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Author: M. N. Kedar
Publisher: K. V. R. Publishers
Edition: 2010
Pages: 303
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Whom to Grahas Help

A person who wishes no harm to anybody, is self restrained, earns wealth by fair means and follows the principles laid down by scriptures, is always gratified by the planets.


About the Author

M. N. Kedar

Founder Chairman of Delhi Chapter-I of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.) Chennai.

National Vice President of I. C. A. S. (Regd.) Chennai.

Guest lecturer at Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha (Deemed University) Delhi.

Author of many books. Has astrological researches to his credit.

What others say...

1. M.N. Kedar, an eminent Vedic Astrologer —A book on Profession (Published in 1993).
2. The most experienced and successful astrologer after K.N. Rao.
3. “The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) has grown into a major force in the world of Astrology, due to sincere and dedicated astrological savants such as Sh. M.N. Kedar (and others)who have thrown themselves with heart and soul into nurturing ICAS.”. ..thus pronounced Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Editor ‘The Astrological Magazine’ during Third All India Conference on Astrology on 2’ & 3rd Nov. 1996.
4. Shri K.N. Rao’s comments:
(1) “Kedar’s astrological ability is multifaceted and his precise educational, Mundane predictions, marriage and career counselling easily puts him top bracket of world’s successful Astrologers.”— Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions (Printed in 1994).
(ii) “M.N. Kedar has produced very deep researches by using different divisional horoscopes and has now been writing provincially both in Hindi and English”.

(iii) His researches on “Kuja Dosha”, “Profession”, “Matching of Horoscopes”, and other topics were not merely appreciated but widely applied and quoted. His and Jusitice S.N. Kapoor’s research, “The Mars and Saturn in the Third House” was published in Astrological Magazine.
(iv) He wrote series of articles on “Crime”, which too were published. His expertise for which he is well-known in astrological circles is in educational guidance, marriage timing, marital harmony and discord. — Advanced Techniques of Predictions (Printed in 1991).

5. A combined research on Progeny, number of children, sex of the child, time of conception etc. and ‘Profession’ was conducted by his students under his guidance in the premises of Sri Ram Mandir, Swasthya Vihar, with the cooperation of Shri O.P.Gupta, Secretary and other members of the Mandir committee, in the great memory of Modern Varahmihira Dr. B. V. Raman, Chief Editor, Astrological Magazine, Bangalore and F-ounder President of world renowned Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.), Chennai, which was Published in the shape of ‘Smriti Granth’ in 1999 by Bharatiya Prachya Evam Sanatan Vigyan Sansthan, Darya Ganj, Delhi - 110 001.

What he is...
A truly devoted teacher and Guru to the budding astrologers, a friend, philosopher and guide to the Astrologers in practice, Sh. M.N. Kedar retired ash’s. Admen. Officer from Indian Audit & Accounts Deptt (Gol) and has engaged himself in Teaching and propagating Astrology since 1987. He has to his credit many research oriented and thought provoking articles on Astor Science, regularly contributed in Anthropological Magazines & Souvenirs in English & Hindi.

He has already authored and co-authored many books on Astrology which are found to be illuminating and propounding by the readers. Sh. M.N. Kedar, born on 10th J tine, 1933, hails from a religious, well reputed and scholarly family of Delhi. Through his Crash Courses for Foreigners in Hindu Astrology he has already gained the name and fame in other countries.

Felicitations... Conferred on him In recognition of Honorary Services rendered by him in propagation of Vedic & Hindu Astrology, through his work and teachings of Astrology to students and guidance to research minded students, he has been felicitated, on various occasions, by:

• The Institute of Astrology and Occult Science of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.
• Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Pune Chapter.
• Modern Astro Studies (Estd. 1930) during its Golden Jubilee Celebrations held at Bangalore.
• ICAS Delhi Chapter 1, for his valuable conributions to Astrology through his writings, organising the Astrological Classes, Seminars and researches.
• ‘Bharat Nirman’ during National Conference on Futurology and Astrology.
• ‘Mystic India’ and ‘Occult India’ Foundations.

Accredited Awards and Recognitions
• Bharat Nirman Pracharya Award 1995 by ‘Bharat Nirman’ for Outstanding Contribution in Astrology.
• ‘Excellence in Astrology’ awatd with ‘Jyotish Vachaspati’ in ‘Triskandha Jyotislia’ by International Institute of Astrology and Occultism, Delhi (April 1996)
• ‘Jyotisha Vachaspati’ by ICAS (Regd.), Madras (Sept. 1991)
• ‘Jyotisha Bhooshan’ by ICAS (Regd.), Madras (Nov. 96).
• ‘Jyotisha Bhaskar’ by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.), Chennai (July 2004).

Association With...
Sh. Kedar is Hony. National Vice President of Indian

Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.) Madras, (the Organization founded by the World Renowned Vedic Hindu Astrologer, Dr. B.V. Raman) Apart, he is consultant, advisor, patron and fellow associate of many astrological and occult science institutions.

Beliefs of the Author

(Education breeds modesty; the Earth is one family, Let all be prosperous)

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih



I am grateful to the Almighty God and my Gurus for their continuous shower 6f grace on me.

I am highly obliged to the sages and also commentators who have translated the works of these sages into English and Hindi. Otherwise it was not possible for me to learn the subject and to author this book. The book is humbly dedicated to the readers and to Astrology — a divine science.

I wish to thank Shri M.G. Kastwar, Jyotish Visharada, Retd. Senior Officer, Balco, for his sincere and intelligent help in proofreading of the book. He is genuinly interested in contributing some research in astrology.

I am also grateful to Ms. Neeru Aggarwal for typing and composing the book in a period of 4 days and also Shri Varun Gin, who helped his mother in evenings after coming from University. I cannot forget Shri Kuber Gin for his expertise in giving the final shape to the composed book.

I am indebted to my wife Smt. Sarojini Devi Kedar who has always been a source of inspiration to me for doing service to astrology. This time also, inspite of her old ãge problems she gave me valuable hints, as she was always sitting with me while I was writing this book. My son Dr. Ashutosh Kedar, my beloved daughter-in-law Dr. Sujata Kedar, looked after me and provided all comforts and facilities at Bangâlore, without which I could never serve the astological society by writing my decade old experiences.



Mundane astrology is a very vast subject. To discuss it in one volume is difficult. Earthquakes, Astro meteorology, Rise and fall in prices of grain, gold, silver, and other essential commodities and their availablity for people, effects of transit of planets in various signs of zodiac specially which have their major roles in controlling the rains, market price, political affairs, natural calamities etc. are various branches of this subject. Each topic is a full-fledged subject in itself. I have tried to cover as much as possible briefly in the discussions made in relevant chapter. The parameters, experienced by me have been narrated in two forms. Firstly these have been listed at one place and secondly some are scattered in the chapter for readers to locate and make use of them. My nature is not to hide any thing from the readers and the students, simultaneously I do not wish to serve it as ‘fast food’, I wish them to concentrate. I hope the readers may be able to make use of the same in their practice of astrology.

I tried to extract some information from Panchangkartas, but they were not inclined to oblige me. Some information I could not give in this edition, which I will, if God blesses me, give in the second volume. I am sure that the information given in this book is sufficient to predict about the Rainy season, Earthquakes, Natural climates Political turmoil’s. Accidents. Riots. Floods etc. together With the rise and fall of the prices. In my experience it is very difficult in the present time of tensions to memories the effect of entry of the nine planets on thirty it this and seven days and also simultaneously the effect of twenty seven constellations. The entry of a planet in a sign. On certain it the, in a particular constellation and on a particular day of the week has its effect on the season, market and on the happiness of the masses. (Such combinations have been furnished in this book). The easiest way for students is to learn the places and commodities represented by the signs and planets. The affliction of them will create some- trouble and rise in prices or short or excess rainfall. If there is effect of benefic planet, there will be normal rains, market will be stable or cheap, public will be happy, rulers will do their duties properly and sympathetically. The twelve houses of the Zodiac represent various things at the national and international level as described in this book. The affliction of any behave will show disturbances in respect of the activities and functions of that behave.

The Tools of Mundane predictions have been discussed and their uses have been explained with many illustrations. The readers will find that the principles laid down by the sages never fail. I use to tell my students on the first day of mundane lecture that the watch of zodiac means the movement of the planets in the twenty seven constellations and their direct, retrograde, slow and fast motions, combustion, setting and rising, conjunction and opposition etc., never stops and give their effects. Remember ‘Whenever any Planet changes it’s position (jab koi Grah Karvat leta hai), something good or bad is sure to happen”. It may be about the rains, change in temperature, natural happenings good or bad, political changes etc. anything.




I Acknowledgement 2 1-22
2 Preface 23-24
Chapter 1 - Eclipse 25-31
Chapter 2 - Earthquakes 32-60
Chapter3- Lordship of Planets, Rains & Crops 61-68
Chapter 4 - AstroMeteorology 69-108
Chapter 5 - Astrology & Inflation-Deflation in Market 109-147
Chapter 6- National International Events 148-245
Annexure   246-303
Detailed Contents
  Acknowledgement 21
  Preface . 23
Chapter 1- Eclipse  
1.1 (i) Lunar eclipse 26
1.1 (ii) Solar Eclipse 26
1.2 The effects of Eclipse 27
1.3 Illustration: Chart of Solar eclipse dated30th May1994 29
1.4 Smt. Indira Gandhis Birth Chart (Ex. Prime minister) 30
Chapter 2- Earthquakes  
2.1 Origin of earthquake -Ancient views 32
2.2 Modem concept about earthquake 33
2.3 Type of Earthquakes 35
I. Vayavya Mandal 35
II. Agney Mandal i... 36
III. Indra Mandal 36
IV. Varun Mandal 37
2.4 Other type of destructive, forces 38
2.5 Astrological Principle regarding Earthquakes 38
2.6 Areas effected by Earthquakes in different combinations of Mandals & Belas 39
2.7 Reoccurrance of Earthquakes 39
2.8 Timing of Earthquake 40
2.9 Day of Earthquake 40
2.10, Planetary combinations for earthquake 40
2.11 Effects of Earthquake during four Prahars 42
2.12 Occurrance of Earthquake 42
2.13 Sensitive Places 42
2.14 Some Past Earthquakes 42
2.14 Planetary positions and the Sun 43
2.16 Spots on Sun too effects Earthquakes 44
2.17 Use of Sanghata Rashi Chakra 44
  Illustration- Chart-i of Earthquake dtd. 20th Oct. 1991 .... 45
2. 18 Position of Planets in Sanghata Rashi Chakra 45
2. 19 Astrological Data for discussion on Gujarat Earthquake 47
Chart 2- Solar eclipse dated 25th December 2000 47
Chart 3- Solar eclipse dated 30th July 2000 48
Chart 4- Lunar eclipse 1 6th July 2000 . 48
Chart 5- Lunar eclipse 9t January 2001 49
Chart 6- Earthquake dated 26th January 2001 49
  Navansha chart 50
2.20. Some imporatant incidents which took place after these five eclipses 51
2,21 Summary 56
2.22 Astrological analysis of the Earthquake at Bhuj 56
2.22 Summary 57
2.24 List of Major Earthquakes 58
2.25 Delhi’s History 59
2.26 After effects of Earthquake of Bhuj 59
  Bhagwat Pat-Adya Shankaracharya’s message for us 60
chapter-3 Lordship of Planets, Rains & Crops  
3 New Samvatsar - Formation of Cabinet 61
3.1 TheKingoftheyear 61
3.2 The Secreatary of the year 62
3.3 The lord og the clouds 62
3.4 The lord of Summer crops 62
3.4 The lord of the Fort 62
3.6 The lord of Treasure 62
3.7 The lord of Juicy products 63
3.8 The lord of Winter crops 63
3.9 The lord of Metals 63
3.1 The lord of Fruits and Vegetables 63
3.11 Election of Cabinet Ministers 63
(I) King 63
(ii) Ministers 64
(iii) Meghesh 65
(iv) Sasyesh 65
(v) Durgesh 66
(vi) Dhanesh 66
(vii) Rasesh 67
(vii) Dhanyesh 67
(ix) Neersesh . 67
(x) Phalesh 68
  Chart showing the above Cabinet 68
Chapter 4- Astro Meteorology  
4.1 Role of the Sun and the Moon 70
4.2 Agriculture primary source for survival 71
4.3 Observation of Sages 71
4.4 Principles governing every moment of universe 71
4.5 Climatic conditions and rains in India 72
  A. Vikrami months 73
  B. Ayan 73
  C.Gol 74
  D. Shad Rith (seasons) 75
4.6 Necessity of the study f Solar system 75
4.7 Tools for making predictions about the monsoon 75
(a) Dwadas Nag 76
(b) Sapta Vayu 76
(c) Four Stambhas 76
(d) Varsha Stambh 77
(g) Chatur Megh 78
(g) Samay Niwas 78
4.8 Detailed discussion abcit use of tools of Astrometreology 81
(i) Council of Ministers 81
(ii) Ardra Pravesh horoscope 82
(iii) Sapta Naadi Chakra 83
(iv) Role of Major crops 87
(v) Conception of clouds 87
(vi) Saptanaadi chakra and rains 88
(vii) Test of Pregnancy 89
4.9 Sex of Constellations - Dry & watery signs 92
4.10. Duration of Rainy season 92
4.11 Study of combinations & Mutual disposition of Planets 92
(a) Constellations of the Sun/the Moon 92
(b) Effects of the relationship of the luminaries with male!  
  female/neutral èonstellations during the rainy season .. 92
(c) Effect of Sun’s ingress in various saigns for predictions  
  about rainy season 93
(d) Sun’s association with other Planets 96
4.12 Methods to predict about Rainfall and floods etc 96
4.13 Certain combinations/positions of planets and their effects on rains 98
A. Heavy rains 98
B. Normal Rains 100
C. Short spells of rains/no rains/obstructions to the rains. 102
D. Temperature change 102
E. Famine/Floods 103
4.14 Omens for best/good rains 104
4.15 Horary and Predictions about rains 105
Chapter 5- Astrology & Inflation - Deflation in Market  
5,1 Introduction 109
5.2 Classical Principles 110
5,3 Basisof classical Principles 110
5.4 Planets and Commodities etc 111
5.5 Signs and Commodities etc. represented by them 112
5.6 Commodities can be divided into three groups 114
5.7 Effects of Sun’s ingress in twelve signs on Political affairs and markets 115
5.8 Weekdays and the wordly affairs 121  
5.9 (A)Poornimas & their effects on crops, seasons, trends of markets etc 123
  (B)Amavasyas & their effect on the market, seasons etc. 124
5.1 Months, Tithi and Future rains etc 124
5.11 Symptoms in the sky & trend of the market 125
5.12 Effects of Sun’s postion with other planets 127
5.13 Comments 129
5.14 Hints for understanding the trens of the functioning of the planets 131
(A) (i)Effects of Mercury’s entry into signs & constellation 1 31
  (ii)Other positions of Mercury 134
(B) Venus in various constellations and signs 135
(C) Mars enterance in a sign and transit 141
  Constellations and its effects on season, crops, market and political conditions 141
Chapter 6- National International Events  
6.1 Introduction 148
6.2 Use of Astrology 149
6.3 Horoscope of the New Samvatsar (Vikrami samvatsar) ... 150
  Analysis of Chart 150
6.4 Summary . 154
6.5 Twelve houses and their significance 155
6.6 The tools for giving Mundane predictions 158
6.7 Use of Surya Vidhi (Suningress chart) 159
Chart 2 Sun’s ingress om 17th September 1985 159
6.8 Some of the important events occurred during month 159
6.9 Planetary combinations responsible for the above twenty four incidents 162
6.10. To locate the place of occurrance of an event 163
  Signs and type pf places, countries and cities 164
6.11 Planets -India and neighbouring regions and commodities.. 171
6.12 Applicability of the significations of signs of zodiac and Surya Vidhi to predict the events 174
(i) Tranit position 174
(ii) Changes in position of planets 174
Chart 3 - Surya Vidhi for 16th December,1995 174
(iii) Incidents 175
(a) Fire Incident in a school at Dabvali 175
  Ghraspasta of the day of Incident 175
(b) Five girls assaulted 175
(c) Six year old girl kidnapped 175
6.13 Incident A- fire in a school at Kumbha Kenam (T.N.) .... 176
Chart 4- Surya Vidhi on 16th July,2004 176
  Incident B-Three Indians held hostages in Iraq 177
  Incident C-Fire in Yena Bolam Super Mkt, Paraguay (USA) 178
  Astrological Analysis 179
  Incident D- Some more fire accidents 180
(i) Fire in Delhi Uphar Cinema 180
Chart 5 dated 13th July,1999 180
(ii) Yamuna Pusta, Delhi 180
Chart 6 dated 14t15 March,1999 180
(iii) Venus Circus, Bangalore 181
Chart7 dated l4thFebmary,1981 181
(iv) Fire in marriage ceremony at Srirangam (T.N.) 18 1
Chart 8 dated 23r January,2004 181
  Incident E - Rail Accidents 182
(I) Ludhiana- Frontier Mail 182
Chart 9 dated 1 5’ May, 2003 182
(ii) Fire in Train near Jalabad on 28th May,2003 182
(iii) Magadh express derailed dated June, 2003 183
  Incident F -Fire accidents 183
(i) Fire in India’s Space centre at Srtiharikota in Feb.,2004 … 183
(ii) Fire in Multistoreyed building at Colaba (South 183
  Mumbai) dated 4th August, 2004  
  Analysis of Chart- 9 to test Principles discussed earlier 184
  Incident G-Bomb Blast - Iraq (Baghdad) on 2d Aug,2004 184
6. 14 Independance Chart of Bharat Mata- Chart 10 184
6. 15 Republican chart of Bharat Mata - Chart 11 187
6.16 Assassinations: Death of Political leader, change of Govt.,Rail accidents nd effects of transit of planets 189
Chart 12 - Surya Vidhi dated 17th August 1995 189
  Navamsha Chart 190
  Analysis of chart 190
  Transit of Planets during the month 190
6.17 Analysis of some of events occurred 191
(i) Rail aécident - Chart 13 datedl9/20 August 1995 ... 191
(ii) Change of Leadership- Chief Minister Mr. N.T. Rama Rao of Andara Pradesh dethroned 192
(iii) Death of Political Leader (31st Aug. 1995) 192
(iv) Assassination of head of State - Chief minister Sardar Be ant Singh of Punjab 192
(v) Rent Control Act and Strike 194
(vi) Formation of New Government & Oath taking ceremony of Mr. Chander Babu Naidu 194
6.18 Conclusion 194
6.19 (a) Nakshatra Koorma chakra 194
(b) Constellations & regions of India 195
(c) Location of Earth 196
6.20. States, regions & ci,ties represented by constellations 197
(i) Naval constellation 197
(ii) East (Head) constellation 197
(iii) Agneya Kona (Left Hand) constellation 197
(xiv) South (left womb) constellation 198
(v) Nairitya (Left leg) constellation 198
(vi) West (Tale) constellation 198
(vii) Vayavya (right leg) constellation 198
(viii) North (right womb) constellation 199
(ix) Ishan (right hand) constellation 199
6.21 Instance of tangible effect of transit of planets . 199
-1 Transit of Mercury & Political events 199
(ii) Transit of Mars 200
(iii) Saturn and Mars position 200
(iv) Debilitated Mars with Sun 201
6.22 Instances of tangible results of Tithi 201
A. Tithi and Day’s combinations 201
B. Planetary Combinations 203
C. Atichari and Retrograde Planets 204
(i) Jupiter Attichari & Saturn ® 204
(ii) Venus Atichari & Saturn (R) 204
Chart 15 - Surya Vidhi dated 14/15 March 1999 204
6.23 Changes in Planetarypositions during the month 204
6.24 (1)Analysis of the chart and probable events v.... 205
  (2)Religious activities & Religious places effected 205
6.25 India’s zones of Earthquakes 206
6.26 Use of Korma Chakra to test the location indicated therein with the events occurred 207
6.27 Visit of PM of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and flagging of Bus from Delhi to Lahore 208
6.28 (A)24th March 1999- Brussel 209
  (B)5’’ April 1999- NATO blasted Head Qtrs. of Yogosalvia Air Force 209
  (C)Plane Crash 209
  (D)Launching of Agni II - test fired 210
6.29 Formation of Parameters 210
  Train accidents, Fire accidents, Road & Air accidents 211
(i) 8th July 1997- Bomb blast in train at Bhatinda 211
  Chart-16- Surya Vidhi of June 1997 211
(ii) Train collision - Delhi boundKarnataka express 212
Chart 17 - Surya Vidhi dated 16th July 1997 213
(iii) Allahabad-Nagpur train derailed dtd. 3 P’ Aug. 1997.. 213
(iv) M.P. train accident at Bilaspur dtd. 14th Sept.1997 . 214
(v) Allahabad Shatabdi derailed dtd. 23,d Sept. 1997 .... 214
(vi) Hyderabad-Mumbai ecxpress derailed-I 8th Oct. 1998 216
(vii) Punjab Sealadh express rammed into Frontier mail dated 26th October 1998 216
(viii) Collision of Brahmputra mail & Awadh-Assam express dated 2 August 1999 217
Chart 20- Surya Vidhi dtd. 16th July 1999 217
(ix) Nadwa Station rail track blown dtd. 15th Dec. 1999 219
Chart 21 - Surya Vidhi dtd. 16th Nov. 1999 219
(x) Train hits Trolley at Railway crossing at Barailley,U.P. 220
Chart 22- Surya Vidhi dtd. 16th December 1999 . 220
6.30 (1) 15th December 1999 - Death of a leader 221
-2 19th December 1999 221
(a) Sri Lanka President & other injured 221
(b) Japenese girl molested 221
-3 Prestige of India/China 222
-4 Air accident 223
Chart 23 - Surya Vidhi dtd. 14th Jan. 2000 224
-5 Strikes 226
- Chart 24 - Surya Vicihi dtd. 16th July 2001 227
-6 Price Rise 227
-7 Rape, roits, blasts etc 228
(i) Incidence: 16th Jan. 2000,Teenaged girl raped . 228
(ii) Roits 228
-8 Borders 229
-10 Bus accidents 230
-11 Cyclone 231
  Analysis of cyclone 232
- Chart 25 dated 14th March 1998 233
  Challenge before Astrologers 237
Chart 26 Surya Vidhi dtd. 6th August 1945 238
Chart 27 - Surya Vidhi dtd. 13th February 2004 239
Chart 28 - Surya Vidhi dtd. 14th June 2004 240
Chart 29 - Surya Vidhi dd. 16th July 2004 241
  Navamsha Chat 241
  Analysis 242
  Independence Chart 243
  Events which took place 243
  Comments of Indian Metreology Department Ministers 245
1 Omens telling about the rainy season, short or excess rains and  
  famine 246
  Chaitra Month 246
  Vaisakh Month 247
  Jyestha Month 248
  Asadh Month. 250
  Shravana Month 250
  Bhadrapada Month 251
  Aswin Month 252
  Kartik Month 252
  Margsira Month 253
  Paush Month 253
  Phalgun Month 255
  Chatra Month 255
2 Holi Shakun Vichar 256
  . Ten Cabinet Ministers of the Samvatsar 257
1 Planets becoming King of the year 257
2 Planets becoming Secretary of the year 258
3 Planets becoming Shashyesh (lord of Summer crops)of the year 259
4 Planets becoming Dhanyesh (lord of Winter crops) of the year 260
5 Planets becoming Meghesh (lord of clouds) of year 261
6 Planets becoming Rasesh (lord of juices) of year 262
7 Planets becoming Neershesh (lord of metals) of year 263
8 Planets becoming Phalesh (lord of fruits and flowers) of the year 264
9 Planets becoming Dhanesh (lord of wealth) of year 265
10 Planets becoming Durgesh (lord of forts) of year” 266
4 Samvatsars 267
5 The names of sixty samvatsars and their effects 268
6 Rohini Vas 289
7 Results of Rohini vas 289
8 Residence of time 290
9 Vehicles 290
10 Chatur Stambha 291
11 Chatur Megh 292
12 NavMegh 292
13 Juipter’s transit in the twelve signs and it’s effect on rainy season and prices of commodities 294
14 Saturn’s transit in the twelve signs and it’s effect on rainy season and prices of commodities 297
15 General 301


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