Muhurta: Traditional and Modern

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Author: K.K. Joshi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8170820111
Pages: 178
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Muhurta, or choice of an auspicious moment for commencement of an activity used to be the most important branch of Astrology in ancient times. Reasons for this can be found in its emphasis on the positive aspects of life, i.e., choosing a favorable time to commence any activity. The emphasis on 'Karma' or effort to create a short term destiny relating to a particular aspect of life within the limits set by major destiny or birth horoscope has also been the reason for giving muhurta the importance it deserved. In this book an attempt has been made to present the information relating to this branch of Astrology in a systematic manner.

The book is written keeping in mind the following objectives.

(1) To present all relevant information about muhurta in an organized and simple manner. The target reader of this book is a student of astrology and not a scholar.

(2) To give relative importance of different variables to be taken in to account for fixing a muhurta. This will help the reader in making right choice.

(3) To introduce certain new areas, which are very important but are generally ignored while fixing muhurta. In this book an attempt has been made to explain the use and importance of Ashtakavarga, dasha and Tajik yogas in muhurta by giving examples. (4) To Help the reader in choosing a muhurta in situations where he cannot consider all the factors due to urgency. How far we have been successful in our attempt is for the readers to decide. This book contains an elaborate discussion of components of muhurta, benefic and malefic yogas, benefic and malefic transit positions, all 'Sodasha samskaras' or sixteen sacreaments, educational and occupational muhurtas, muhurtas relating to construction, juourney, coronation and other muhurtas related to almost all aspects of life. Tables have been used in abundance to put the information in simple and understandable manner.

Although we have tried our best to present the book in simple and understandable manner, yet certain imperfections & errors are bound to be there. For that, we welcome any suggestion from our readers which can help in future improvements.


'KALA' or time is the creator of destiny. Time is also the carrier of fruits of destiny. The time, when a life starts, contains in its womb infinite information about the auspicious or inauspicious moments through which the life will progress before it meets its certain end. The time of commencement of life or the time of birth is not under the control of a person. Similarly all the good or bad a person has to face just because his life started at a particular time is not under his control. Like time of commencement of life, time of commencement of any activity will contain certain favorable and unfavorable promises for such activity. The study of Muhurta is the study of that 'time of commencement.'


Literally 'muhurta' means a period of two ghatis or fourty eight minutes. But in actual use 'muhurta' is a moment created by various positions of planets containing certain vibrations or promises for any action, process or life starting at that time. To study muhurta is to study those effects and to decide the suitability or unsuitability of that moment first for a particular action, and then for a particular individual. It is the study of time in its various forms. More importance being attached to sun and moon and their relative positions. The variables of muhurta, i.e., Ayana, Month, Nakshatra, Tithi, Vaar, Yoga, Lagna etc., are all based on the movements of Sun and Moon individually and in relation to each other. Other planets also play their role by their various positions. From user's point of view muhurta means a time which is auspicious for a particular activity.


When, by taking birth at a particular time, a person, having his destiny fixed and areas of freedom restricted can certainly raise a question about the sanctity of choosing a muhurta. The extent to which choice of a proper time for commencement of an act is in the control of an individual is a point of debate.

Relevance of 'muhurta' can be seen in terms of self-created short-term destiny applicable to a specific aspect of life. This self-created short-term destiny will certainly have its say provided it is put it harmony with the individual's long-term destiny (i.e. birth horoscope). Relevance of Muhurta also lies in its being a means through which one can adapt to nature. Instead of going against natural forces it is better to begin when the cosmic power is favourable. Study of muhurta will help you in searching those favorable moments.

In this book an attempt has been made to put the information relating to muhurta in an organized form. Various components of muhurta, benefic and malefic yogas formed by these components, muhurta variables for various samskaras, educational and occupational activities, construction, journey and other important aspects of life are discussed in a systematic way in the chapters to follow. Moreover, how to chose a muhurta when a person can't wait is also discussed. Lastly, an attempt has been made to briefly analyze certain new areas like use of Ashtakavarga and Vimsottari Dasha in muhurta.


Chapter Particualrs Page No.
I. Introduction 1
  What is muhurta, Relevance of muhurta  
II. Basic Components of Muhurta 3-25
  Tithi, Classification of tithes, Tithi Kshaya, Tithi Vriddhi, Paksha Randhra tithis, Tithi Gandanta, Lord of Tithis, Nature of tithes, Parva Tithis, Galgraha Tithis, Anadhyaya, Pradosha, Manuadi and Yugadi tithes, Nakshatra, Abhijit nakshatra, Classification of nakshatras, Other details regarding nakshatras, Tara, Nakshatra Gandanta, Day or Vaar, Hora, Yoga, Karana, Bhadra, Bhadra Nivasa, Bhadra-mukha-puchha, Month, Kshaya, Masa, Adhika Masa, Uttarayana and Dakshinayana, Ascendant.  
III. General Auspicious and Inauspicious yogas 26-43
  Siddha yoga, Mrityu yoga, Kakracha yoga, Samvartaka yoga, Dagdha yoga, Visha Yoga, Hutashana yoga, Amrita Siddhi yoga, Savartha Siddhi yoga, Dagdha yoga, Yamaghanta yoga, Masa Shoonya Tithis, Masa Shoony Nakshatras, Masa Shoonya Rashis, Tithi, Masa Shoonya Nakshatras, Tithi Shoonya Lagnas, Twenty eight benefic and malefic yogas, Tripuskara yoga, Dwipuskara yoga, Panchaka, Baana, Holashtaka, Aadal yoga, Vidal yoga, Ravi yoga, Eclipse, Nakshatra afflicted by malefics, Jupiter-Venus Combustion, Jupiter in Leo, Jupiter in Capricorn, Samkranti  
IV. Transit of Planets 44-47
  Benefic transit positions and vedha positions of Sun, Benefic transit and vedha positions of Moon, Benefic transit and vedha positions of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Benefic transit and vedha positions of Mercury, Benefic transit and vedha positions of Jupiter, Benefic transit and vedha positions of Venus.  
V. Pre-Marriage Samakaras 48-63
  Garbhandhana or conception, Punsavana, Seemantaunnayan, Jaat-Karma Samskara, Naamkarma Samskara, Niskramana Samskara, Craddling or Dola-arohana, ShasthiPujana, Annaprasana or First feeding of child, Bhumi-Upveshana, Karna-Vedha, Chudakarana or Tonsure, Akshararambha, Upanayana or Thread ceremony, Vedarambha, Keshanta, Samavartana  
VI. Marriage 64-92
  Types of marriages, Muhurta for marriage, Ten malefic combinations, Latta, Paata, Yuti, Vedha, Jamitra, mrityu Panchaka, Ekargala or Kharjura, Upgraha-dosha, Kranti-Samya, Dagdha Tithi, Other 'Doshas' to be avoided, Months, Nakshatras etc. suitable for marriage, Tribala-Suddhi, Miscellaneous considerations, Godhooti lagna, 'Vara-Varana' muhurta, 'Kanya-Varana' muhurta, Muhurta for Love marriage, Vadhu-Pravesha, Dwiragamana, Matching for marriage, Koota-Milan, Varna-matching, Vashya-matching, Tara-matching, Yoni-matching, Graha-Maitri, gana-matching, Stri-Doora matching  
VII Cremation 93-95
  Cremation when dead body is available, Cremation when dead body is not available  
VIII Educational Muhurtas 96-100
  Muhurta for starting education, For starting education in Mathematics, Education in Vedas, Grammar etc., Education in Religion and Philosophy, Education in Arms and Ammunition, Medical education, Music, Dance, Drama, Education in Urdu, Persian, Arabian etc., Sculpture, Architecture and the like, Legal education, Learning Athletic skills etc., Painting  
IX Occupational Muhurtas 101-110
  For selling goods, For opening a shop, Sale, Purchase, Training, Riding of horses, sale, Purchase of elephants, Sale purchase of goats, buffaloes etc., For keeping pets, Sale, purchase of land, Monetary transactions, Taking and giving loans, Starting government service, Land cultivation, Sowing seeds, Cutting crops, Thrashing-manual and mechanical, Poultry farming, Fish farming, For keeping Monkeys and Deers as pets, For keeping Monkeys and Deers as pets, For keeping violent animals as pets, Business relating to Cows or Cow-milk, Business relating to Camels, horses, donkeys and birds, Tree plantation, Storing of agricultural products, For all commercial activities in general, For acts relating to vehicles, For writers, For barbers, For gardeners, For Potters, For cloth manufacturers, For painter, For acts involving use of leather, For acts involving killing wine, For manufacturing and selling arms and ammunition Nritya karma, To test people on lie-detectors  
X House Construction and Entering in to a New House 111-125
  Benefic and malefic nature of a house, Digging for foundation laying, Laying foundation, Starting construction, Benefic and malefic yogas related to construction muhurta, Laying roof, Door-direction and fitting, Entering in to a new house, Entering in to an old house  
XI Journey 126-141
  General considerations for all types of journeys, Nakshatras for journey, Nakshatra-Shoola, Tithi, Karana, Day for journey, Vaar-Shoola, Yoga, malefic combinations, Chandra-Nivasa, Sammukha-Shukra, Prigha-Danda, Yogini-Nivasa, Considering Rahu in journey, Kaala-Pasha consideration, Ayana consideration, considerations specific to an individual, Lagna for journey, Which factors are to be given importance, Considerations for specific types of journeys, Journey for wars, Disputes etc., Kalu-Akula-Kulakula nakshatras, Tithis and days, Combinations for victory of attacker or plaintiff in muhurta lagna, Prasthana or symbolic start of journey.  
XII Coronation and Related Muhurtas 142-145
  Coronation, oath taking ceremony, To meet the king or senior officials, For printing currency notes etc., For punishing enemies or opponents, For wearing Kavacha, For camping of army, For induction of missiles, to plan army movements  
XIII Miscellaneous Muhurtas 146-151
  Wearing cloths and ornaments, For taking medicinies, Roga-Mukta Snana, result of onset of disease in various nakshatra, Shanti-Karma, For compromise treaty, For correspondence, To adopt a child, To divide property, To apply for a job or party ticket, To meet the higher authorities, For digging wells, tubewells, tanks and the like, Agnihotra or Havana  
XIV Use of Dasha ashtakvarga and TajikYigas 152-160
  Ashtakvarga, Dasha, Use of opening dasha/antara, Use of dashas following, Use of tajik yogas  
XV How to Fix a Muhurta 161-164
  Fixing muhurta when one has sufficient time, Fixing muhurta when one does not have sufficient time, Instant muhurta, Use of Ahiiit muhurta  
XVI Case Studies 165-176
XVII Conclusion 177-178
  Limitations, What one should not forget  


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