The Miracles of Sai Baba

The Miracles of Sai Baba

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Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788120754331
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About the Book

A miraculous healer with divine powers, a kind and selfless devotee of God and a constant giver in times of need, Sai Baba was an outstanding figure during his age. Communal harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims is what he is remembered for most.

This book recites the tales of this religious leader who taught love, kindness, forgiveness and of course, devotion to God to his devotees. His teachings, till today, continue to guide millions of devotees around the world.


Popularly known as Shirdi Ke Sai Baba, Sal Baba was one of the most outstanding figures of his age. Believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, Sai Baba walked this earth teaching brotherhood and unity amongst his fellowmen. Baba dedicated his life to bring about communal harmony between the Hindus and Muslims. Although he spent his life as a simple village fakir in Shirdi, his name and teachings spread far and wide to many parts of the world.

Baba’s compassion and humanity were boundless. His devotees thrived on his teachings, his miracles and his goodness. His divinity was seen through the countless miracles that he performed. He would cure his devotees from all sorts of ailments that were incurable. Mentally and emotionally as well, he was a divine healer. Through his spiritual teachings, he helped his devotees attain contentment and peace within themselves.

To many, he was the ‘Divine Gardener’, the hgaaquru (Guru of the world) and the ‘jewel’. His teachings were very simple; they included the basic principles of love, kindness, forgiveness and of course, devotion to God. “I reside where there is boundless faith,” as he calls upon his devotees.

His teachings, till today, continue to guide millions of devotees around the world.


1 Sai begins his Journey 7
2Sai’s Love and Compassion for Humanity “Selfless service purifies the mind.” 13
3“Leaving out your pride and egoism, 20
4you should surrender yourself to me.” 22
5“I never neglect you but protect you at all times.” 25
6“Think of Him always. He will take care of you.” 27
7“Do not fear. I myself am here, guarding you at all times.” 30
8“He will come to your rescue in times of trouble.” 33
9“In Truth all religions unite.” 35
10“As you have sought My Protection, I would cross even beyond seven seas to help you.” 37
11“If anyone is intolerant, unkind or insulting towards you, do not retaliate.” 39
12“Whosoever brings his hands together in devotion, I shall reach him wherever he is. 41
13“All animals have a soul like us, we must treat them equally and feed them.” 43
14“God runs to His devotees to help them in times of danger.” 46
15“The Lord is the Protector of all.” 48
16“Sacrifice, penance and knowledge are the means to attain 50
17“One who lives in My remembrance... I am the bonded slave of his devotion.” 52
18“Believe in Me, remain fearless and have no anxiety.” 54
20“Worship of the Guru is equivalent to worshipping all the deities, for in the Guru, all the deities dwell.” 56
21“If wealthy, be humble.” 58
22“The Lord will protect him who possesses faith and patience.” 60
23“Have faith in me and none can deceive you.” 62
24“I never expect anything from you other than Shrackiha and Sabur!” 64
25“Fortunate are those who hold my name close to their tongues.” 67
26“Do not wail, wait a bit and have patience. Your wish will be fulfilled.” 68
27“If you chant ‘Sai Ram’ daily, your mind will find peace and you will be greatly benefited.” 71
28“Give me one and receive tenfold.” 72
29“People must have full faith in the Lord’s Leela.” 76
30“Abandon lust, wrath and avarice as they lead to self-destruction.” 78
31“I speak the Truth, nothing but the Truth.” 81
32“Believe Me, though I pass away.” 83
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