara Ek Sow Paanchava Yantra – for fever 123
94. Siddhi Daayak Ek Sow Aathvaa Yantra –achievement of specific purpose 124
95. Bhoota-Preta Kashta Nivaarana Ek Sow Chathess Yantra – protection from evils 125
96. Puthrothpathi Daata Ek Sow Sathariya yantra – begetting child and for accomplishment of desire 126
97. Ek sow Sathariya Doosara Yantra – for wealth and success 127
98. Vyaapaar Vridhi Do Sow Kaa Yantra- increase in business and for the protection of pregnancy 128
99. Lakshme Daataa Paanch Sow Kaa Yantra – for wealth 129
100. Saath Sow Chowbeez Yantra - infatuation 130
101. Lakshiya Yantra – protection from fear 131
102. Lakshiya Yantra Doosaraa- increase of business 132
103. Jayapatha Kaa Yantra- increase in business 133
104. Vijapata Yantra – success in all undertakings 134
105. Sankhata Mochana Yantra – for good health 135
106. Siddha Yantra –winning inspeculation and gambling 136
107. Chowsat Yoginee Yantra – happiness returns to the house segregates good and bad 137
108. Doosaraa Chowsat Yoginee Yantra – multipurpose Yantra 138
109. Paarshwanath Yantra – for getting boon from goddess Padmavathi 139
110. Chowbees Teerthankaron Kaa Yantra – for wealth 143
111. For the cure of skin diseases 144
112. Adbhuta Lakshmee Praapthi Yantra –for wealth 145
113. Udaya Astha Anka Jnaathaa Yantra – for knowing exact time of getting wealth 147
114. For wealth and cure of disease 148,189
115. Stopping excessive bleeding in ladies 152,238
116. Akasmaath Dhana Praapti Yantra- for sudden wealth 154
117. Success in education 156
118. Chintith Kaarya Siddhi Yantra – solving worries 157
119. Bhoota Preta Pishaach Daakinee Nivaaran Yantra –protection from evils 158
120. Sarva Manokaamnaa Siddhi Yantra- accomplishment of all desires 159,160
121. Chandra Yantra- achieving success 161
122. Infatuation 162,179,180,182,184,199,203,205,
123. Cure of naval problems 164
124. To see the place where wealth is hidden 165,166,167,168
125. Navagrha Shaanthee Pandariya Yantra- Propitiating planets 169
126. For increase of milk in the breast of a lady 171,218,293
127. For infatuation and success in all works 172,173,174
128. Cure of snake poison and wind problems 175,176
129. For knowing the place of hidden wealth and for fulfilling all desires 177
130. Cure of various child disease and protection from evil eyes 178
131. Mastery in pronounciation in various languages 186
132. Cure of enlarged and hardened gland 192
133. Preventing heart attack 193
134. Extremely powerful Yantra for weath 195
135. Protection of child from evil eyes 196
136. Preventing fear of ghosts 197
137. Protection from accidents 198
138. For creating mutul love and affection between husband and wife 201
139. Cure of fever called "Bela Jwar" (fever arising after every hour) 206
140. Cure from Antara Jwara (fever arising on alternative hours or days) 215
141. For getting abortion 217,224,252,302,307
142. For killing enemy 219,235,313,331
143. Cure of Headache 220,325
144. Removing fear of snakes 223
145. For getting more ghee 226
146. Success in the battlefied 228
147. Prevents effect of poison 230
148. Protection from weapons and success in fighting 231
149. For getting a He-calf to the cow and infatuation by lady 232
150. Best for ladies to have comfort in her husband's house 233
151. Preventing hurdles in anyundertaking 240
152. Stopping the snakes entering the house 241
153. Special enemy harming yantra 243
154. Regaining Sex 249
155. Turning away the enemies from his present residence/place 251,339
156. For the smooth coming of teeth in infants 255
157. For creating ill-will and causing mutual fighting among the inhabitants of a house 259
158. Creating friction and causing separation between persons 260,277
159. For getting Vachan Siddhi (Predictive power) 262
160. For growing more flowers in the garden 263
161. For destroying the desire for intercourse 264
162. Destroying rats 266
163. For vanishing all fears 267
164. For cloting Shukla (Semen) 268
165. Destroying the house/business house of enemy 269
166. Cure of ear pain 270
167. Success in quarrelling and fighting 271
168. Protection from small pox 272
169. Stopping the evils of Daakinee, protection from the curse of snakes, protection from evil eyes 274
170. Protection from diseases 275
171. For the cure of fever called "Tijari (Tertian give-intrmittent fever occurring every third day) 276
172. Protection of pregnancy 278
173. For pleasing favourite deity 282
174. For the cure of cold and fever 288,289
175. Increase of name and fame 291
176. Cure of disease of throat 292
177. Stopping the habit of crying continuously by children 295
178. Cure of wind diseases 296
179. Relief from all types of pain 298
180. Stops pain in the pregnant ladies 299,303,304
181. For getting married 300
182. Cure of child fever 301
183 Tricky yantra 308
184. Cure from menstrual trouble 309,351
185. Protection from evils and infatuation 310
186. For the control of daughter-in-law 311
187. Begetting male child and to bring back alive the dead and infatuation 312
188. Avoiding still birth 316
189. For the control of Mother-in-law and father-in-law 318
190. Auspicious results 319
191. Success in gambling 321
192. All kinds of pains particularly stomach paind cures 322
193. For comfortable delivery 323,342
194. For making reunion of friends 326
195. Andakosh Vrdhi Rooke Yantra (Cure of Hydrocele) 327
196. Vidya Aane Kaa Yantra – Yanta for acquiring knowledge 328
197. Swapna Dosh Mite Yantra (For the removal of evil effects of dreams) 330
198. Control of enemy 332
199. For begetting children 334,346
200. For getting pregnancy 335
201. Arresting evils and for the removal of fear of thief 341
202. For destroying the insects eating food grains 344,373
203. For preventing pre-mature delivery 350
204. For preventing abortion 352
205. For the protection of ladies suffering from the ghosts 353
206. For seeing auspicious and inauspicious results taking place in future through dreams 358
207. Cure of pelia 359
208. Driving away the evils and begetting a child 360
209. Cure for gum ache 362
210. For having darshan of Ambika devi 363
211. For calling back person absconding 364
212. For good crops 366
213. To bring back the lost cow 368
214. For producing more milk in cows and buffalos 372
215. For fame and prosperity 378
216. Sree Padmaavathee Devee Stothra Yantra and Mantra 383 to 393

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